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VOLUME • 54 







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Photo by C. Scott 

■a* • : - 

"... Out of the ground and into 
the light, a child of the sun . . . 
the college of tomorrow." Frank 
Lloyd Wright spoke these words 
about the campus we have come 
to know so well — Florida South- 
ern College. 

Although it is famous for its 
outstanding and imaginative ar- 
chitecture, the campus is more 
than a collection of buildings. 
Within the walls of those build- 
ings tomorrow's doctors, teach- 
ers, journalists — the minds of 
tomorrow's leaders — are con- 
tinuing that "tradition of excel- 
lence" that is associated with 

Photo by L. Tanner 

Photo by L. Eddy 

Branscomb Auditorium is 
not just that place we spend 
one Wednesday every month 
for Convocation. It is the home 
of one of the most outstanding 
Fine Arts series to be found 
anywhere. It is also the testing 
ground for talented young stu- 
dents in the theatre and music 

The Roux Library, which 
some students are still desper- 
ately seeking, provides us with 
the materials and opportuni- 
ties to expand on the things we 
have learned from our profes- 
sors in our various classes; or 
it offers the chance to relax 
and read a favorite magazine 
or hometown newspaper. 






Pass by the halls of 
Polk Science almost 
any hour of the day and 
you'll find students 
contemplating any 
number of biology or 
physics problems; An- 
nie Pfeiffer is the place 
where students of all 
faiths gather for fellow- 
ship. Its distinctive sil- 
houette is easily recog- 
nized from anywhere 
on campus; the George 
Jenkins Fieldhouse is 
the place to find fans 
and athletes alike. In- 
tercollegiate and intra- 
mural sports provide 
the chance for healthy 
competition and re- 
creational exercise. 



Photos by S. Tho 


Photo by C. Mangum 

Just as it took many 
years of dedication and 
talent to build a college 
like Florida Southern, so 
it takes perseverance and 
a strong spirit to con- 
struct the education that 
is our ultimate goal while 
we are here. 




.8:Student Life 

Student Life:19 

20: Student Life 

Student Life:21 

22: Student Life 

Student Life:23 



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* XT* '<&* 


Student Life:25 


26: Student Life 

Student Life:27 


28: Student Life 

Student Life:29 

30: Student Life 



• *- 


Student Life:31 

32: Student Life 

Student Life:33 

mmmm rrrr 

36: Student Life 

Student Life:37 

The May Option program offers students the 
chance to enrich their educational experience 
by combining study and travel. The May Option 
to England has been enjoyed by students since 

Clockwise: Marlaxton, home-base for students; The Tower 
Bridge in London; the Burghley House; Students on a river 
excursion in Paris; Motre Dame Cathedral in Paris; Mocs and 
windmills near Antwerp, Holland; Famous prehistoric sight, 
Photos by R.H. Tate 

38: Student Life 

I - 

B |S!i! £ 

r ffi L a,,!i ■ 

Student Life:39 

The coral reefs and crystal 
blue water provide the set- 
ting for the May Option pro- 
gram to Jamaica. Students 
study the marine and tropi- 
cal life. There is also plenty 
of time for scuba-diving and 
long mountain hikes. 

Photos by Ian McConkey 



40: Student Life 

42: notables 



Dick Coding 

A friend and a gentleman. That is how he will be 
remembered. As a coach, he was always there for his 
players with kind, sympathetic and understanding 
words. As a former Moccasin basketball player, he 
gave 110% on the court, striving to carry on the Florida 
Southern tradition of excellence. Away from the arena 
of athletic competition, he typefied the idea of the 
southern gentleman. 

He touched many lives during his 38 years. Through 
his playing and coaching days, he always had time to 
listen to a friend's problems and offer advice. As an art 
teacher, he always took the time to share the beauty of 
art with his students. 

As head coach of the Lady Moccasin basketball 
team, he coached his team to a combined 47-19 re- 
cord with both Sunshine State Conference regular sea- 
son and post-season championships. He was twice 
honored as conference Coach of the Year. 

The 1986 Interlachen is respectfully dedicated to 
Dick Qoding and the many memories he leaves with 

Reprinted from the 1985-86 Basketball Yearbook 

44: notables 

1986 Honor Walk Student 

Each year a student who has achieved excellence in academics, campus leadership, and campus commu- 
nity service is chosen to receive the highest award given by Florida Southern College. This award, The Honor 
Walk, is given to Terry Derr. 

Terry has been a part of nearly every available area in her productive years at Florida Southern. In the 
academic field, she is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, and has been elected into Who's 
Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities for two years. She is also the recipient of the 
Thomas B. Martin Junior Business Award. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Delta Omicron and she 
has served as a junior adviser. 

Her religious activities include FCA, ACF, missionary work in Ecuador, and camp-counseling for Young Life. 
Terry is also a member of the Vagabonds, having performed in many plays and musicals on campus. 
Congratulations to Terry on her recognition as an outstanding student and young lady in every way. 


Miss Southern 1986 

Kathy Fishbaugh 

Alpha Chi Omega 



Miss Southern Candidates 

Pam Campo Vickie Carver Terry Derr 

Representing Omicron Delta Kappa Representing Joseph Reynolds Representing Alpha Delta Pi 

Jannie Hunt 

Representing 115 Lk. Hollingsworth 

Susan Howard 

Representing Zeta Tau Alpha 

Cyndy Newell 

Representing A.W.S. 

Donna Hill 

Representing Kappa Delta 

Cheryl Hommerson 

Representing Phi Mu 

^B ' ' ' Kim 

B^» ~* ^^^» i 

% ' v9 

^\ ^l 

wWi Hi 1 

Beth Lewis 

Representing Harvard Hall 

Elise MacLennan 

Representing Alpha Omicron Pi 

Janet Whaley 

Representing S.G.A. 


uames C. Rogers, Jr. Award, 1986 

Robert Bailey 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

48: Notables 


James C. Rogers Candidates 

William Ball 

Representing Kappa Alpha 

Jeffrey Grove 

Representing S.Q.A. 

John Korbel 

Representing Sigma Chi 

Patrick McCarley Jeffrey Moore Brian Roskamp 

Representing Phi Sigma Kappa Representing Wesley Dormitory Representing Lambda Chi Alpha 

Craig Scates Munro Sefcik 

Representing Sigma Phi Epsilon Representing Omicron Delta Kappa 

Stephen Smith 

Representing A.M.S. 


Miss Interlachen 1986 

Pamela Whitford 

50: notables 



Kim Miller 


Lauren Schild 


Miss Interlachen Finalists 

Donna Beede 

Karina Holt 

Donna Laing 

Jackie Umstadter 

52 -.notables 


Miss Interlachen Judge 

Our thanks to Florida State Senator Bob Crawford for se- 
lecting the 1986 Miss Interlachen and runners-up. 

Senator Bob Crawford 

Notables: 53 

Honorary Chancellor 

Tom Monaghan, a man with many ties to the Lakeland area, has been named as 
the 1986 Honorary Chancellor for Florida Southern College. 

Monaghan is the owner of the 1984 World Champion Detroit Tigers, whose spring 
training headquarters have been in Lakeland since 1936. He purchased the Tigers in 
1984 and took the club to its first World Championship since 1968. 

Monaghan is also the founder, chairman and president of Domino's Pizza, Inc. 
Domino's is the second largest pizza company and largest delivery chain in America. 

Like Florida Southern College, Monaghan also has an interest in the architecture 
of Frank Lloyd Wright. He is currently involved in constructing a 56-story skyscraper 
based on a set of unfinished drawings by Wright. 

President Robert A. Davis said of the selection of Monaghan, "We feel a definite 
kinship with Mr. Monaghan. Championship baseball, creative architecture and com- 
mitment to American free enterprise all symbolize a common interest that Florida 
Southern College shares with our 52nd Honorary Chancellor." Monaghan will be- 
come a part of a tradition which began in 1934. 


Tom Monaghan 

Greek Mall of Fame 

Rob Bailey 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Pam Campo 
Alpha Delta Pi 

Glen Jaffee 
Pi Kappa Alpha 

Bill Ball 
Kappa Alpha 

Todd Denson 
Pi Kappa Alpha 

Jane Knickerbocker 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

Donna Beede 
Kappa Delta 

Terry Derr 
Alpha Delta Pi 

Pat McCarley 
Phi Sigma Kappa 

Jane Brandfass 
Kappa Delta 

nancy Doane 
Kappa Delta 

Sal Maniscalco 
Phi Sigma Kappa 

Rob Micholson 
Pi Kappa Phi 

John Santiago 

Theta Chi 

Craig Scates 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Paul Walker 

Sigma Chi 


Who's Who Among American 
Universities and Colleges 

Each year students are nominated for membership in "Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Universities and Colleges.'' Those students who qualify are cho- 
sen on the basis of academic excellence, campus involvement, and leadership quali- 
ties. Their names and achievements are published in a book with students of similar 
accomplishments. Congratulations to these F.S.C. students who have been so hon- 


1 - ' 



* ' 


L. Keith Dyer 

Robert Bailey Randi Burnette Pamela Campo Kenneth Cheshire 

Michelle Crenshaw Terry Den- 

Douglas Dodd 

Deborah Driskell 


J— L. 


— > 



Jeffrey Grove 

Katherine Hester 

Thomas Hicks 

Susan Howard Lisa A. Jackson 



Ann Jago Rosemarie Johnson David Kalchbrenner John Korbel 




Munro Sefcik 




Carolyn Pasos Brian Roskamp 

Craig Scates 



x 1 

Wade Luke Kathleen McBurney Patrick McCarley Cynthia Newell 

Amy Schneider 

Pamela Sheffer Kathleen Tourville Victoria Villalba 

Janet Whaley 

Beth White 

Lois Wittenberg 


58: Involvement 










The Southern is a college newspaper 
published eight times a semester by 
students in media writing and media 
editing classes. The executive staff is 
composed of Tom Adair, editor-in-chief; 
Darla Molb, business manager; Dan 
White, feature editor; Eric J. Lyman, 
sports editor, and Pat McCarley, photo 
editor. The publication serves as a labo- 
ratory for students under the direction 
of the faculty of the department, new 
IBM PC jr computers were purchased 
this year and aided in the reporting and 
editing of the stores. 

The Advertising Club is a division of the 
American Advertising Federation. The 
club encourages students to enter the 
field of advertising and to enhance the 
quality of education. To be eligible for 
membership a student must be inter- 
ested in the fields of advertising and 
public relations and maintain a high de- 
gree of excellence in academic studies. 

60: Involvement 



The Student Government Associ- 
ation represents the student body in 
matters involving the college admin- 
istration, faculty, and student body. 
The subsidiaries of the Association 
are the Student Senate, the Supreme 
Court, AWS, AMS, and each aca- 
demic class. This year the SQA pro- 
vided a student telephone directory 
for all students and conducted Miss 
Southern and James C. Rogers elec- 
tions. It also sponsored the Welcome 
Back dance in the fall. 


The newly re-organized Student 
Union Board provided students with 
many extracurricular activities. The 
Board, under the direction of Janet 
Reynolds, elected new representa- 
tives. Activities offered by the SUB in- 
cluded pool parties, dances, con- 
certs, movies and canoe trips. 







Omicron Delta Kappa is the nation's 
top collegiate honor society whose pur- 
pose is to recognize junior and senior 
students who have met requirements in 
the areas of exemplary character, re- 
sponsible leadership in campus life, su- 
perior scholarship, genuine fellowship, 
and consecration to democratic ideals. 
ODK is the only organization on cam- 
pus where students, faculty, and admin- 
istrators may meet on the same level. 
Each fall, ODK sponsors "Who's Who- 
What's What" for the freshmen, and 
continues teacher evaluation and the 
selection of Teacher of the Year. 

Phi Eta Sigma is a national college 
scholastic honor society. Its purpose is 
to encourage and reward high scholas- 
tic attainment among freshmen in insti- 
tutions of higher learning. To be eligible 
for membership, a 3.5 QPA must be ac- 
cumulated by the end of the freshman 
year. This year Phi Eta Sigma assisted 
ODK with 'Who's Who-What's What," 
and supplied "Hints on How to Study" 
pamphlets for freshmen. 

62: Involvement 


V I • 

Juniors Advisers were first chosen in 
1962. A junior adviser has the responsi- 
bility of introducing freshmen and 
transfer students to the college commu- 
nity of Florida Southern. To be selected 
as a J. A., a student must maintain at 
least a 2.6 QPA and exemplify charac- 
teristics of understanding, compassion, 
leadership, stability, dependability, and 



The Resident Adviser program was be- 
gun in 1963. R.A.'s must possess quali- 
ties of leadership, responsibility, au- 
thority, and understanding. R.A.'s serve 
as a link between the students and the 
administration and help to keep the 
male student body informed of all 
school events and important informa- 










The Panhellenic Council is an organiza- 
tion consisting of two representatives 
from each sorority on campus. The 
council works to improve relations be- 
tween sororities and the Greek system 
as a whole. Each year the Council spon- 
sors a display and dessert and an ice- 
cream social for freshmen and transfers 
to become acquainted with the sorori- 
ties. The also provide a scholarship 
each year to a worthy fall or spring 

1st row — Pam Campo, Donna Beede, Kerri Kerber, Kathy Stammberger, 
Irene Jenkins, Raegen Jones, Katie Ward; 2nd row — Adair Valdespino, 
Joanne Kindred, Nancy Fisher, Karen McCurdy, Karen Hanlon, Holly Wil- 


The Intrafraternity Council consists of 
two representatives from each fraternity 
on campus. The Council conducts a fall 
and spring walk-through for all interest- 
ed men and promotes good scholar- 
ship, friendship and cooperation. 

1st row — Jim Murphy, Rich Rasmussen, Clark nippier, Roger Ward, Alex 
Prieto, Dale Tedder, Rob Dynarski; 2nd row — Sam Scott, Pat McCarley, Jeff 
Julich, Will Murphy, Chris Keefer. 

64: Involvement 

The Association of Women Students 
was organized in 1969 and has con- 
tinued to be an active group since 
that time. Participation includes 
boarding as well as day students. 
A.W.S. helps to involve women stu- 
dents in campus and community ac- 
tivities. The Association sponsors a 
variety of events including fashion 
shows, educational speakers, the 
Housemothers' Tea, and the Miss 
Molly program. 

The Association of Men Students is a 
new name for the former Men's Stu- 
dent Government Association. 
A. M.S. is made up of a four man ex- 
ecutive team and is backed by a five 
member judicial board. The board's 
main duty is to hear cases concern- 
ing fellow students who have been 
charged with misconduct by the col- 
lege. This year, one of A.M.S's main 
goals was researching the possibili- 
ties of visitation on campus. 


Women's and Men's Intramurals have 
been an important part of campus life 
since 1936. The intramural program ex- 
ists to provide non-varsity athletes with 
the opportunity to compete with stu- 
dents of various organizations. Each 
group elects a representative who at- 
tends meetings and keeps his or her 
group informed of upcoming sports 
matches. Some of the more popular 
sports include: volleyball, Softball, bas- 
ketball, flag-football, soccer, cross 
country, tennis, and golf. Trophies are 
awarded for the winner of each sport 
and an all-sports award is given to the 
male and female team who has accu- 
mulated the most points by the end of 
the year. 

66: Involvement 


1st row — Tracy Torrance, Trudy White, Mickey Crowe, sweetheart Ian 
McConkey, Cathy Sheridan, Bunny Sutton, Barbie Crone; 2nd row — Shelly 
Crenshaw, Deborah Driskell, Kathleen McBurney, Marie Bridges, Lisa A. Jack- 
son, Rebecca Mash, Ann Jago, Rita Fandrich, faculty adviser, Elaina Blevins. 

Delta Omicron is an international mu- 
sic fraternity for women founded in 
1909 at the Cincinnati Conservatory of 
Music. The Alpha Phi chapter at FSC 
was started in 1971. This year marks its 
fifteenth anniversary. One must be a 
music major or minor with a 3.0 music 
average and a 2.0 QPA to become a sis- 
ter. Their open motto is Continually 
striving, we attain.' 








Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional 
fraternity in music founded at Boston's 
New England Conservatory of Music on 
Oct. 6, 1898. FSC's Theta Sigma chap- 
ter carries on the traditions and ideals 
and is one of the most active chapters in 
the state. The purpose of the Fraternity 
is to encourage and actively promote 
the highest standards of creativity, per- 
formance, education, and research in 
music. Phi Mu Alpha is open to all men 
regardless of their major. The only re- 
quirement is an active involvement in a 
school ensemble. 







1st row — Ian McConkey, David Tisdale, sweetheart Lisa White, Vonnie Dow- 
ney, Byron Pempeck, Mr. James Slutz; 2nd row — Richard Shepard, Don 
Brittenham, Bob Madden, David Zack, Jeff Hill, James King; 3rd row — Ryan 
Lane, Eddie Carrato, Chuck Kaelin, Bob Madden, Andy Cleaver, Keith Clan- 
ton, Claude Burnett, Ken Cheshire, Pete Qrigsby. 






Concert Chorale is a harmonious col- 
lection of many talented voices. It is the 
largest singing group on campus. Each 
year the Chorale performs many con- 
certs and tours the state. Two of the 
Schedule highlights include the Christ- 
mas Gala and the Spring Concert. 

The Handbell Choir has been perform- 
ing since 1969. The group tours Meth- 
odist churches in the state and is a pop- 
ular part of the annual Christmas Gala. 
The Handbell Choir is not for music ma- 
jors only and welcomes students of all 

68: Involvement 

The Florida Southern College Concert 
Band is a unique organization of young 
men and women from all walks of life 
with one common interest: music. Each 
year the Concert Band presents three 
full concerts on campus. The season 
opens in late October with the tradition- 
al "Music Under the Stars" concert in 
the Pipkin Bandshell. In early March, 
the band presents its annual Spring For- 
mal Concert and in April, a Pops Con- 
cert usually featuring a nationally 
known guest artist. The band also takes 
an annual tour in February and partici- 
pates with the entire music department 
in the presentation of the Christmas 
Gala in Branscomb Auditorium. 

The concert jazz band, Southern 
Sounds, of Florida Southern College is 
a group of energetic and dedicated col- 
lege students. The ensemble was orga- 
nized in the fall of 1982. Southern 
Sounds is a versatile band, just as com- 
fortable with the sounds of Glen Miller 
and Count Basie as it is with the latest of 
the intricate "big-band" arrangements. 





















The Florida Southern College Dixie- 
land Band is a satellite group of the 
larger Concert band. Both bands are 
under the direction of Mr. James F. 
Slutz. The Dixieland Band has proven 
to be one of the most popular perform- 
ing groups within the college music de- 
partment. The band performs at 
schools, churches, and other philan- 
thropic organizations around the state 
during the school year, as well as in con- 
junction with the Concert Band on their 
annual tour. They were also featured 
this year in the Spring Pops Concert. 

The purpose of the Pre-Ministerial Fel- 
lowship is two-fold: to develop career 
decisions and to support one another in 
making those decisions. The group 
sponsors Vesper services and meets to 
hear speakers and discuss topics of in- 

70: Involvement 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
has completed its fifth year on campus. 
The primary purposes of the group lie in 
the challenge and adventure of living 
the Christian life. Although the organi- 
zation is intended for athletes, all are 
invited to join if they have an interest in 
sports and Christian fellowship. 


1st row — Jim Pehrson, Maritza Carrion, Rob Bailey, Doug Dodd, Laurie Cox; 
2nd row — John Rorbel, Caroline Dean, Wes Hamil, Lisa Rodriquez, Kris 
Engelsen, Sherri Riccio, Elba Pasos, Darcy MacKinnonn, Ralph Spencer, Jill 
Pettegrew; 3rd row — Steve Smedley, Beth Swartzmiller, Scott Wilbanks, 
Wade Luke, frank Good, John Hand, Amy Schneider, Pam Sheffer, Julie 
Mulford, John Legg, Christine Currier, Gary James; not pictured — Dawn 
DeVoss, Carol Pasos 

All Campus Fellowship is an interde- 
nominational student-lead, Christ-cen- 
tered affiliation of Campus Crusade for 
Christ. Its goal is to direct and reach 
students with the lifesaving knowledge 
that leads to the abundant Christian 
life. The group meets regularly and of- 
fers small-group bible studies in the 
dorms and also sponsors fellowship ac- 


Involvement: 71 















The Interfaith Council was established 
to encourage cooperation among the 
various religious groups on campus. 
The Council studies the special prob- 
lems of religion on the campus and de- 
signs ways to meet them. It serves as a 
correlating agency to promote projects 
within the sphere of Florida Southern 
College. Interfaith Council strongly en- 
courages and fosters Christian princi- 
ples and ideals among the various as- 
pects of campus life. 

Sigma Rho Epsilon began as a fraterni- 
ty for students with a genuine interest in 
religious education. In the beginning, 
the group was composed of women 
only. When men were admitted with 
positive results, the group was no long- 
er considered an honorary fraternity. Its 
doors are open to all who are interested 
in Christian service on campus and in 
the community. 


Baptist Campus Ministry is an organiza- 
tion that offers fellowship and a place to 
personally develop a relationship with 
Jesus Christ. B.C.M. hopes to accom- 
plish this through small group Bible 
study, large group entertainment, moti- 
vational challenge and recreation. 
B.C.M. is a place to belong, a place to 
commit oneself for service while pre- 
paring for the future. 



Karen Dunstan, Wes Hamil, Lizbeth Kreider, Lisa Mathley, Scott Worth, Lesjie 
Rothman, Laura Heintz, Brainard Harris, Laurie Cox, Doug Dodd, president 

1st row — Matt Morrow, Lenny Moore, Rev. Peter Mongeon, Doug Curry, Greg 
Cook, Gerald Ramos, Paul Rybinski; 2nd row — Jeannette Carrigo, Susan 
Clark, Tina Lenihan, Maria Valdez, Steve Dollemayer, Tammy Smith, Ray 
Zebrowski; 3rd row — Neal Bretz, Jon Strathmeyer, Paul Luby, Maritza Carri- 
on, Kim Powell, Maura Tysver, Dr. Ben McConnell, Kelson Lineberry, Kimber- 
ley Krasinski; not pictured — Stephanie Connors, Jennifer Hansen, Eric Ly- 
man, Karen McCurdy 

The Newman Club is the national orga- 
nization for Catholic students on col- 
lege campuses. The Newman Club, 
which began in 1883 at the University of 
Wisconsin at Madison, is a branch of the 
ecumenical campus ministry, it is a 
multi-purpose, Catholic organization in 
which its members experience educa- 
tional, religious, social and service ori- 
ented activites. These include a weekly 
spaghetti dinner which is held at the 
Newman House on McDonald Street. 




Involvement: 73 




Alpha Psi Omega is the dramatic hon- 
orary whose members have displayed 
theatrical ability and dedication. Mem- 
bers must have performed in various 
roles, worked in several backstage posi- 
tions, and taken a certain number of 
theater courses. 

1st row — Dr. Bill Grange, Paul Luby, Wendy Lamoreaux, Bobby Ann Loper, 
Thomas Shafer; 2nd row — Amy Schneider, Katherine Hester, Chris Gannon 




The Vagabonds are the oldest organiza- 
tion on campus. The group was named 
in 1924 in Leesburg. The Vagabonds 
perform four shows a year as part of the 
Fine Arts Series. Production includes 
set and costume construction, light and 
sound execution, and at times, direct- 

1st row — Thomas Shafer, Kathleen McBurney, Dr. Bill Grange, Wendy La- 
moreaux, Bobby Ann Loper, Paul Luby; 2nd row — Jana Huling, Amy 
Schneider, Terry Derr, Katherine Hester, Chris Gannon, Kristin Engelsen, 
Stephen Dowdie; 3rd row — Ken Cheshire, Lisa Pinder, Joe Costello, Deb- 
orah Geller, Paul Trembly, Deonne Barger 

74: Involvement 

The French Club was organized in 1973. 
It was established for those interested 
in a better understanding of the French 
language, culture, and history. Stu- 
dents studying the language are active 
members of the club. 

The Spanish Club was established to 
promote the study of the language and 
culture of the Spanish-speaking world 
and to foster an understanding of its 
peoples. Its membership is made up of 
students with a special interest in these 

Bennett Cole, adviser, Sagine Thebaud, Douglas Mawer, Lusby Burrus, Larry 
Figueiredo, Polly Watson, Tracey Hacking, Cheryl Ladzinski, Susan Clark, 
Wendy Lamoreaux 








Involvement: 75 






The international Student's Associ- 
ation is an association of all students of 
foreign origin attending Florida South- 
ern College. I.S.A.'s main purposes are 
to represent the interests of foreign stu- 
dents, to help improve international 
awareness and goodwill among stu- 
dents and faculty, and to provide a fo- 
rum for international exchange and fel- 
lowship among foreign students on this 
campus and at other colleges and uni- 
versities in Florida. Activities held this 
year by the Association included a dis- 
cussion of world peace and the nuclear 
threat and a visit to Disney World. 

Psi Chi is a national psychology frater- 
nity, established as a group on this cam- 
pus in 1962. Its purposes are to encour- 
age, stimulate, and maintain scholar- 
ship of its members. Psi Chi achieves 
these goals by offering a wide range of 
programs at the local, regional and na- 
tional levels. 

76: Involvement 

Sigma Delta Chi/The Society of Profes- 
sional Journalists, is the largest, oldest 
and most represented organization 
serving the field of journalism. It is de- 
signed to instill professionalism in its 
members and the field as a whole. 
S.D.X. hosts guest speakers, sponsors 
service projects, and sends delegates to 
national and regional conventions each 
year. It is open to all students with an 
interest in a career in journalism. 

Contacts is new on campus this year. 
They are chartered by the Florida Pub- 
lic Relations Association. The Lake- 
land area chapter is their sponsoring or- 
ganization. The purpose of Contacts is 
to promote understanding and an ex- 
change of ideas among students inter- 
ested in the field of communications, 
and to encourage the professional de- 
velopment of members. It provides 
monthly speakers on various topics in 
the professions of communications. 




Involvement: 77 









Delta Sigma Pi is a professional busi- 
ness fraternity organized to foster the 
study of business in colleges and uni- 
versities. Through a program consist- 
ing of guest speakers, field trips, plant 
tours, and social activities, Delta Sigma 
Pi provides an educational experience 
and practical instruction for application 
in the working world. Membership in the 
group requires a cumulative CPA of 2.5 
and a 2.75 in business courses. 

The professional business and eco- 
nomics fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, was re- 
activated at Florida Southern in 1981. 
Since then, its membership has tripled. 
Phi Chi Theta is an academically orient- 
ed fraternity which promotes higher 
business education, training for all 
women, and fosters the high ideals for 
women in business. 

78: Involvement 

Beta Beta Beta is a biology honorary 
dedicated to the promotion of interest 
in biological sciences. It came to Flor- 
ida Southern in 1955. Requirements for 
Tri-Beta fall into three categories. Active 
members must be biology majors with 
a 3.0 GPA in biology and an overall 12 
hours in biology. Associate members 
include any student of any major with a 
sincere interest in the sciences. 

Kappa Mu Epsilon, the mathematics 
honor society, was founded in 1931, the 
Florida Beta chapter being chartered in 
1976, for the purpose of furthering the 
interests and appreciation of math- 
ematics. The emblems of the society 
are the five-pointed star and the penta- 
gon, with the motto being "Develop an 
appreciation for the beauty of math- 
ematics." To be eligible for member- 
ship, students must be in the upper 
35% of their class and have completed 
3 semesters at Florida Southern. They 
must also have completed 3 college 
courses in mathematics including one 
semester of calculus and attained an 
average of at least 3.0 in all mathemat- 
ics courses. 






Involvement: 79 


The Florida Southern College chapter 
of the American Chemical Society was 
established in 1960. Membership is of- 
fered to students interested in chemis- 
try. The chapter adviser is Dr. Thomas 
Willard, under whose direction and as- 
sistance activities are planned. These 
included guest speakers, field trips, and 
student presentations. The annual 
Chem-a-thon, sponsored by A.C.S., en- 
ables students from various high 
schools to test their knowledge and be- 
come acquainted with the campus. 

The Society of Physics Students is an 
organization whose purpose is to devel- 
op an interest in physics among stu- 
dents, promote fellowship among its 
members, and provide activities to 
stimulate students' curiosities. The So- 
ciety was founded in 1968 and partici- 
pates in lectures and local seminars. 

1st row — Jeanette Owen, James futch, James Andrews, Mark Buzza; 2nd 
row — Doug Douglas, Laura Brower, Bill Jenks, George Demmy; 3rd row — 
Ellen Demmy, Daniel Robertson, Tom Hicks 

80: Involvement 


The purpose of the Florida Nurserymen 
and Growers Association Club is to pro- 
vide an organization for students inter- 
ested in the area of ornamental horti- 
culture to meet and work with other stu- 
dents sharing these interests. The club 
is affiliated with the state nurserymen 
and Qrowers Association. Members are 
welcome to attend local and state 
F.N.G.A. meetings and tour their respec- 
tive nursery operations. 

The purpose of the Citrus Club is to pro- 
vide students with a mutually cooperat- 
ive medium for contributing to the Cit- 
rus Institute and the college community 
as a whole. The Citrus Club also serves 
as a means to introduce students to 
their contemporaries who share similar 
career goals and aspirations. The club 
also functions to maintain a good rap- 
port with alumni of the Citrus Depart- 
ment and with persons within Florida's 
citrus industry, commercial nurseries, 
and other agricultural and horticultural 
enterprises in the state. 






















The American Society for Personnel 
Administration is an organization that 
helps to provide practical experience 
for its members through guest speak- 
ers, field trips, and active, lively discus- 

The Collegiate Financial Entrepanuers 

is a group designed to promote entre- 
paneurial activities and to provide 
hands-on experience for its members in 
various business activities. Its goals are 
to start a non-profit business venture 
and to become active in the stock mar- 
ket. They hope to provide knowledge 
that cannot be obtained in the class- 
room alone. 


The Data Processing Management As- 
sociation is a student chapter of the 
professional D.P.M.A. organization. The 
goal of D.P.M.A. is to give the students a 
better understanding of the vital busi- 
ness role of data processing, its rela- 
tionship to management, and to instill a 
professional attitude among data pro- 
cessors in the application of data pro- 
cessing skills. 

Collegiate Toastmasters is a member 
of Toastmasters International, a profes- 
sional speaking organization. The con- 
cept behind Toastmasters is that effec- 
tive communication is the key to suc- 
cess. It believes that people learn to 
communicate best by practicing. Colle- 
giate Toastmasters was founded in 
1983 and since then has helped people 
overcome their fear of public speaking 
and to learn to communicate effectively. 
Members of the club give formal 
speeches as well as impromptu "table 
topics." They not only learn communi- 
cation, but are able to practice leader- 
ship skills. The club goal, as its motto 
states, is to help people to "Reach for 









The Methodists on Campus are a 
group of students whose purpose is 
to "support one another in Chris- 
tian love.'' Each year the group 
sponsors retreats, projects to fight 
world hunger, guest speakers, and 
informative programs. Through 
these and other activities each 
member grows, both inwardly and 

The Florida Southern Plate- 
Mates are a group of young ladies 
who assist the Moc baseball team, 
on and off the field. Some of the 
ways in which they help to promote 
the team include selling advertise- 
ments for the baseball program, at- 
tending fund-raising breakfasts to 
sell season tickets, and other com- 
munity service. They also accompa- 
nied the team to the World Series 
this past season. 

84: Involvement 


The Interlachen yearbook 
staff was led by faculty adviser 
Professor Hal Waters and edi- 
tor-in-chief Susan Howard. The 
addition of four student pho- 
tographers increased student 
participation in its production. 
Many long hours and much 
creative effort went into the 
making of the 1986 edition of 
The Interlachen. 






86: Sports 


■ I ■. ■ : 'i 


The Mocs set their sights on 
winning their second straight and 
seventh NCAA national champi- 
onship this season, traveling 
south to face the University of Mi- 
ami in a contest matching last 
year's Division I and II national 
champs. The Mocs also faced 
such powers as Eastern and 
Western Michigan, as well as 
Ohio State University and Ithaca 

Once again, the Mocs staged 
many successful promotional 
events for the fans including the 
annual clash with the Detroit Ti- 
gers and a special appearance by 
the Phillie Phanatic. 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Row 1 — Stu Setcavage, Ken Henry, John Hand, frank Good, Scott Wilbanks, Brandon Romine, James Qelb, 
Todd Strickland; Row 2 — Christopher Allen, Terry Qilmore, Todd Auckland, Raul Bedoya, Stephen Martino, 
Don Burke, Rod Lung, Lewis Marotti, Glen femandez, Richard Sloan, Philip Dillmore; Row 3 — Chris Roy, 
Tracy Toy, Drew Miller, Fernando Arguelles, Robert Cuff, James Hitt, Tom Temrowski, Mark Chasey, Frank 
Taylor, Sal Maniscalco, Dave Parkulo, John Carpenter, Dave Rustay, Mark dayman, Edward Leonardi 

88: Sports 






Photos by Brad Beck 



Sports: 91 



The Mocs again proved themselves 
a force to be reckoned with in 
the Sunshine State Conference and 
the south region. The Mocs traveled to 
Ann Arbor, Michigan to tangle with the 
second ranked Wolverines and ai'so 
did battle with Big-8 powerhouse Uni- 
versity of Missouri. 

During the season the Mocs cap- 
tured the Ledger Classic, which fea- 
tured four top-ranked Division 
teams, and also laid claim to the 
championship of the Division I WLKF 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Seated — Jerry Johnson, John Buckley, Bob 
Qyori, Bill Connors, William Wilcox, Bill 
Buckley, Wade Luke; Row 2 — Assistant 
coach Kirk Speraw, Coach George Scholz, 
Eric Hartje, John McMulty, Phil Holder, Kris 
Kearney, Ted Kennedy, Glenn Hanson, Sam 
Miller, Dennis McGinley. 

Photos by Brad Beck 



c ■■: .^-['"y^i 


To '.',:. •■':- 

Head coach norm Benn took over 
for the late Dick Qoding and continued 
the tradition of winning that was estab- 
lished by the former Lady Moc head 

The Lady Mocs staged a Christmas 
tournament featuring two Division 1 
teams and took home the champion- 
ship trophy. Senior team captain Kelly 
Carson joined Deidre Lane as only the 
second Lady Moc to score 1,000 ca- 
reer points while junior Kim Disbro 
adanced her career totals, leading the 
team in scoring. 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Seated — Team manager Kelly Sullivan, 
Manci Parks, Peggy Dyas, Kelly Carson, Carla 
Brown, Ten Komer, Kim Disbro; Row 2 — 
Assistant coach Janet Reynolds, Coach 
riorm Benn, Dana DeLoach, Kim Danielwicz, 
Shannon Woods, Sam Miller, Sally Hicks 

Photos by Brad Beck 

96: Sports 






Head Coach Lois Webb notched a milestone 300th ca- 
reer victory during the Lady Mocs highly successful sea- 
son. Consistently ranked in the NCAA weekly polls, the 
Lady Moc volleyball team won the Sunshine State Confer- 
ence title for the fourth time in four years. 

Seniors Louise McAlpin and Jeanette Rutland supplied 
the leadership and joined juniors Michelle Odermatt and 
Michelle Kurtgis to give the Lady Mocs a potent offensive 

The squad traveled across the country, competing in 
tournaments in West Point, new York; Dayton, Ohio,- Troy, 
Alabama, and in Miami. The Lady Mocs also welcomed 
Laura Smith to the team as assistant coach. 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Row 1 — Christy Scott. Michelle Boculac, Sally Nowak, Shelley Coghill. 
Debbie Goodwin, Michelle Odermatt, Jeanette Rutland, Louise McAl- 
pin, Marlene Ansotegui, Lisa Frisbie; Row 2 — Coach Lois Webb, Laura 
Smith, Debbie Hughes, Michelle Kurtgis, Dana DeLoach, Maili Wurtz, 
Laura Soule, Sam Miller, Sally Hicks. 

98: Sports 


- A Vd 



Moccassin linksters put forth their best 
effort to work toward capturing a second 
consecutive NCAA national championship 
and their fourth overall. 

Finishing second to capture Division 11 
honors in the Americana Invitational in Wis- 
consin, the Mocs also won the Division II 
championship of the Florida Intercollegiate 
behind a second-place finish by Lee Jan- 

Coach Charley Matlock's Mocs also com- 
peted in tournaments in Louisiana and 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Seated — Pat Chisholm, Scott Hawkins, 
Lee Janzen, Don Fardon, Darren Stanek; 
Row 2 — Ralph Howe, Kevin Hester, Rick 
Manning, Al Kuhn, Freddie Jenkins; Row 3 
— Walt Moffitt, Curtis Donovan, John Se- 
cunda, Wally Les, Coach Charley Matlock, 
Mike Mattucci. 


Coach Matlock and 
team members Don 
Fardon, Gregg Game- 
ster, Lee Janzen, Scott 
Hawkins, and Marco 
Dawson display their 
Division II champion- 
ship trophy at Lake 
Geneva, Wisconsin. 



The Strikin' Mocs took the field 
this season with almost an entire 
new team as head coach Sam Snow 
fielded numerous freshmen during 
this rebuilding year. 

Sophomore Jim Allegro supplied 
the offensive punch for the Mocs 
this season while team captain se- 
nior Kris Pahl minded the nets, new- 
comers Keith Spresser, Matt lozzi, 
John Bowman and Pat Hannigan 
worked hard during the year and 
should supply needed experience 
in the fall season. 

Competing in one of the toughest 
Division II conferences in the na- 
tion, the Mocs started the season 
strong with a 9-1 blowout of Warner 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Photos by Brad Beck 


Below, Row 1 — Mike Vail. Fred Hammond. Frank Stork, Kris Pahl, Tim Moore, Heal Mazzei, 
Matt lozzi; Row 2 — Keith Spresser, Jim Allegro, Paul Findling, Ross Baumes. Mike Moran, 
Robert Fursell, Steve Layton, Pat Hannigan; Row 3 — John Bowman, Joe Lucas, Terry Rine- 
hart. Coach Sam Snow, Sally Micks, Sam Miller, Gary Barnett, Tony Schriffert. 

— — — — — 

^ ft* 

r VS -V 20 * - 

Sports: 103 

Hosting some of the top wom- 
en's teams in Florida, the Lady 
Moc tennis team again made its 
bid to capture the Sunshine State 
Conference team championship 
for the fourth consecutive year. 

Coach Ed Jeffries led a team 
that had lost two All-American 
players and coached the team to 
another successful season be- 
hind the efforts of 1985 all-SCC 
players Mary Lloyd, Kim Rogers, 
Kim Smith and Kathy Lloyd. 
Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Kelly Plumlee, Stephanie Ball, Mary Lloyd, 
Coach Ed Jeffries, Kim Smith, Isabel 
Lorenzo, Kim Rogers, Monique Russel, 
Karen McCurdy 

104: Sports 

Following a successful first year 
on the fast-pitch level, the Lady Moc 
softball team set out on a more am- 
bitious schedule with over 50 
games scheduled, including match- 
ups with Division I powers Universi- 
ty of South Florida and Florida State 
as well as perennial Division II force 
Stephen F. Austin. 

The Lady Mocs were led by 1985 
all-South performers Teri Komer 
and Lori Baker while pitching sen- 
sation Dori Stankewitz again turned 
in an outstanding season on the 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Right — Coach Chris Bellotto, Debbie Goodwin, Dori Stankewitz, Ka- 
trina McCormick, Donna Patterson, Sonia Villetti, Beth Qreig, Colleen 
Degroot, Chris Palmer, Jackie Folmar, Heather Walls, Kathy flsh- 
baugh, Teri Komer, Mindi fitch, Pam Sheffer, Tracy Ringstaff, Teresa 
Taylor, Rhonda Kaiser, Sally Hicks, assistant coach Laura Smith. 

106: Sports 

Sports: 107 

Photos by Brad Beck 


Led by seniors Rob Bailey and Har- 
old Hendren, the Runnin' Mocs en- 
joyed a renewed success in men's 
cross country. Bailey and Hendren 
consistently placed among the lead- 
ers in the various meets during the 
season. Coach Ed Plowman's Mocs 
enjoyed their greatest success in the 
Sunshine State Conference meet, fin- 
ishing fourth. 

The women runners were led by 
newcomers Molijane Wahl and veter- 
an Amy Porter. Like their male coun- 
terparts, the women's team enjoyed a 
competitive season and finished fifth 
in the SSC cross country meet. 

The team also ran in various mara- 
thons during the year, including one in 
Washington, D.C. 

Copy by Wayne Koehler 

Row 1 — Rob Bailey, Debbie Hale, Amy Porter, Angie Qriffeth, Molijane Wahl, Mike Mar- 
couiller; Row 2 — JoeTiseo, Harold Hendren, Rich Knowles, Roy Simmen, DonQillich, Calvin 
Johnson, Coach Ed Plowman. 


Florida Southern's ski team was most 
fortunate to gain a world champion and 
world record holder this year. Cory 
Pickos joined the team and assisted 
members in the area of trick skiing. Each 
team member shares the job of helping 
to coach fellow members. 

Tournaments this season included 
competition against the University of 
Florida, the University of Central Florida, 
the University of South Florida, Rollins, 
the University of Miami, and Eckerd Col- 

Team practice is made easy for the 
team by the closeness of Lake Hollings- 
worth, which is complete with a ramp for 
jumps and a well-kept slalom course. 
Correct Craft provides the team with a 
new Ski Mautique craft each year. 

Rowl — Bill Cordez, Jonathan Brown, Franklin McKinney. Brian 
Quyer, Bill Morris; Row 2 — Mike Broderick, Pat Clawson, Danny 
Zeisler, Sandy Roeder, Mike Mills, Meridy Werder, Glen Spivey, 
Bill Larson, Doug Freebern; Mot pictured — Casey Carlson, 
Cathy Matthews, Patty Meister, Cory Pickos, Paige Smith, Ester 

110: Sports 


Seated — Kevin Leander, Mary Lemasters, Don Molloy; 1st row — Alyson Pyle, 
Peggy Hollis, Kathy Kasch; 2nd row — Beth Swartzmiller, Bob Wright, Kelleigh 











Action photos by Ruth Spencer 


The United States Government maintains a Se- 
nior Division of the Army Reserve Officer's Training 
Corps at Florida Southern College. The general ob- 
jective of the Army ROTC curriculum is to produce 
junior officers for the U.S. Army with the qualities 
and attributes essential to their progressive and 
continued development in the Regular Army and 
the Army Reserve and national Guard. The student 
is provided with an appreciation of the responsibli- 
ties of each American to contribute time, talent, 
and energy to the protection of liberty. While in 
ROTC, students receive training in the areas of 
leadership management, decision-making, and 
confidence-building. These are personal traits and 
skills which are essential in the daily operation of 
our country both in the military and civilian indus- 

ROTC extracurricular activities include the Raid- 
er Program, Color Guard, and a running team. Ca- 
dets participate in field training exercises at Camp 
Blanding, helicopter orientation, rappelling, the 
Lakeland Christmas Parade, and the Gasparilla 
Classic. This year they sponsored the 2nd annual 
Florida Southern College Army ROTC Homecom- 
ing Classic, a 5 km run around Lake Hollingsworth. 

114: Sports 


116: Sports 

118: Sports 


■ . I ' ■ "■ 





Alpha Chi is . . . love . . . Railsings . . . 
100% class . . . Dance-A:Thon . . . 
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ... I Delta 
Pi/1 Eta Pi . . . Golly! . . . Sisterhood 
. . . Maavalous . . . Care Bears . . . 
Sigma Chi and Lambda Chi Sweet- 
hearts . . . Chi Guys . . . Monty 
Python . . . yougart . . . 

Alpha Chi Omega began its second century of sister- 
hood in 1985. The sorority was founded in Greencas- 
tle, Indiana at DePauw University on October 15, 1885. 
The Beta Omicron Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was 
the first national sorority founded on Southern's cam- 
pus on Movember 13, 1936. Alpha Chi's symbol is the 
lyre, the red carnation is their flower, and their colors 
are scarlet and olive green. Each year the sisters of 
Alpha Chi work together with the brothers of Theta Chi 
to sponsor a 24-hour Dance-A-Thon to raise money for 
their philanthropies. The Alpha Chi's are represented 
in every major honorary on campus. They are class 
officers, Junior Advisors, fraternity little sisters and 
sweethearts. Alpha Chi Omega is proud to represent 
the reigning Miss Southern and Miss Interlachen. They 
strive to do the best and to be their best as their motto 
is, "Together Let Us Seek The Heights.'' A century of 
traditions proves this group to be a proud crowd. 

Ann Marie Bucy 
Kathy rishbaugh 
Dawn Garner 
Anne Qeiger 
Dhays Gruber 
Penny Langston 
Mary Lloyd 
Tawn Prior 
Mary Jo Sattler 
Kuth Spencer 
Caroll Sprauer 
Lynn Stauffer 
Sharon Thomas 
Katie Ward Willi. 
Mope Brand 
Karen Hanl( 
Jeanne Johr 

Stephanie Danson 
Mclinda Kcmpff 
Donna Laing 
Karen Langston 
, Darcy MacKinnon 
Carolyn McHugh 
Michelle McMullen 
Kim Morris 
Lynn Kogers 
Beth Swartzmiller 
Randi Burnette 
Elizabeth Cooksey 
Kaj;en Delaney 
len Dunker 

luscious . . . memories . . . 100 years 
. . . good times ... AX stars . . . Miss 
Southern and Miss Interlachen . . . 
Sweetheart Bob . . . funniest girls in 
America . . . weekends . . . water- 
fights . . . candlelights . . . carnations 
. . . Tacky Tourist ... the Best Soror- 


■ ■ 

Sweetheart Bob Bolger 

Chi Guys 



Alpha Delta Pi is . . . First and Finest 
... Pi Love . . . Disney World . . . Eta 
Beta Xi Mi Mu Phi Le . . . Sweetheart 
Todd . . . Stooping . . . Sigma Phi Ep- 
silon . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweet- 
hearts . . . Sigma Chi and Theta Chi 
Pledge Class Sweethearts . . . 

Alpha Delta Pi is the oldest secret society for college 
women and is the mother of the entire fraternity sys- 
tem. It was founded at Wesleyan Female College on 
May 15, 1851. The Gamma Gamma chapter was char- 
tered at Florida Southern on April 27, 1946 as the 64th 
collegiate chapter of the sorority. Alpha Delta Pi's are 
leaders of many campus organizations and honorar- 
ies. They are represented as little sisters for every fra- 
ternity on campus. Many have been chosen as Miss 
Southern, Miss Interlachen, Miss Greek, fraternity 
sweethearts, and Honor Walk Student. The colors of 
Alpha Delta Pi are azure blue and white. The flower is 
the violet, and the mascot is the lion. "We live for each 
other" is the open motto. Each year the sisters raise 
money for their national philanthropy, The Ronald Mc- 
Donald House. 

Alex Bailey 

Maria Hower 

Trade Bailey 

Leigh Anne Hurd 

Kim Bergstrom 

Ann Jago 

Jane Bistline 

Sydney Johnson 

Lori Boyd 

Elisa Kennedy 

Pam Campo 

Cathy Kirk 

Lee Cox 

Kelly Lewlson 

Terry Derr 

Jane McLure 

Kathy Erwin 

Kim Miller 

Ann Ferguson 

Tracy Moore 

Molly Held 

Beth McQuire 

Marcie Qogerty 

Dee Mewsome 

Debbie Green 

Amy Porter 

Alison Qreer 

Kim Roberts 

Tracey Hacking 

Lee Ann Rymph 

Kristie Hardbower 

Pam Sheffer 

Darla Molb 

Jenny Stevens 

Karina Holt 

Karen Teel 

Kelly Thompson 
Adair Valdespino 
Stefanic Von Paleske 
Katie Wilson 
Beth White 
Kim Workman 
Mclanie Ward 
Beth Lewis 
Caroline Dean 
Mary Dzubin 
Cristie Hooks 
Stephanie Iverson 
Melissa Keyes 
Carla Papendick 
Stacey Silvis 
Sue Timmins 
Jackie Umstader 

. . . PATA . . . Wedding party . . . Caf 
Rats . . . Fire and Water . . . Pound- 
caking . . . Blizzard Breaks . . . Porch 
Monkeys ... Six Club . . . Tear your 
Playhouse Down . . . Platemates . . . 
The Lincoln . . . Chilis . . . Lions and 
Violets ... We Live For Each Other. 

Alpha Delta Pi Big Brothers. 


, ..., -.JMIMH 

AOPi is . . . roses . . . pandas . . . C B 
22 . . . thank God the other four were 
finished . . . garden party. . . We love 
you Mom . . . seniors . . . slammers 
. . . the chain gang . . . Pee Wee at the 
drive-in . . . scum on the roof . . . 
sweethearts one time . . . 


Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on Jan. 2, 1897 at 
Barnard College. The Kappa Gamma Chapter of AOPi 
was installed on Southern's campus on May 5, 1946. 
Kappa Gamma became the 52nd chapter to uphold 
the high ideals and standards of Alpha Omicron Pi. 
AOPi's color is cardinal red, the flower is the Jacque- 
minot rose, and the mascot is the panda bear. The 
sisters of Kappa Gamma are leaders in many campus 
organizations and honoraries. They are fraternity little 
sisters and sweethearts. Past members have been 
chosen as Miss Southern, Miss Greek, and Miss Inter- 

Shannon Kaile 
Teresa Bown 
Vicki l5owma 
Lynn liradlc 
Maryty C 

Kathryn Moulton 

jahnie riasc 
>er Morris 

yen uampanver / , 
(athy doya ' S 


Patty Meister 
Ana Morejon 

^tayce Kr_ .,, 
Janinc Sganga 
Melissa Stoddard 
Roni Wozniah 

. . . the fun check . . . odds chart . . . 
KROP. . . where's the D-board might 
I have another . . . Oh My . . . pledges 
are awesome . . . F.S. C.C.I. . . . life at 
the Koner . . . the Key of Fun . . . you 
know we own it. . . Individuals united 
under a common bond and loving it!! 




Alpha Omicron Pi sweethearts. 




Kappa Delta is . . . Madam Scholar 
. . .study buddy. . . suprising candle- 
lights . . . FuFu sisters . . . Road trips 
in the jeep . . . AOT . . . Awesome 
pledges . . . we're on fire . . . The best 
sweethearts . . . Halloweenies . . . 
Chicken neck . . . It's a hard knock 
life ... Do orphans spin? . . . You 
ever wonder? ... We love each other 
... Get that Spirit . . . 


Kappa Delta was founded on October 23, 1897 at 
Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. The Gamma 
Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta was founded at Flor- 
ida Southern College on February 5, 1955. The colors 
of Kappa Delta are olive green and pearl white. Our 
flower is the white rose, and our mascot is the katydid. 
Our open motto is "Let us strive for the honorable, the 
beautiful, and the highest." The members of Kappa 
Delta received the Scholarship award on campus and 
at national covention. Members of Kappa Delta partici- 
pate in Omicron Delta Kappa, FCA, AWS, SQA, ACF, 
SUB, Delta Omicron, Delta Sigma Pi, The Interlachen, 
The Southern, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Chi Theta, Sig- 
ma Delta Chi, and Toastmasters. They have also been 
Miss Southern and Miss Interlachen candidates. Last 
year the Honor Walk Student was a Kappa Delta. They 
participate as little sisters in Lamda Chi, SAE, Sigma 
Chi, and Kappa Alpha fraternities. They are also Ju- 
nior Advisors. 

Jane Brandfass 
nancy Doane 
Donna Hill 
Jamie Piper 
Kelly Sullivan 
nancy Baggett 
Donna Beed 
Jill Desplinte 
Susan Ernst 
Claire Dukes 
lizbeth Stidham 
Lois Dinkins 
Jannie Hunt 
Nary McQee 
Laurie Meyer 
Bunny Sutton 
Molly Williams 
Lois Wittenbtirg- 
Alicia Stein 
Beth Allen 
Donna Lynch 
Lala Cade 
Lisa Jackson 

Amy Lively 
Qigi Lyons 
I O'Brien 
*n May 
Ml Custer 
' Dunn 
eryl Kern 
lonica Matay 
Christie May 

Frances Sickler 
Laure Tanner 

Ce Yarbrough 

Leslie Austin 

Leslie fiannon 
Kerri Kerber 

KAPPA DEL TaJ, oyeMaier 
lv " rr " u c L ' 'Maureen Murphy 

Joni Synatschk 

. . . Buck Wheat Toys . . . Meet 
George Jetson . . . Grease . . . Awe- 
some J As— V.V., M.M.,L.J.,and P.O. 
. . . He-man, my hero . . . Gumby 
lives . . . mud wrestling . . . Ethel . . . 
Walkie Talkies . . . T.V. night . . . 
hanging spoons in the cafe . . . Zola 
Budd and Mary Decker . . . Matt the 
Bat . . . Sammy the slug . . . Mickey 
. . . Baby we were born to run and 

Pledge Class Sweetheart Jim Mitchell. 


— .' ' '»,"'. ".'•., ., 

Phi Mu is . . . friendship . . . lions . . . 
rose — carnations . . . Tim . . . upside 
down furniture . . . Q.P. . . . Martha's 
. . . candlelights ... Big Brother's . . . 
sisterhood . . . Fun-n-Sun ... the 
best of times . . . 


Phi Mu fraternity is the second oldest and fifth larg- 
est secret organization for women. It was founded at 
Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia in 1853. The Al- 
pha Tau Chapter was established on Florida South- 
ern's campus in 1954 and will be celebrating its 31st 
year. Phi Mu participates in many organizations on 
campus including members of honorary fraternities, 
Junior Advisors, fraternity little sisters and sweet- 
hearts. Many have also been Miss Southern or Miss 
Interlachen candidates. Phi Mu's colors are rose and 
white. Their jewel is the pearl, their flower is the rose 
carnation, and their mascot is the lion. Their motto is 
The faithful sisters," yet they strive to be faithful to 
others outside the family as well. 

Eleanor Be 
Lori Bennet 
Debbie Bro 
Susan Calla 
Ann Chudick p- 
Kim Croft 
Evelyn Duell 
Nancy fishb- fc _ v V 
Beth HammctRCT , ' * 
Cheryl Hommerson 
Leigh Mmnphret^ 
Lori lzzcT' ' C -S 

Cindy Jefferies 5 OEUP 6 

Colleen Jeeves 


Joanne Kindred 
Tracy Little 
April Morris 
Courtenay Rector 
Val Shipper 
Pam Sibley 
Tracy Torratc 
Chris Towne 
Tricla Urban 
JtiwMjpr Winters 
Lisa" white 
Jane Zevvalk 

. . . Bldg. 23-Mom House . . . M and 
Ms . . . Fun Company . . . sisters with 
a love that's true in the bond of Phi 
Mu . . . great seniors whom we'll 
miss . . . the best of everything. 

Big Brothers 

Sweetheart Tim Desmond 

, " l f^mmsm 

ZETA is . . . within your heart . . . in- 
tramurals . . . line dances at the Z . . . 
great J.A.'s . . . Zeta Tau Awesome 
. . . K.R.O.P. . . . Zeta Ladies . . . Dime 
Time . . . Round ,-the world in a day 
. . . Boston Lips . . . Co-Jo-Em . . . 
Baronie . . . Z-doggin! . . . Qert . . . 
ZTA Jocks! . . . awesome pledges . . . 
Delta Kappa Sigma's . . . Sisterhood 


Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity was founded on October 
15, 1898 at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia. 
Their charter remains the only fraternity charter to be 
granted by a special act of the Virginia State Legisla- 
ture. Their colors are steel gray and turquoise blue. 
Their flower is the white violet, and their open motto is 
"Seek the "Noblest." Florida Southern's Delta Beta 
Chapter was established in 1957. Zeta is well repre- 
sented as members of many honoraries, orgnizations 
and fraternity little sisters. They have won the Intramu- 
ral All-Sports Award the past two years. This year the 
sisters sponsored an all — campus Treasure Hunt" to 
raise money for their philantropy, the Association for 
Retarded Citizens. 




Terrie Almon 
Layla Alo 
Diana Bruch 
Vera Carson 
Deborah Ch, 
Sandy Chipley 
Janet Collitjs 
Dana DeLoaph 
Christine Qatiti' 
Lynn Girardin 
Ruth Hardin 
Katherine ties 
Misako Hiram; 
Susan Howan 
Irene Jenkins 
Raegen Jones 

Judy Kil 

dy Kilfcsm 
Kim KrasirtsKi 
Marci natchett 
atalie McCarthy 
^tthcn McCurdy 
ron Morwillo 
.Ctte Owen 
ra Price 
Sandi Rceder 
Sandra Sessums 
Jill Shcneman 
Katfiryn Stanmberger 
Maura Tysver 
Sheila Warren 
Jennifer Wright 


. . . Friendship . . . mop'n . . . and we 
were Swingin . . . taste's great — less 
filling . . . ZTA . . . Love it! ... the 
choice of another generation . . . 
Blue and Grey . . . Judy's Ted . . . 
Treasure hunt . . . Believe . . . 
Friends are friends forever . . . Love 
. . . ZTA . . . Search for it!! . . . Care 
. . . E.T. . . . chain of unity . . . Pride of 
our hearts . . . John . . . #22 . . . 
What's "study?" 

Sweetheart John ricNulty 

i *.- 

Greeks: 133 

Sweetheart Nik . . . Rock . . . Yance 
. . Fred . . . Croz . . . Rog . . . Spike 
. . Wildman . . . Story. . . Pup . . . Mel- 
vin . . . Sandbar . . . Bud . . . Manute 
. . J.T. . . . Meat . . . Leroy . . . Corky 
. . Swing . . . Caf Daddy . . . Doogle 
4K . . . Ghia . . . Mini Kegs ... El Greco 
. Wop's sister . . . Urban Party Unit 
. What Up? . . . Bldg. 8 club . . . Offi- 
cer #12 . . . Room Party . . . 


Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington and 
Lee University in 1865. The Gamma Pi chapter was 
formed on Florida Southern College in 1958. Earning 
the Highest and Most Improved QPA Awards, and the 
Mens Intramural All Sports Award in 1985, KA has 
kept up the tradition of excellence since its inception. 
In the last two semesters along they have donated 
over $2,600 to their national Philanthropy, Muscular 
Dystrophy Association. KA has not achieved such re- 
wards through one individual's efforts, but through 
the pride and determination that our brotherhood is 
based on. Quality never goes out of style, therefore; 
neither will we. 


Pete Aldrich 
Bill Ball 
Joe Bivona 
Jeff Bua 

Craig Budweiser 
Scott Crosby 
Steve Crump 
Martin DiGregory 
Doug Fagan 
Tom Flynn 
Joe Gong 
Tom Grant 
Walter Hill 
Roger Holler III 
Yugofo Iwamura 
Rick Lindau 


Kelson Lineberry 

Tim Looney 
Bob Malan 
Roy McCrerey 
Bill Meakin 
David Mixner 
John Morgan 
Mark Myers 
Alex Frieto 
Ben Scarborough 
Alan Snapp 
Frank Spencer 
Ralph Spencer 
Ken Stoff 
Jim Taggart 
Mike True 
Bill Yancy 


Johnny Smith . . . Banana tree? . . . V- 
Ball . . . The High Hard one ... no 
Problems . . . What's up Bird? . . . 
Coogle's . . . Wrestlemania . . . 
Hearty Hello . . . The OOOOOLD 
General . . . Hey Fellas . . . Mice 
Bench . . . Sorry, or should I Be? . . . 
Johnny Hero . . . Precious . . . Pivot 
Head . . . Mookie . . . Good Times!!! 

KA Little Sisters. 

Kappa Alpha Rose, Jane Knickerbocker. 


Lambda Chi Alpha is . . . Serious . . . 
Intense ... I will KILL you . . . 
AAAAAAMH ... A "Feel Run" ... Yea 
RIIIGHT . . . Who is Wildman . . . 
Brother JJ . . . The Pillow Committee 
. . . Sweet Lou — 1 . . . October Option 
. . . Sweetheart Karen . . . Rosemary 
. . . Kitchen Steward . . . 


Lambda Chi Alpha prides itself on its strong campus 
involvement. Its members are involved in many cam- 
pus organizations, with leaders in groups such as: 
SGA, Delta Sigma Pi, Tri-Beta, Southern, Circle K, 
ODK, ROTC, AMS, Phi Mu Alpha, Southern Spotlight, 
as well as three resident advisors, and sweethearts 
and big brothers to Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, 
and Phi Mu. Each year the Lambda Chi's sponsor the 
Miss Greek Pageant which raises over 1,000 dollars for 
their philanthropy, the American Cancer Society. 

Tom Padro 

Tom Adair 

Keith Clan 

Rich Rasm 

Mike Crawio* 

Brian Taylor 

Jim Amick 

Jeff Grove 

Scott Chapi 

David Sprin 

Ragan flarrisorf 

Munro Sefcik 

Paul Krist 

Mark Raiford 

Steve DeWitt 

Steve Dollen 

Rob Batem 

Eric Lyman 

Jeff Jakes 

Ron Elrod 

Brian Roskam^V/R 

Louis Qotsch 

mie Dodd 
dy Dale 

: Fox 
ale Tedder 
aryl Johnson 
aryl Jones 




n Stanek 



Jim Kreinbrink 

. . . Mom Brotherton . . . Trick nor 
Treat . . . Mayor McCheese . . . The 
Pit . . . Theta Sig . . . "Scoots" . . . En- 
glish Rit . . . Couch Potatoes . . . Has 
Beens . . . The Roofis on Fire . . . The 
Great Shoe Switch . . . You are the 
true definition of "fine." 

Sweetheart Karen Hanlon. 

Lambda Chi Little Sisters. 


hi y t 

^ 1 H 1 *? 

'~'\likJL^mm ml -Jot 
MBU 11 Axi 

Em 6 t 



Phi Sigma Kappa is ... an attitude — 
power incarnate . . . Aaaay Jim . . . 
little sisters . . . wait till monkey f . . . 
viking night . . . alumni road trips . . . 
Sam Loud . . . TDTF . . . 6:30 — as 
always . . . 


Phi Sigma Kappa was founded March 15, 1873 at the 
Massachusetts Agricutural College, now the University 
of Massachusetts, by members of the secret society, 
known only as the "Tumbling T's. The six founding 
fathers based their society on the principles of Brother- 
hood, Scholarship, and character. Omega Triton 
chapter was founded April 2, 1950. The chapter sup- 
ports its principles by maintaining an honest strong 
brotherhood, by winning national recognition: namely, 
the Wenderoth Scholarship, ,-and by promoting indi- 
viduality rather than conformity. Phi Sigs continue to 
support Special Olympics both bodily, and financially. 
Members seek ideals, do what others dream about, 
and never forget their motto: "Phi Sigma Kappa offers 
you not idle meadows and indolent shores, she offers 
you hills and a star." 

James McQuire 
Hate freeman 
Patrick McCarley 
Sal Maniscalco 
James Manoll 
Mike Stevens 
William Dudml 
Brian Lasch 

T x l 

Scott James 
Frank Peacock 
Kick Flores 
Frank Vitek 
Steve Weis 
David Becker 
John Mitrione 
Tony Novoth 

Chaplin and Mrs. Atchley . . . Willie's 
dogs . . . the roof. . . Bunny Party. . . 
Sweetheart Debbie ... I hate when I 
do that . . . Chili's . . . Seniors! . . . 
MaQoo . . . Hate ... Irk ... Sal .. . 
Minnow . . . Brotherhood . . . Schol- 
arship . . . Character. 

Little Sisters 

Sweetheart Debbie Pessini 

i J 


j L 

.? » 




PI KAPPA ALPHA IS: . . . Back ... Phi 
Phi KA . . . "Let the Good Times Roll" 
. . . Dreamgirl . . . Glen . . . T.D. . . . T. 
MAc ... Pi Kappa Alpha Daddy . . . 
Travis . . . Fire engine . . . 


The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was founded on March 
1, 1868 at the University of Virginia. The founding was 
attributed to the high ideals, characteristics and prin- 
ciples of Robertson Howard, Julias Edward Wood, 
James Benjamin Sclater, Jr., Frederick South gate Tay- 
lor, Littleton Waller Tazewell (Bradford) and William 
Alexander, our founders. Our chapter, Delta — Delta, 
became the one-hundreth chapter back in 1946 and 
continued for 37 years maintaining a high quality of 
leadership, now, under recolonization status, we con- 
tinue to uphold lasting brotherhood, good times and 
the great tradition of Pi Kappa Alpha. 


Glen Jaffee 
Todd Denson 
Tom McDonald 
Al West 
Jim Travis 

Bob Bolger 
Doug Coffman 
Chris Stone 
Steve Smith 
Tom O'diorne 

I.T.A. . . . Smally . . . Cruiser . . . B.B. 
. . . Lil' Sisters . . . Garnet and Gold 
. . . Logan . . . M.C. . . . Yeehaw . . . 
Alums . . . Lanes . . . Knowing the 
Meaning of Shield and Dimond. 


Pi Kappa Phi is . . . couch potato . . . 
lobby rats . . . would you stop . . . V- 
Ball champs . . . You're a !*? ... 
who's doin' who? . . . Kermie's story 
time . . . party time . . . dime time . . . 
how's your box? . . . polar region . . . 
late night scaling. 


Pi Kappa Phi was founded on Dec. 10, 1904 at 
Charleston, S.C. The three founding fathers, Andrew 
A Kroeg, Jr., Simon Fogarty, Jr. and Laurence H. 
Mixon, established the traditions of excellence upon 
which the fraternity is based. For the past eight years, 
Pi Kappa Phi has been the fastest growing national 
fraternity. The Beta Beta Chapter was established at 
Florida Southern on Oct. 16, 1948. Their colors are 
gold, blue and white. The totem pole in front of their 
house stands as a representative of the Beta Beta 
Chapter. Their national philanthropy is Project Push, 
which provides handicapped children with a stimula- 
tive learning environment. 

food runs . . . pizza bones . . . Schlep- 
per's Open . . . 3rd floor lake . . . peo- 
ple grafitti . . . oldies but goodies . . . 
dat ain't workin . . . artificial strength 
. . . dat's a gut one . . . Project Push 
. . . brotherhood . . . unity. . . nothin 
like it anywhere else. 



S.A.E. is . . . leadership . . . scholar- 
ship . . . Sweetheart Maria . . . little 
sisters ... do it to Uncle Henry . . . 
the Gremlin and his keeper . . . big 
yellow birds . . . Little Bill studying at 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded May 8, 1856 at 
the University of Alabama. SAE is currently the largest 
and wealthiest national fraternity, with 192 chapters in 
47 states and over 198,000 initiates. The Florida Gam- 
ma Chapter of Florida Southern was founded Nov. 12, 
1949. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is based on the virtues of 
the true gentleman, eternal friendship, and vitality 
which is represented by the lion. Florida Gamma was 
awarded an honorable mention for chapter efficiency 
at the 50th Annual Leadership School in Evanston, 111. 
They were runners-up in the Province Nu-Epsilon soft- 
ball tournament in Gainesville. They consistently have 
brothers on the Dean's List, showing their high aca- 
demic dedication and tradition. They also have broth- 
ers who actively compete on the varsity baseball, 
cross-country, and soccer teams. 

the Pub 


lota Beta 

Todd Spurlin &Ai! Mike Dickman 

Colin Houk ®iS Dave Beck 

. . . Williamsburg . . . The Dying 
Danos . . . Goosey is back . . . S.A.E. 
Bar and Grill . . . Good times in 
Tampa . . . FAYSN . . . Penthouse 
Film Crew . . . you know what to do 
. . . Demo Experts . . . Remember 
Delta Upsilon ... Phi Alpha. 


Founded in 1855, the Sigma Chi fraternity is well 
recognized in the Greek world today. Likewise, the Ep- 
silon Sigma Chapter, chartered in 1959, maintains a 
similar stature here at Florida Southern College, fol- 
lowing the ideas represented in the white cross, a sym- 
bol of our fraternity. Through it all, Sigma Chi remains 
a privilege, a foundation for the future, and an eternal 
friendship. Sigma Chi is what others strive to be — an 
organization "that knows no age. 

Sigma Chi is . . . the white cross . . 
Casino . . . the Norman shield . . 
Beaver in the yard . . . true brother 
hood . . . Qumby . . . little sisters . . 
Coney drugs . . . spoogemonster . . 
Mulfordization . . . 



David James 
Jim Carroll 
Tim Mulford 
Jeff Moore 
John Korbel 
Carter Hopkins 
Chris Keefer 
Paul Walker 
A.J. Alford 
Vincent Montel 
Richard Knowles 
Mark Benson 
Todd Joiner 
Tim Carson 
Steve Barger 
Clark nippier 
Qregffciftj tq 
Brandon Romine 
Joe Qlaser 
Jim Batory 


Tleet Tilden 
Rob Rittgers 
Cliff Schmidt 
Jeff Jullch 
Russ Walker 
Joe Graham 
ennis Curry 
ob Yost 
ary James 
Coney Burgess 
Pat Perrotta 
John Michael 
Jim LeBeau 
Dale Cook 
Dave Bass 
John Briggs 
Jim Foran 
Jeff Qunies 
Brian Bowman 
Tom Plaisance 
Scott Deeds 
Greg flearn 

. . . Wally World . . . SLB . . . nuts . . . 
Worthy. . . "Airborne" . . . Toast ... 3 
stooges . . . what's the thing? . . . 
Reddick . . . T.J. . . . midget whop . . . 
A.J. . . . Homer . . . BMW's . . . Tawn 

Sigma Chi little sisters. 


— _ 

Sig Ep is . . . A-Team Raids . . . Sleege 
Biff Doug . . . Cape Cod Kools . . . 
Party all the time . . . Tequilla willy 
. . . Happens . . . Taz . . . WHAAH! . . . 
Jungle Love . . . Bye Bye Miss Ameri- 
can Pie . . . Large . . . Best Golden 
Hearts . . . 


Sigma Phi Epsilon was established on Movember 1, 
1901 at Richmond College. Our own Florida Delta 
chapter was chartered at Florida Southern on May 28, 
1949. Founded on the principles of virtue, diligence, 
and brotherly love, Sig Ep has grown from a group of 
twelve determined young men to the second largest 
national fraternity. Likewise, the Florida Delta chapter, 
using these same principles, has doubled in member- 
ship in the past year. The Sig Ep's philoanthropy is the 
American Heart Association, and they raise money by 
sponsoring a Swim for Heart. 

Scott Rein«tirW\ \ 
Craig ScatesVY^> 


Mark Chasey 
Steve Smedley 

Rich Campana ^M 

Chip Qriggs 

Paul Shumway 'S 

Steve Schofiekl 

Kris Pahl 

Steve Mathis 



Dave Batman 

Slechta ^^BH 


Rob Dynarski 

Mike iVague^R^ 

Alan Van Winkle 


Lee Megley 

Allen M.inmi[H[ 

Bob Hammond 

D.J. Thiele 1 


Bob Wyatt 


Dave Troester 

Doug IiccIh'BK 

Pat Hannigan 

Daniel Wulf II 1 — 

Rick Qibbs 

Toby Therrie^B 


Craig Schaller 

Paul Findling^M 

~aJH ^w 

Doug Brady 

Chris Campana^^^ 


Rich yelton 

. . . Dart . . . Ponches Place . . . Yucca 

Frank jatiazzulla 


_^«l!rew Anderson 

. . . Teel . . . Import . . . Polyniesian 

stuart s^araje-""'! 

?pdd Smith 

. . . Dyno . . . Danny . . . Monty . . . 



Slope . . . Scater . . . Dove Killers . . . 
Skip . . . Eddy . . . Teaguer . . . Bats 
. . . Virtue . . . Diligence . . . Brotherly 


^1 w m ^^5. 

; ■ ■ 



T.K.E. is . . . Tor Life . . . Halloween 
Party '85 . . . Toga . . . drive-in . . . 
Softball . . . Mom Chisolm . . . SM DS 
BT BNB ... Mr. clean . . . Schmoe . . . 
Skip . . . Psycho . . . Jesus . . . Merle 
. . . Inco . . . W.A.D.S. . . . Morals? . . . 
Li 1 P. . . . Bam Bam . . . Dancing bear 
. . . Preman . . . Lurch . . . Reagan . . . 


Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest social fraternity in 
the world with over 300 active chapters. TKE was 
founded on January 10, 1899 at Illinois Weslyan Uni- 
versity in Bloomington, 1L. The Beta Tau chapter was 
founded at Florida Southern in 1947. The Fraternity is 
based on the belief that the three essential elements of 
meaningful fraternal relations are love, charity, and 
esteem. The colors are cherry red and gray and the 
mythological ideal is Apollo. The chief geometric sym- 
bol of the fraternity is the equilateral triangle which 
becomes stronger within when force is applied from 
without. The TKE brothers will always cherish our 
Sweetheart Polly Watson and Mom Chisolm for their 
love and support throughout the years. Our chapter 
room was dedicated in the spring of 1985 to Mrs. Lilah 
Chisolm who has helped our chapter throughout her 
18 years of dedicated service as housemother. We will 
also remember all of our little sisters, who through 
their affection and participation have made TKE a real 
gentleman's fraternity. Always remember-TKE is for 
life, and a Tradition of Excellence. 

. . . Dead Meads . . . Miami Porno 
Kingpin . . . Beyond Taboo . . . Pink 
. . . T.Z.E. . . . Kimber . . . B.T. . . . 
Hearsay. . . Allegations . . . Tides '85 
. . . Bogue lota . . . Word Games . . . 
300 + -1 . . . r.S.C. Way of Life . . . 

T.K.E. little sisters. 

Mom Chisolm 



: . .. ■»' 'ftmmm^ 


The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta Chi began its 
FSC brotherhood in 1946 and has been growing stron- 
ger ever since. Although times have changed, the 
quality of brotherhood has not. Unity and respect for 
each other is what our house strives for as Theta Chi 
continues its role as a leader on the FSC campus. The 
good times we share with each other during our short 
stay here will always be remembered. 

Theta Chi is . . . Tight . . . Mystique 
. . . Four year membership to the 
club . . . Stud club . . . Safety Face . . . 
Rip club . . . MUKE FOOD . . . Late 
night Bohees . . . JBA . . . Kato . . . 
Sargeant Safety . . . Study Face . . . 
Nice Pipes . . . Run along Skippy . . . 
Cutta . . . Cruise . . . Human Safety 
. . . Cage Matches . . . 


Marco Da 
Jim Cado 
Mike Gen 
John San 
Paul Mont _ 
Jim Wilhelm 
Steve Puertas 
Tom Gram 

. . . Heaven . . . Harmonica . . . T, 
Bowman . . . Little General . . . Chilly 
Willy ... Hat Head ... Put your hel- 
met on . . . Hammamy Heads . . . By- 
pott ... Mr. Ponch . . . Ding . . . Ed . . . 
Alumni . . . C-Hawk . . . Rock . . . That 
Ain't Workman . . . Janzman . . . Chiz 
. . . Chico . . . PLEDGESHIP-BROTH- 

Theta Chi Little sisters. 

Sweetheart Teresa Bowman. 

Greeks: 153 



154: Faculty 



III — 

tT i 

= : r 


Ml is fc p 


H: "*" f' •'■ 


miljflf! ' ; 

h^ — 


'*■ H 

\tmm»i: _ 

President Robert A. Davis 
Board of Trustees 

The Honorable C. Farris Bryant 

The Honorable Lawton M. Chiles 

Mr. Sam T. Dell, Jr. 

Mr. James L. Ferman, Jr. 

Mr. Frank H. Furman, Jr. 

Mr. J.R. Graves 

Mr. Lloyd Q. Hendry 

Mr. John E. Hunt, Sr. 

Mr. Charles H. Jenkins, Sr. 

Dr. Jimmy S. Jones 

Mrs. Edna M. Lockett 

Mrs. Alice W. Lockmiller 

Mr. Joseph O. MacBeth 

Mr. E.V. McClurg 

Mr. George T. Miller 

Mr. Fred R. Millsaps 

Dr. Richard V. Moore 

Dr. Edward W. Morman 

Mr. J. Quinton Rumph 

Mr. James W. Russell 

Mr. George A. Snelling 

Dr. Myrl L. Spivey 

Dr. J. Marvin Sweat, Jr. 

Mrs. Dorotha C. Tanner 

Mr. Robert S. Trinkle 

Mr. J. Lanier Upshaw 

Mrs. Marjorie M. VanAntwerp 

Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgworth 

Mr. Joel R. Wells, Jr. 

Dr. C. Eugene West 

Mr. Walter M. Woolfork 


Dr. Ben f. Wade 
Vice President and Dean of the College 

Mr. Brunner R. Hunt 
Vice President and Business Manager 

Mr. Mead F. Rogers, Jr. 
Vice President for Development 

Dr. Theodore M. Haggard 
Assistant to the President 


111 '""".'/! , 

Mr. Hugh A. Moran, Jr. 
Dean of Students 

Mr. Robert Sterling 
Director, Student Financial Aid 


Ms. Sally Thissen 

Mr. Harold Waters 
Director of Communications 


■— p 




' ' " r 1 1 I r » » v t 
* •• r i i •, -.-* 

Mr. Harold Smeltzly 
Director of Athletics 

Mrs. Kim Pickering 
Assistant to the Dean of Students — Women 

Mr. Frank Szabo 
Assistant Dean of Students — Men 

Mr. William Fraker 
Development Officer 


Mr. Brad Beck 
College Photographer 

Mr. Wayne Koehler 
Sports Information Director 

Administration: 161 

... '.'"• 'W.. , ,'" 


Seated — Joyce Davis, Beth Ford; Back row — Downing Barnitz, Gale Doak, Banton Doak. 

W. Downing Barnitz 
B.F.A., University of Georgia 
B.S.E., M.F.A., Temple University 

Joyce M. Davis 
B.F.A., University of Georgia 
M.A., University of north Carolina 
Ph.D., University of Georgia 

Gale L. Doak 
A.B., Alabama College 
M.A., George Peabody College/Vanderbilt University 

Banton S. Doak 
B.S., M.A., Ed.S., George Peabody College/Vanderbilt 

Beth M. Ford 
B.A., M.A., University of South Florida 



Robert Baum, John Haldeman, Mary Walker, John Tripp, Margaret Gilbert, Connie Murphy, Sharon Hooker, Laurence Campbell 

Robert H. Baum 
B.A., Goddard College 
M.S., Ph.D., University of Florida 

Laurence L. Campbell 
A.B., M.A., Miami University 
Ph.D., University of Illinois 

Margaret L. Gilbert 
B.S., University of Rhode Island 
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 

John R. Haldeman 
B.S., M.S., Northern Arizona University 
Ph.D., University of Arkansas 

John R. Tripp 
B.S., Oregon State University 
M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State University 

Mary N. Walker 
B.S., Delta State University 
M.S., Mississippi State University 



Row 1 — Carl Brown, Patricia Dockery, Joan Buccino. Samuel Newman, Bruce Arnold, Larry Braisted, William Juchau; Row 2 ■ 
O'Leary, Jeffrey Wiley, Murrell Qillan, Duane Hopkins, Fran DeReus, Allen Larsen, Wendell flulcher 

Bruce E. Arnold 
B.B.A., Stetson University 
M.S. Ace, University of Illinois 
C.P.A., State of Florida 

Mary Jo Bergquist 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
C.P.A., State of Florida 

Allan L. Bowman 
B.B.A., Florida State University 
M.S., Air Force Institute of Technology 

Laurence E. Braisted 
B.A., Jacksonville University 
M.B.A., J.D., Florida State University 

Carl C. Brown 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.A., University of South Florida 
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University 

Joan Q. Buccino 
A.B., Wellesly College 
M.Ed., Boston State College 
Graduate of Harvard-Radcliffe Program in 
Business Administration 

Francis E. DeReus 
B.A., St. Ambrose College 
M.A., University of Illinois 

Patricia M. Dockery 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.S., Rollins College 

Murrell M. Qillan 
B.S., University of Tampa 
M.S., Clarkson College 

Duane L. Hopkins 
B.A., Otterbein College 
M.B.A., Harvard University 

Wendell E. Hulcher 
B.A., Illinois Wesleyan College 
M.B.A., Harvard University 

William C. Juchau 
B.S., U.S. Military Academy 
M.S., George Washington University 

Allen F. Larsen 
A.A., Blackhawk College 
B.A., Augustana College (Illinois) 
A.M., Ph.C, Indiana University 

Samuel L. Newman 
B.E., Vanderbilt University 
M.B.A., Florida State University 
Ph.D., University of Alabama 

Harold E. O'Leary 
B.S., Florida State University 
M.B.A., University of Central Florida 
D.B.A., Florida State University 

C. Jeffrey Wiley 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.B.A., Indiana University 

164: Faculty 


Thomas Willard, Howard Dinsmore, James Tyson, George Robinson, Robert Mitchell. James Mealy 

Howard L. Dinsmore 
B.A., John Hopkins University 
Ph.D., University of Minnesota 

James C. Healy 
B.S., University of Wisconsin 
M.S., Ph.D., University of Akron 

Robert D. Mitchell 
B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology 
M.S., Ph.D., Florida State University 

George C. Robinson 
B.A., Lake Forest College 
M.S., University of Missouri 

James D. Tyson 
B.S., Michigan State University 
M.S., Ph.D., Yale University 

Thomas M. Willard 
B.S., Lamar State College 
Ph.D., Tulane University 


. "<""1W!^« 


r ow \ — s ue Herdman, Rubert Prevatt, Carol Murowchick; Row 2 — Thomas Mack, Malcolm Manners 

Sue E. Herdman 
B.S., State College of Mew York, Brockport 
B.S., Florida State College 
M.S., State University of Mew York, Albany 

Thomas B. Mack 
B.S.A., M.Ed., University of Florida 

Malcolm M. Manners 
B.A., M.S., University of Florida 

Rubert W. Prevatt 
B.S.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of Florida 

166: Faculty 


Row j _ Q ar y English, Sandra Baldwin, Edward Thorn; Row 2 — John Obrecht. Richard Wilber, Hal Waters 

Sandra F. Baldwin 
B.A., M.A., University of South Florida 
Ph.D., Florida State University 

Qary C. English 
B.A., Florida Southern College 
M.A., University of Pennsylvania 
Ph.D., Emory University 

John P. Obrecht 
B.A., Florida Southern College 
Graduate study, University of South Florida 

Edward W. Thorn 
B.A., Parsons College 
M.Div., Crozer Theological Seminary 
M.A., University of Akron 
Ph.D., Indiana University 

Harold M. Waters 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.A., Syracuse University 

Richard A. Wilber 
B.F.A., M.A., St. Louis University 


— I 



Davis Holland, Louise Pitt, Marjorie Wynn, Wayne Fetter, Mary Peaslee, Jack Haynes 

Katherine P. Betts 
B.A., Bowling Green University 
M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Miami 

Wayne R. Fetter 
B.A., State University of Mew York at Albany 

Jack E. Haynes 
B.A., Adams State College 
M.S., Ed.D., northern Illinois University 

Davis R. Holland 
B.A., Presbyterian College 
M.Ed., Furman University 
Ph.D., Florida State University 

Mary V. Peaslee 
B.A., Carson Mewman College 
M.A., University of South Florida 
Ph.D., Florida State University 

Louise Q. Pitt 
B.S., M.A., George Peabody College/Vanderbilt University 

Marjorie J. Wynn 
B.S., Florida State University 
M.A., University of South Florida 

168: Faculty 


Gwendolyn Ziemann, Robert Zimmerman. Robert Tate, Paula RomaniK. Wesley Ryals, Marianne Hodges, Glenn James, Raymond Lott 

Marianne M. Hodges 
B.A., University of Iowa 
M.A., Indiana University 

Glenn J. James 
B.A., Millsaps College 
M.A., University of Georgia 

J. Raymond Lott 

B.A., M.A., University of Miami 
Ph.D., Duke University 

Paula S. Romanik 
B.A., Ursinas College 
M.A.T., Lehigh University 

Wesley W. Ryals 
B.S., Howard College 
M.A.T., Duke University 

Robert H. Tate 
B.A., M.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State 

Gwendolyn M. Ziemann 
B.A., Midland College 
M.A., Ph.D., Arizona State University 

Robert L. Zimmerman 
B.A., College of Wooster 
M.A., Lehigh University 
Ph.D., Duke University 

Faculty: 169 


Bennett Cole, Gerda Von Paleske, Wallace Brandon, Jose Martinez 

Wallace R. Brandon 
B.A., Florida Southern College 
M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina 

Carlos M. Calogne 
L.L.D., University of Havana 
Pi. Ed., University of Florida 

Bennett O. Cole 
B.A., University of Virginia 
M.A., University of Delaware 
Ph.D., Georgetown University 

Jose R. Martinez 
Ed.D., Havana University 
M.A., Middleburg College 
Ph.D., Florida State University 

Gerda Von Paleske 
University of Freiberg 
University of Hamburg 
M.A., Southern Illinois University 

170: Faculty 


William Larsen, Francis Hodges, Larry Durrence, John Santosuosso 

J. Larry Durrence 
B.A., Florida Southern College 
M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia 

Francis R. Hodges 
B.A., Wake Forest University 
M.A., Emory University 

William F. Larsen 
B.A., M.A., University of Tennessee 
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 

John E. Santosuosso 
B.A., Ursinas College 
M.A., Clark University 

M.Div., Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary 
Ph.D., University of Florida 

A. Rand Sutherland 
B.A., Oberlin College 
B.D., M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago 


: .' , -'LMI'J 



Row 1 — Allen Wuertz, Caroline Durham; Row 2 — Daniel Carreira, Henry Hartje, Patricia Hunt, Lane Goodson 

Daniel J. Carreira 
B.A., M.Ed., University of Miami 

Caroline C. Durham 
B.A., M.A., University of South Florida 

Lane M. Goodson 
B.S., M.Ed., University of Florida 

Henry C. Hartje, Jr. 
B.S., Arkansas State Teachers College 
M.E., University of Mississippi 
M.A., Louisiana State University 
Ed.D., University of Georgia 

Patricia S. Hunt 
B.A., Asbury College 
M.A., George Peabody College/Vanderbilt University 

Gayle S. Kent 
B.S., University of North Alabama 
M.S., University of Mississippi 

n. Allen Wuertz 
B.A., Glassboro State College 
M.Ed., Temple University 
Graduate study, Florida State University 

72: Faculty 


Row 1 — CPT Billingsly, CPT Knapp. Bonnie Ponton, SSQ Ludwig; Row 2 
5GM Case 

CPT Jordan, MSQ. Leonard, LTC Sheffield, SSQ Millender, 

John J. Jordan, Captain, U.S.A. 
B.A., University of Florida 

Craig P. Knapp, Captain, U.S.A. 
A.A., Sauk Valley College 
B.A., Western Illinois University 

Robert A. Sheffield, LTC, U.S.A. 
B.A., Methodist College 
M.B.A., Pittsburg State University 




Row i _ p au i a parsche, James Slutz, Rita Fandrich; Row 2 — Larry Sledge, William Woodruff. Beverly Wolff, Robert MacDonald 

Rita E. Fandrich 
B.M., Cornell College 
M.M., Indiana University 
Graduate study, University of Colorado 

Robert M. MacDonald 
B.A., University of Morth Carolina 
M.M., Indiana University 
Arts Diploma, Musikakademie, Vienna 

Paula K. Parsche 
B.A., Florida Southern College 
M.M., University of South Florida 

Larry J. Sledge 
B.M., M.M., Southern Illinois University 
Ph.D., Florida State University 

James F. Slutz 
B.M.E., Central Methodist College 
M.M.E., Wichita State University 

Beverly Wolff 
University of Georgia 
Academy of Vocal Arts of Philadelphia 

William S. Woodruff 
B.M.E., north Texas State 
M.M., northwestern University 

174: Faculty 


RoseMarie Lamm, Clara Clayton 

Clara M. Clayton 
Mercy Hospital School of nursing 
B.S., California State University of Pennsylvania 
B.S.N. , Florida Southern College 
M.A., University of South f lorida 

RoseMarie M. Lamm 
Buffalo General Hospital — University of Buffalo 
B.A., St. Leo College 
M.A., University of South Florida 


111 ',"'.',■. I .. ,.■ 


Row 1 — Chuck Anderson, Ed Jeffries, Katherine Straw, Kathleen Benn, Sally Hicks,- Row 2 — George Scholz, Pat McFadden, Lois Webb, 
Chris Bellotto,- Row 3 — Hal Smeltzy, Kirk Speraw, Laura Smith, Sam Snow; Row 4 — Sam Miller, Mike Qaski, Charley Matlock, Ed 
Plowman, Janet Reynolds, norm Benn 

Charles E. Anderson 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.Ed., Rollins College 

Chris Bellotto 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.A., University of South Florida 

Kathleen M. Benn 
B.S., M.S., Murray State College 

Sally Q. Micks 
B.S., M.Ed., University of Montevallo 

Edward F. Jeffries, Jr. 
B.A., Bridgewater College 
M.S., Madison College 
P.E.S., Central Missouri State College 
Ed.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Charley C. Matlock 
B.S., East Tennessee State College 
M.A., E.D.S., George Peabody College/Vanderbilt 

Patricia F. McFadden 
A.A., Junior College of Ozarks 
B.S.E., Southeastern Missouri State University 
M.A., Texas Woman's University 

C. Samuel Miller 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.S., University of Tennessee 
Certified Athletic Trainer 

George W. Scholz 
B.S., Jacksonville University 
M.A., University of Iowa 

Harold M. Smeltzly 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
M.A., Temple University 

Samuel B. Snow 
B.A., Virginia Wesleyan College 
M.S., University of South Florida 

Katherine G. Straw 
B.S., M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 

Lois E. Webb 
B.S., Florida State University 
M.Ed., University of Central Florida 

176: Faculty 


Gregory Mugg, Chris Weaver, Sandra Ivey, Myron Harvey 

Richard R. Burnette 
A.B., Randolph Macon College 
B.D., Emory University 

M.S., The College of William and Mary, Richmond 
Professional Institute 
Ed.D., Florida State University 

Myron A. Harvey 
B.A., University of South Florida 
M.A., Ph.D., University of South Mississippi 

Sandra L. Ivey 
B.A., Stetson University 
M.A., Ph.D., Emory University 

Gregory J. Mugg 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Emory University 

Christopher T. Weaver 
A.B., Trenton State College 
M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia 




John Cook, Walter Weaver, Frank Johnson, Hoover Rupert, Waite Willis 

John W. Cook 
A.B., Union College 
S.T.B., S.T.M., Th.D., Boston University 

R. Frank Johnson 
A.B., University of Alabama 
M.Div., Duke University 
Ph.D., Emory University 

L. Hoover Rupert 
A.B., D.D., Baker University 
A.M., 5.T.B., Boston University 
D.D., Adrian College 

Walter P. Weaver 
A.B., D.B., Duke University 
Ph.D., Drew University 

W. Waite Willis 
B.A., Florida Southern College 
M.Div., Ph.D., Emory University 

178: Faculty 


Qrady Judd, RoseMarie Lamm, Ed Plowman 

Grady C. Judd, Jr. 
A.S., Polk Community College 
B.S., M.S., Rollins College 

RoseMarie Lamm 
Buffalo General Hospital — University of Buffalo 
B.A., St. Leo College 
M.A., University of South Florida 

Edwin L. Plowman 
B.A., north Carolina State University 
Th.M., Ph.D., Boston University 

Barbara T. Sreenan 
B.A., University of Wisconsin 
M.S., northern Illinois University 
Ph.D., Florida State University 


.'. .!"... 


Paul Luby. Bobby Ann Loper, Thomas Shafer. William Orange, Teresa Tilton 

William M. Orange 
B.A., University of Toledo 
M.F.A., Columbia University 
Ph.D., Indiana University 

Bobby Ann Loper 
B.A., Washburn University 
Graduate study, University of Minnesota 

Paul J. Luby 
B.A., M.S., Florida State University 

Thomas P. Shafer 
B.A., Ball State University 
M.A., Indiana State University 

180: Faculty 


Seated — Sally Qullage, Janet Prauden, Rosina Urquiza, Mary Flekke; Row 2 — Larry Stallings, Barbara Elliot, Polly McCormick, Louise 
Eastwood, Marry Roberts, Margaret Barthe 

Margaret R. Barthe 
B.A., M.A., University of South Florida 

Louise W. Eastwood 
B.S., Florida Southern College 
Library School, Case-Western Reserve University 

Mary M. Flekke 
A.B., M.S., St. Cloud University 

B. Laurence Stallings 
B.S., M.S., L.S., Florida State University 

Rosina Urquiza 
B.L., Institute Matanzas 
M.A., (L.S.), Ph.D., University of Havana 

Faculty: 181 


Row 1 — Ann Blanton, Susan Westerfield, Marion Pope, Lilah Chisolm. Irene Bond; Row 2 — Frances Howard, Lucy Huggins, Evelyn 
Glass, Pauline Mohler, Myitis Denman, Helen Mann 

Hazel Achor 
Ann Blanton 
Irene Bond 
Margaret Brotherton 
Lilah Chisolm 
Marion Councill 
Elizabeth Covington 
Myitis Denman 
Hermine Gilbert 
Evelyn Glass 
Edwena House 
Frances Howard 
Lucy Huggins 
Mancy Letter 

Mazie MacKay 
Marie Mericle 
Betty Mills 
Pauline Mohler 
Margaret Mullinax 
Eulalie Myers 
Marion Pope 
Hallie Porter 
Dixie Peacock 
Mildred Schroeder 
Eugenia Smith 
Susan Westerfield 
Mary Yelton 






184: People 


.■ . . •.»■'! 


Janet Whaley, President, not pictured — John Korbel, Male 
Senator, Qigi Lyon, Female Senator 

186: Seniors 

Seniors: 187 

: . . •■«■".■ 

Leon Abbett 

Intern. Management 

Hollywood, FL 

Tom Adair 
Bristol, VA 

David Ake 

Marketing Management 
Newport, Rl 


Christine Albino 

Social Work 

Ft. Myers, FL 

Alvo Albritton 

Lake Alfred, FL 

Carla Albritton Anthony Alford Brian Allen Terrie Almond Layla Alo 

Sociology Psychology Marketing Management Criminal Justice Public Relations 

Bowling Green, FL Lakeland, FL Brandon, FL Boca Raton, FL Carolina, Puerto Rico 

Mark Altman Jim Amick 

Citrus Business Computer Science 

Bowling Green, FL Lakeland, FL 

Ira Anderson 
Bushnell, FL 

James Andews 


Lakeland, FL 

J. Ankenbrandt 

Royal Oak, PL 

Jeanine Armbrester Sanford Artman nancy Baggett Robert Bailey Shannon Bailey 

Personnel Management Marketing Management Elementary Education Political Science Communications 

Lithia, FL Plant City, FL Winter Park, FL Ft. Sheridan, IL St. Petersburg, FL 

188: Seniors 

Trade Bailey 

Marketing Management 

St. Petersburg, FL 

Laurita Baker Lisanne Banta Steven Barger Tami Basey 

History Biology Personnel Management Mathematics 

Orlando, FL Hurricane Mills, TN Lighthouse Point, FL Lakeland, FL 

Robert Bateman David Batman 

Financial Management Intern. Management 

Bartow, FL Milford, CT 

David Beck 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Lawrence Becker Donna Beede 

Public Relations Elementary Education 

Lakeland, FL Sarasota, FL 

ori Belanger 

Caren Belli 

Jon Benner 

John Bennett 

Mark Benson 



Sports Management 

Music Education 


Ludlow, MA 

Fairfield, MJ 

Boulder, CO 

Seffher, FL 

Maples, FL 

Kimberly Bergstrom Kurtis Beronja Christine Bianca Jeffrey Birge 

Public Relations Financial Management Marketing Management Social Science 

Maitland, FL West Allis, Wl Palm Beach Gardens, FL Lake Placid, FL 

nancy Blakeslee 


Ft. Pierce, FL 

Seniors: 189 



Robert Bolger 

Political Science 

East Greenwich, Rl 

Paul Bosshardt Lorene Boyd Lee Brackman Michael Bradley 

Physical Education Marketing Management History Marketing Management 

Bradenton, FL Naples, FL Deland, FL Brant Beach, NJ 

Betsy Bramley 
Social Work 
Lakeland, FL 

Jane Brandfass 

Lighthouse Point, FL 

Jonathan Brown 
Public Relations 
Zolfo Springs, FL 

Mary Brown 

Ft. Meade, FL 

Diana Bruch 

Public Relations 

Venice, FL 

Diana Bryan 

Computer Science 

St. Thomas, VI 

Margaret Bryan 

Elementary Education 

Lakeland, FL 

Lisa Buck 

Elementary Education 
Littleton, CO 

Ann Marie Bucy 

Public Relations 

Rockville, MD 

Pamela 1 
Art Communications 
Seminole, FL 

Ansel Buhrman 


Babson Park, FL 

Dean Burkey 
Lakeland, FL 

Claude Burnett 

Music Education 

Naples, FL 

Julie Buttram 
Social Work 
Sebring, FL 

Patricia Byrd 
Public Relations 
Springfield, MA 

190: Seniors 

Lala Cade 
Seville, FL 

James Cadott 

Sports Management 

Spring Lake, HJ 

Mark Caithness 

Marketing Management 

Venice, FL 

Debra Caldwell 

Computer Science 

West Palm Beach, FL 

Susan Callahan 

Temple Terrace, FL 

Harold Cameron Richard Campana Pamela Campo 
Marketing Management Marketing Management Accounting 

Lakeland, EL Naperville, IL riaples, FL 

Casey Carlson 

Marketing Management 
Clearwater, FL 

Edwin Carlson 
Lakeland, FL 

Kletia Carlson 

Financial Management 

Clearwater, FL 

Clare Carroll 

Elementary Education 

Bartow, FL 

James Carroll 

Vera Beach, FL 

Kelly Carson 

Columbus, on 

Scott Chappell 

Marketing Management 
Ft. Myers, FL 

Debra Chipley 
Public Relations 
Homestead, FL 

Patrick Chisholm 

Marketing Management 
Birmingham, Ml 

Susan Chormann 

Elementary Education 

Lakeland, FL 

Ann Chudik 

Marketing Management 

Oconomowoc, WI 

Keith Clanton 


Bartow, FL 


Susan Clark Patrick Clawson 

Computer Science Marketing Management 
Miami, FL Chagrin Falls, OH 

Victoria Cohlll 
Pittsburgh, FA 

Janet Collins Teresa Conigan 

Biology Psychology 

north Ft. Myers, FL Sarasota, FL 

Charles Counter Angela Cowden Michael Crawford Michelle Crenshaw Steven Crosby 
Citrus Business Chemistry Social Work Accounting Mathematics 

Winter Haven, FL Lakeland, FL Kissimmee, FL Port Charlotte, FL Altamonte Springs, FL 

Curtis Crotts Julia Cunningham Stephanie Danson Timothy Davis Marco Dawson 

Religion Music Education English Marketing Management 

Jacksonville, FL Zephyrhills, FL Sarasota, FL Lakeland, FL Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Dana Deloach Todd Denson 

Business Education Psychology 

Titusville, FL Orlando, FL 

— 192: Seniors 

Timothy Desmond Jill Desplinter Stephen Dewitt 

Public Relations Elementary Education Public Relations 

Miami, FL Wolcott, in Lake Placid, FL 

Lois Dinkins 

Personnel Management 

Deltona, FL 

Lesley Dismuke nancy Doane Kelly Doppelheuer Caroline Dossett 

Public Relations Personnel Management Public Relations Studio Art 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Palm Beach Gardens, FL Lakeland, FL Kingsport, TN 

Stephen Dowdie Deborah Driskell Susan Driskell Evelyn Duel I Claire Dukes 

Economics Music Financial Management Elementary Education Marketing Management 

Tampa, FL Orlando, FL Ft. Meade, FL Bushnell, FL Lakeland, FL 

Sheryl Dunlap 

Cindy Durrance 

Keith Dyer 




Longwood, FL 

Wauchula, FL 

Clearwater, FL 

Robert Dynarski John Dziedzic 

Sports Management Marketing Management 
Meriden, CT Winter Haven, FL 

Teresa Eckhart 


Bartow, FL 

Lorelei Eddy 

Studio Art 

Lakeland, FL 

Thomas Eddy 
Lakeland, FL 

Margaret Ellis 

Winter Haven, FL 

Ronald Elrod 
Political Science 
Winter Haven, FL 

Seniors: 193 


Lee Emond 


Birmingham, AL 

Denise Engel 

Financial Management 

Jensen Beach, FL 

Susan Ernst 

Special Education 

Bradenton, FL 

Kathy Erwin 

Boca Raton, FL 

Alejandra Evans 


Hudson, FL 


1 4& ^HPP 

4 ^ 



Robert Evans Ann Ferguson Daniel Field Holly Field Kathleen Fishbaugh 

Broadcasting Financial Management Business/ Accounting Financial Management Sports Management 

Bradenton, FL Lakeland, FL Ft. Pierce, FL Winter Haven, FL Westerville, OH 

Pamela Fletcher Shannon Ford Teresa Fordham 
Elementary Education Personnel Management Special Education 
Lake Wales, FL Glastonburg, CT Lakeland, FL 

Marcia Forsett 
Bartow, FL 

Cathryn Frank 
Lakeland, FL 

Nathan Freeman 

Sports Management 

Northfield, MN 

* — - — 194: Seniors 

James Futch 


Lakeland, FL 

Qerrie Gage 

Sarasota, FL 

Suzanne Gainer 

Personnel Management 

Northport, rTV 

Ann Gaiser 

Special Education 

Lake Wales, FL 

Sam Garcia Dawn Garner Anne Geiger Michael Gentile 

Social Work Special Education Marketing Management Mathematics 

Jacksonville, FL Momasassa Springs, FL Atlanta, QA Levittown, NY 

Lynn Giradin 

Marketing Management 

Naples, FL 

Rebecca Glass 

Christian Education 

Cocoa, FL 

Joseph Gong 

Marketing Management 
Miami, FL 

Louis Gotsch Deborah Green 

Political Science Mathematics 

Lake Hamilton, FL Lakeland, FL 

Lauralee Green 

Public Relations/ Adv. 

Belle Glade, FL 

Jeffrey Grove 

Dhays Gruber 

Brian Guyer 

Robert Gyori 

Tammy Maire 


Intern. Management 

Financial Management 

Sports Management 


Largo, FL 

Caracas, Venezuela 

Pierson, FL 

Rossiford, OH 

Clewiston, FL 

Debra Hale 
St. Augustine, FL 

Tamera Mall 


Winter Haven, FL 

Teresa Mailman 
Lakeland, FL 

Charles Hamil 
LaBelle, FL 

Elizabeth Hammond 

Special Education 
New Smyrna Beach, FL 

- Seniors:195 — 

.'.'" « uji 

Tesi Hansen William Hardman Margaret Harkey Leigh Harrison Eric Hartje 

Education financial Management Elementary Education Special Education Computer Science 

Winter Haven, FL Lake Wales, FL Lakeland, FL Tampa, FL Lakeland, FL 

Beth Hauser Candace Hayes Kevin Hayes Todd Hayes Diana Heitman 

Special Education Elementary Education Financial Management Marketing Management Financial Management 
Sarasota, FL Inverness, FL Lakeland, FL Waterford, NY Arcadia, FL 

Jennifer Henderson Melissa Hendley 
Elementary Education Social Science 

Wauchula, FL Kathleen, FL 

Harold Hendren 
Citrus Business 
Jacksonville, FL 

Katherine Hester 

Theatre Arts 

Pompano, FL 

David High ley 

Personnel Management 

Lake Wales, FL 

Gregory Highnam Pamela Highnam Donna Hill Thomas Hicks Ann Hilton 

Economics Computer Science Marketing Management Biology Christian Education 

Lakeland, FL Lakeland, FL Orlando, FL Venice, FL Cooper City, FL 

— 196: Seniors 

Misako Hirama 

Public Relations 

Tokyo, Japan 

John Hoffman Kevin Holaday Darla Holb Cheryl flommerson 

Citrus Business Marketing Management Public Relations Public Relations 

LaBelle, PL Lakeland, FL Orange Park, FL Englewood, FL 

Carter Hopkins 

Mary Howard 

Susan Howard 

Jana Huling 

Sharon Humberg 

Financial Management 

Computer Science 



Elementary Education 

Miami, FL 

Clermont, FL 

Winter Park, FL 

Jacksonville, FL 

Merritt Island, FL 

Janine Hunt 

Public Relations 

Tampa, FL 

Michael Hurd 

Personnel Management 

Lakeland, FL 

Tim Hyatt 

Computer Science 

Lakeland, FL 

Paul Imathiu 


Meru, Kenya 

Bruce Ingram 
Citrus Business 
Davenport, FL 


Donald Irvine 


Tampa, FL 

Judith Jacoby Glen Jaffee Lee Janzen Cynthia Jeffries 

Psychology Marketing Management Marketing Management Marketing Management 

Cocoa Beach, FL Maitland, FL Lakeland, FL Plant City, FL 


11,11 ■ 


Paula Jenkins 
Bartow, FL 

Clifford Johnson 

Tarpon Springs, FL 

Floyd Johnson Todd Joiner Clarke Jones 

Accounting Business Administration Horticulture 

Ft. Meade, FL Lakeland, FL Miami, FL 

Christopher Keefer 
Computer Science 
Slippery Rock, PA 

Ted Kennedy Robert Kenworthy Ellen Kerner Kevin Killingsworth 

Physical Education Religion/ Philosophy Financial Management Public Relations 
Lemars, IA Clearwater, FL Freehold, NJ Lakeland, FL 

Don Klein 

Financial Management 
Marathon, FL 

Margriet Knetsch 


Clearwater, FL 

Jane Knickerbocker 

Elementary Education 

Rapids, WI 

Sue Knight 

Physical Education 

Ft. Meade, FL 

Judith Konsler 

Personnel Management 

Clermont, FL 

John Korbel Timothy Koutsoftes 
Financial Management Marketing Management 
Deerfield Beach, FL Colonia, MJ 

— 198:Seniors 

Ken Kranick 

Sports Management 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Kimberly Krasinski 


Grand Island, MY 

Carrie Kunde 


Howey, FL 

Paul Lafuci 

financial Management 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Aileen Lain Wendy Lamoreaux Penelope Langston 

Education Theatre Arts Business Administration 

Lakeland, FL Bradenton, FL Avon Park, FL 

Dolores Lantz 

Special Education 
Lakeland, FL 

Ron Leber Walter Les Beth Lewis John Lewis 

Financial Management Business Administration Personnel Management Religion 

Robbinsville, NJ Ludlow, MA Melbourne, FL Tampa, FL 

Amy Lively 
Political Science 

Valrico, FL 

Mary Lloyd 

Cynthia Long 

Jeannine Long 

Janine Lott 

Qigi Lyon 



Business Administration 


Political Science 

Sebring, FL 

Lakeland, FL 

Lakeland, FL 

Lakeland, FL 

Lakeland, FL 

Marshall MacClellan Elise MacLennan Michelle Major 
Religion Accounting Mathematics 

Plant City, FL Cocoa Beach, FL Polk City, FL 

S. Maniscalco 

Personnel Management 

Willingboro, MJ 

Jim Manoli 


Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Seniors: 199 - 

1 J". 1 .' ' .. , 


Michael Marcouiller 

Financial Management 
Cheshire, CT 

Owen Nan- 
Citrus Business 
Mims, FL 

Johnnie Martinez 


Lakeland, FL 

Richard Martyn 

Financial Management 

Roswell, QA 

Sharon Marvin 

Special Education 

Lakeland, FL 

Douglas Mawer Heal Mazzei Louise McAlpin Kathleen McBurney Patrick McCarley 

Sports Management Marketing Management Marketing Management Music Journalism 

new Brunswick, Canada St. Louis, MO Hialeah, FL Valrico, FL Ft. Myers, FL 

Melanie McClellan 
Lakeland, FL 

Susan McCollum 

Sports Management 

Jacksonville, FL 

Ian McConkey 

Lehigh Acres, FL 

David McCraney 

Dunedin, FL 

Thomas McDonald 

Financial Management 
Sarasota, FL 

Elizabeth McQuire 


Tarpon Springs, FL 

- 200: Seniors - 

James McQuire Janann Mclnnis Franklin McKinney Bryan McLachlan 
Computer Science Journalism Personnel Management Biology 

Tarpon Springs, FL Winter Haven, FL Savannah, QA Seminole, FL 

Gregory McNutt Patricia Meister nelson Menendez Julie Michael 

Horticulture Art Communications Recreation Public Relations 

Orlando, FL North Palm Beach, FL Temple Terrace, FL Leesburg, FL 

Drew Miller 

Financial Management 

Ft. Myers, FL 

James Mitchell Vincent Monteleone Paul Montoya Jeff Moore Ana Morejon 

Financial Management Marketing Management Public Relations Accounting Criminal Justice 

Deltona, FL East Hanover, riJ Port Washington, NY Bartow, FL Lakeland, FL 

Amy Morgan 
Macon, QA 

Debra Morgan 

Computer Science 

Lakeland, FL 

Matthew Mosher 
Lakeland, FL 

Timothy Mulford 

Marketing Management 

Naples, FL 

Kimberly Napier 

Personnel Management 

Orlando, FL 

Donald Nations 
Sarasota, FL 

Cynthia Newell 


West Palm Beach, FL 

Robert Nicholson 

Financial Management 

Sparta, NJ 

Eve Norton 
Miami, FL 

Jodi Nutt 


Zephyrhills, FL 



Margaret O'Brien 

Personnel Management 

Granville, NY 

Leigh Odom 

Public Relations 

Bartow, PL 

Susan Oliva 

Personnel Management 

Randolph, NJ 

Lisa Osmer 

Wellington, FL 

Thomas Fadro 

Marketing Management 
St. Petersburg, FL 

Kris Pahl 

Cheryl Parker 

Kenneth Parker 

Greg Parks 

David Parkulo 

Sports Management 


Citrus Business 

Art Communications 


Deerfield Beach, FL 

Ormond Beach, FL 

Lithia, FL 

Nassau, Bahamas 

Beckley, WV 

Carolyn Pasos Valentine Patarini Laurie Paullin Michelle Perdue Kenneth Pharo 

Computer Science Psychology Elementary Education Biology Computer Science 

Miami, FL Wauchula, FL Winter Haven, FL Durant, FL North Miami, FL 

Jamie Piper 

Art Communications 

Orlando, FL 

— 202: Seniors 

Karen Pipkin 

Public Relations 

Lakeland, FL 

Thomas Plaisance 
Naples, FL 

Amy Porter 


St. Petersburg, FL 

Rhonda Powner 

Juno Isles, FL 

■I! '•!*.. U 

Joe Preston 

Financial Management 

Midlothian, VA 

Tawn Prior 

Lakeland, FL 

Steven Puertas 

Drayton Plains, Ml 

Kenneth Pulliam 

Lakeland, FL 

Michael Pursell 
Lakeland, FL 

nathan Purvis 

Citrus Business 

Lithia, FL 

Martha Puryear 
Citrus Business 
Qroveland, FL 

Warren Quets 

Computer Science 

Lakeland, FL 

Mark Raiford 

Computer Science 

Bartow, FL 

Richard Rasmussen 
Kissimmee, FL 

Caren Read 

Intern. Management 

Lakeland, FL 

Mary Riner Daniel Robertson Mary Roegner 

Special Education Chemistry Horticulture 

Winter Haven, FL Lithia, FL Winter Haven, FL 

Brenda Rogers 

Lakeland, FL 

Curtis Rogers John Romero Brian Roskamp 

Marketing Management Marketing Management Financial Management 
Lakeland, FL Chandler, AZ Largo, FL 

Sandra Russell 

Winter Haven, FL 

Gregory Sale 


Lakeland, FL 


— 1^^ 

Joseph Salvaggio John Santiago Hamilton Sargent 
Communications Financial Management Physical Education 
Osterville, MA Sarasota, FL West Hartford, CT 

lary Jo Sattler William Sawyer 

Education Financial Management 

Hollywood, FL Coral Gables, FL 

Craig Scates 

Computer Science 

Brandon, FL 

Scott Schaefer 

Public Relations 

South Windsor, CT 

Lauren Schild 

Art Communications 

Miami, FL 

Valerie Schleicher 

Sacred Music 

Emporia, KS 

Amy Schneider 

Theatre Arts 

Valencia, PA 

Kimberly Scott 

Ormond Beach, FL 

Samuel Scott Sara Sechrest 

Accounting Financial Management 

Winter Haven, FL Lakeland, FL 

Munro Sefcik Pamela Sessions 

Mathematics Marketing Management 

Harrisburg, VA Port Charlotte, PL 

Pamela Sibley 

Marketing Management 

Hudson, FL 

— 204: Seniors - 

James Simms 


Eaton Park, FL 

James Simpson 

Citrus Business 

Clermont, PL 

Kimberly Smith 


Miami, PL 

Sandra Smith 

Cape Coral, FL 

, .», ' t . U 

Stephen Smith 

Miami Shores, FL 

Deborah Smoak 

Elementary Education 

Clermont, FL 

James Snively 
Citrus Business 
Winter Haven, FL 

Joshua Snively 
Citrus Business 
Winter Haven, FL 

Linda Soroosh 
Special Education 
Winter Haven, FL 


Richard Soule Ruth Spencer Carroll Sprauer David Springer Todd Spurlin 

Marketing Management Public Relations Special Education Marketing Management Computer Science 

Brandon, FL Morth Palm Beach, FL Stuart, FL Qroveland, FL north Ft. Myers, FL 

Lynda Stauffer 
Social Work 
Palmetto, FL 

Michael Steele 

Largo, FL 

Alicia Stein 
Social Work 
Palmetto, FL 

Allen Stephens 

Personnel Management 

Lakeland, FL 

Jennifer Stevens 

Financial Management 
Morth Palm Beach, FL 

Michael Stevens 
Political Science 
Willingboro, HJ 

Elizabeth Stidham 

Financial Management 

Bartow, FL 

Joseph Strada 

Sports Management 

Pittsford, nY 

Marcy Strong Kelly Sullivan 

Marketing Management Marketing Management 
Winter Haven, FL Venice, FL 


Sernice Sutton 


Mew Port Richey, FL 

Cathenne Szaro Thomas Temrowst 

Marketing Management Recreation 

Trilloy, FL Titusville, FL 

isa Tetsworth 

Physical Education 
Fort Pierce, FL 

Sagine Thebaud 

Marketing Management 
Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Sharon Thomas 
Public Relations 
Clearwater, FL 

Kelly Thompson 

Public Relations 

Tampa, FL 

Fleet Tilden Christine Towne James Travis 

Financial Management Marketing Management Marketing Managemer 
Winter Park, FL north Syracuse, MY Sarasota, FL 

John Turner 

Lake Placid, FL 

Cheryl Vander Qalien Vicki vlllalba Martin VonPaleske Carol Walker 
Computer Science Personnel Management Accounting Psychology 

Dade City, FL Miami, FL Lakeland, FL Winter Haven, FL 

Paul Walker 

Clarence, NY 


Reddick Walker 

Citrus Business 
Ramstein, Germany 

Jeff Wallace 

Lakeland, FL 

Andrew Walls 

Marketing Management 

Largo, FL 

Katherine Ward 

Winter Park, FL 


Roger Ward Constance Waschull Krista Weeks Meridy Werder Janet Whaley 

Public Relations Marketing Management Marketing Management Communications Biology 

Nokomis, FL Lakeland, FL Wauchula, FL Atlanta, QA Cape Coral, FL 

Beth White Lisa White Mark White James Wilhelm riatalie Williams 

Financial Management Personnel Management Elementary Education Marketing Management Physical Education 
Pekin, IL Springfield, VA Bartow, FL Port Huron, Ml Clearwater, FL 

S. Williamson 
Dover, FL 

Elise Wood 
Brandon, FL 

Haili Wurtz 
Lakeland, FL 

Joseph Wyniger 

Marketing Management 

Lakeland, FL 

Carl Yancy 

Physical Education 
Ashland, IL 

Dawn Yates 

Marketing Management 

Dayton, OH 

Kimberly Young 

Venice, FL 

Valerie Young 


Ft. Meade, FL 

Jane Zewalk 

Financial Management 

Naples, FL 

Richard Heilig 
Social Science 
Rockledge, FL 



Terry Derr Ragan Harrison Richard Knowles William Michols Paul Shumway 

Marketing Mgt. Marketing Mgt. Journalism Accounting Financial Mgt. 

Punta Gorda, FL Lakeland, FL Fort Myers, FL Tampa, FL Hamden, CT 

■208: Seniors 




Kathy Tourville, President, D.J. Thiele, Senator-at-large, David 
Kalchbrenner, Male Senator, Doug Dodd, Independent Male 
Senator, Laurie Colacini, Temale Senator 


■F"J I, 

tk ' 1 Jk te 

Sally Adkisson 
Elizabeth Allen 
Andrew Anderson 
Joe Angelino 
Regina Arndt 

Stephen Auld 
Lesley Austin 
Robert Aycock 
Barbara Bailey 
Anthony Baker 

William Ball 
Deonne Barger 
Jan-Annette Bellamy 
Elaina Blevins 
Kyle Bishop 

Jane Bistline 
Joseph Bivona 
Teresa Bowman 
Vicki Bowman 
John Brackman 

Daniel Brady 
Eddie Brand 
Hope Brandis 
Marie Bridges 
John Briggs 

Laura Brower 
Rhonda Brown 
Shawn Brumbaugh 
Jeffrey Bua 
Craig Budweiser 

Kathy Burch 
Randi Burnette 
Charles Burruss 
Matthew Buzza 
Michael Cameron 


Christine Campbell 

Paige Carrera 

Maritza Carrion 

Timothy Carson 

Vera Carson 

Monte Carter 

Stanley Castor 

Stephen Castor 

Karen Cates 

Hugh Cating 

Kenneth Cheshire 

Bradley Chill 

Pamela Claughton 

Douglas Coffrnan 

Robin Coleman 

James Coppola 

Lee Cox 

Charles Crikis 

Laurie Colacini 

Kimberly Croft 

47M W- 


Barbara Crone 
John Crowley 
Dennis Curry 
Milbre Cuthberson 
Steven Dalton 

Colleen DeQroot 
David Deibler 
Laurie Deloach 
Ellen Demmy 
James Desmarais 

Dawn Devoss 
Richard Diamond 
Paul Dickens 
Martin Digregory 
Philip Dillmore 

Kimberly Disbro 
Douglas Dodd 
Andrea Dort 
William Dudman 
Gretchen Dunker 

Gilbert Dunlap 
Kristin Dye 
Daphne Elkins 
Suellen Embler 
Tamara Evans 

Douglas Fagan 
Jill Fee 
Julia Fillingim 
Keli Fink 
Susan Fishbach 

nancy Fisher 
Thomas Flynn 
Emily Folker 
Douglas Freebern 
Mark Fugett 


i nnra—n 



Scott Higgenbotham 
Clark Hippler 
Philip Holder 
Roger Holler 
Karina Molt 

Stan Horner 
E.W. Norton 
Ralph Howe 
Carole Hurley 
Yugoro Iwamura 


Lori Izzo 
Lisa A. Jackson 
Ann Jago 
Jeffrey Jakes 
Bruce James 

Edward James 
Matthew James 
James Jarvie 
Gregory Jasso 
Irene Jenkins 


James Jenkins 

Colleen Johnson 

Rosemarie Johnson 

Jeanne Johnston 

Kimberly Jones 

Mary Jones 

Jeffory Julich 

David Kalchbrenner 

Denise Kanitsch 

Katherine Kasch 

Betty Keene 

Julie Kemp 

Elisa Kennedy 

Kerri Kerber 

Sabrina Kershner 

Judy Killam 

Catherine Kirk 

James Kreinbrink 

Paul Krist 

Michelle Kurtgis 

Donna Laing 
Cynthia Lambert 

Keri Lamparter 
Paul Laporta 

Mary Lemasters 
Christina Lenihan 


Brian Lewandowski 
James Lewis 

Rodney Lewis 
Kelley Lewison 

Pearl Levy 
Richard Lindau 

Mancy Lindell 
Kelson Lineberry 
Tracy Little 
Susan Lippman 
Kathy Lloyd 

David Long 
Linda Long 
Timothy Looney 
Wade Luke 

Eric Lyman 

Donna Lynch 
Sheny Lynch 
Robert Malan 
Christopher Mangum 
Lewis Marotti 

Allison May 
Roy McCrery 
Mary McQee 
John Mchulty 
Lauren Meyers 


Deborah Michel 

Frank Miner 

Catina Mitchell 

Todd Mitchell 

David Mixner 

Tracy Moore 

William Morey 

John Morgan 

Jennifer Mosher 

Maria Mossbarger 

Kathryn Moulton 
Julie Mulford 

Maureen Murphy 

Laura Nalepa 

Stephanie Nase 


Clifford Schmidt 
Cynthia Scott 
Mary Selph 

Frank Peacock 
Debra Pessini 
Michelle Pierce 
Lisa Pinder 
Andrea Pope 

Jon Poppell 
Bryan Powell 
Gerald Prescott 
Alejandro Prieto 
Leslie Purvis 

Magda Ramires 
Darcy Ranson 
Sandra Reeder 
David Richardson 
Rebecca Riordan 

Rob Rittgers 
David Roberts 
Kim Roberts 
Susan Robertson 
Stephen Robinson 

Michele Rogers 
Chris Roy 
Milena Rudolph 
Jeanette Rutland 
Paul Rybinski 

Sandra Sessums 

Stuart Setcavage 

Deborah Shaver 

Pamela Sheffer 

Christopher Stegura 

jill Sheneman 

Cheryl Shirah 

Frances Sickler 

Karen Slee 

Tammy Smith 

Todd Smith 

Alan Snapp 

Ralph Spencer 

Kathryn Stammberger 

Darren Stanek 

Edward Steadman 

Allana Stephens 

Kimberly Stevens 

Scott Stevens 

Robin Stinson 

Kenneth Stoff 
Franklin Stork 

J , 

Todd Strickland 
Matthew Sullivan 

neva Summerall 
James Taggart 




Alexis Talbott 
John Taylor 

Michael Teague 
Karen Teel 


Eric Templin 
Tracy Thayer 

Toby Therrien 
D.J. Thiele 
Susan Thigpen 
Laura Thompson 
Kathryn Thornhill 

Carol Tipton 
David Tisdale 
Wayne Tobey 
Tracy Torrance 
Kathleen Tourville 

Annette Toy 
Tracy Toy 
Michael True 
Keli Uranick 
Tricia Urban 

Adair Valdespino 

Maria Valdez ™" ~~ 
Walt Vaughn 
Stefanie Von Paleske 
Nancy Wages 


Vesta Wages 
Melanie Ward 
Linda Warren 
Kristi Watkins 

Steven Weis 

Julie Wells 

Allen West 

Trudy White 

Larry Wilbanks 

Tracy Wilhelm 

David Williams 

George Williams 

Holly Williams 

Ty Williamson 

Kelleigh Withers 

Lois Wittenberg 

Cheridah Wolfe 

Kimberly Workman 

Scott Worth 

Jennifer Wright 

Heather Wurtz 
Richard Yelton 

Ed Zamorski 
Ray Zebrowski 

Laura Zimmerman 
Theresa Zito 


1 ^ : J 




:f/ov^!BINfife^£ga£aiSft^?2 ^ 






\^ Ml 



f 1 

1 \ 

■( jjJL 




Amy newsome, Female Senator, Coney Burgess, President, Daniel Walker, 
James D'Loughy, Senator-at-Large 

— - 226:Sophomores 

Kristin Alexin 
Jim Allegro 
Robert Angelo 
Marlene Ansotequi 
Andrea Arnold 

Alex Ashcroft 
Todd Auckland 
Lisa Augspurger 
Alexandria Bailey 
James Ballard 

Charlene Barcenas 
Owen Barnitz 
Lisa Barrett 
David Bass 
James Batory 

David Baxter 
Holly Beahm 
Wesley Beck 
Raul Bedoya 
John Bennett 

Lori Bennett 
Amy Berlin 
Eleanor Berry 
Terri Bestervelt 
Libby Blacklidge 

Robert Bly 
David Bockstahler 
Michelle Boculac 
Lori Bradbury 
Michael Bradley 

Rick Brandt 
Michael Brannon 
Brian Bratter 
Valerie Brewer 
Michael Broderick 



Carla Brown 
Craig Brown 
Debra Brown 
Coney Burgess 
Karen Busey 

Michele Butler 

Leonard Byrd 

Kevin Cain 

Chris Campana 

John Cannon 

Janice Carey 

Joanne Carney 

Paula Carper 

Christopher Carton 

nancy Caviness 

Edward Cerrato 

Mark Chasey 

Deborah Chadwell 

Sandy Chipley 

Candice Christensen 

228: Sophomores 

'.!.! , l 


Douglas Clark 
Pamela Clark 
Mark dayman 
Andrew Cleaver 
Shelley Coghill 

Heidi Conrad 
Stephanie Conner 
D'arcy Connors 
Oliver Cook 
Elizabeth Cooksey 

William Cordes 
Melanie Courtoy 
Lesly Cousins 
Laura Cox 
Bill Crocker 

David Crum 
Steven Crump 
Robert Cuff 
Christopher Culmer 
Douglas Curry 

Cheryl Custer 
Jody Dale 
Carrie Dalton 
Elizabeth D Andrea 
Kimberly Danielewicz 

Christopher Danos 
Michael Davis 
Cynara Debevec 
Scott Deeds 
Caroline Deen 

Karen Delaney 
Timothy Delikat 
George Demmy 
Pamela Denison 
Maria Dicenzo 


Michael Dickman 

James D'Loughy 

James Dodd 

Alison Doeren 

Curtis Donovan 

Patricia Douglas 

William Douglass 

Vonnie Downey 

Edward Dubiel 

Nancy Duke 

Judy Dunn 

April Durrence 

Jeannine Dwyer 

Tom Elliot 

Kristen Engelsen 

Annette Erickson 

Michael Farnham 

Karen Feller 

Valerie Fett 

Larry Figueredo 

Paul Findling 
Frederick Fisher 

Julie Fitzpatrick 
Rick Flores 

James Foran m- 

Carolyn Ford %■" 


Jonathan Fox 
Elizabeth Fraser 

Lisa Frisbie 
Dawn Gallant 

Kimberly Qass 
Deborah Qeller 

Michele Germann 
Lisa Gerspacher 
Joseph Glaser 
Michael Glotfelty 
Harry Good 

Deborah Goodwin 
Christine Goupil 
Holly Graham 
Tom Gram 
Charles Griggs 

Peter Grigsby 
Brian Groff 
Michael Grossman 
Tracey Hacking 
Melissa Haggard 

Fred Hammond 
John Hand 
Allen Hannigan 
Leslie Hannon 
Jennifer Hansen 


Natalie McCarthy 

Jane McClure 

Katrina McCormick 

Karen McCurdy 

Robert McDeavitt 

Bruce McDonald 
Patrick McQee 

Carolyn McHugh 

Terri McKendrick 

Roy McKenzie 

Michelle McMullen 

Lorraine Messina 

nancy Meyers 

John Michael 

Gail Middleton 

Thomas Milano 
Scott Milleman 
Kimberly Miller 

Maureen Miracle 
John Mitrione 


Emory Mixon 
Steve Moranos 
., John 5. Morgan 
Nicole Morgan 
Kimberly Morris 

Lisa Hall 
Jocelyn Hapier 
Jodee nelson 
Jean Newman 
Amy newsome 

Sharon Norwillo 
Anthony Novoth 
Thomas Odiorne 
Douglas O Donnell 
Paul Ohsato 


Susan Olshever 

Dawn O'Neal 

Sara Olson 

Yoshiko Oshida 
Jennifer Page 

Carla Papendick 

Donna Patterson 

Byron Pempeck 

Cameron Perkins 

Adrianne Perraud d 

Patrick Perrotta 

Diana Peters 

Demi Pfister 

Lisa Philbeck 

Michael Pilapil 

Kathryn Pitre 

Thomas Pittard 

Kelly Plumlee 

Brian Polstra 

Laura Pontius 

Jennifer Price 
Laura Price 

Darcy Prosser 
Courtenay Rector 

Joanne Rees 
Julia Reese 

236: Sophomores 

"f l " l U l (,. 

Jessica Regis 
Charles Rentz 

Sherri Riccio 
Kelly Richardson 

Jesse Ritter 
Lisa Rodriguez 

Sandra Roeder 
Kimberly Rogers 
Lynn Rogers 
Brandon Romine 
Monique Russell 

Paul Russell 
Juan Saavedra 
Rolando Sanz-Querrero 
Craig Schiller 
Amy Seddon 

Lynn Seese 
Rena Seibert 
Robert Sekula 
Diana Seymour 
Janine Sganga 

David Sheffield 
Sandra Shewmake 
Valerie Shipper 
Brian Shriner 
Qina Shular 


Jennifer Simon 

Steven Smedley 

Stoney Smith 

Laura Soule 

Walter Spaulding 

Frank Spencer 

Bernhard Spiess 

Patrick Sokolowski 

Glen Spivey 

Dorothy Stankewitz 

Chris Steiner 

Shelley Stewart 

Melissa Stoddard 

James Stoker 

DarreH Stokes 

Roger Stone 

Elizabeth Strapp 

Trent Strauch 

Frank Strazzulla 

Beth Swartzmiller 

Laurent Tanner 

Brian Taylor 

Frank Taylor 

Dale Tedder 

Amy Throgmorton 

Susan Timmins 

Joseph Tiseo 

Robert Torrington 

Chris Townsend 

Charles Trembly 

David Troester 

Mary True 

Lon Turner 

Pamela Turner 

Karin Van de Kerkhof 

yr % y^ 



» (W) l*» c 


Alan Vanwinkle 
Deena Venos 
Frank Vitek 
Daniel Walker 
John Walter 

Sheila Warren 
Steven Wellslager 
Dan White 
Mary C. White 
Lesley Whitehead 

Eric Wibert 
John Wieber 
Carol Wiggins 
Pamela Wiggins 
Glenn Wilkes 

Delores Williams 
Cindy Wilson 
Kathryn Wilson 
Jennifer Winters 
Susan Wolfe 


Peter Woodland 

Mark Woodruff 

Veronica Wozniak 

Daniel Wulf 

Holly Wurtz 

Carol Wyatt 

Robert Wyatt 

Cecilia Yarbrough 

Robert Yost 

Daniel Zeisler 


J->.l*-*,J".>\t>. v I lIV* 










John Grove, Male Senator, Alan Redstone, President, Stephanie Chaffee, 
Female Senator 


David Abbey 
Elizabeth Adams 
Rene Alexander 
Richard Alexander 
William Allbritton 

Christopher Allen 
Kimberly Allen 
James Ambrose 
Mans Anderson 
Mark Anderson 

Stephanie Anderson 
Jon Arkelian 
Megan Arthur 
Petra Asshoff 
Herman Autry 

Robert Bailey 
Michael Bair 
Stephanie Ball 
Demara Barbour 
Kelly Barnes 

Gary Barnett 
Lennie Barrand 
Russell Barrett 
Christopher Barth 
riatalie Barton 

Ross Baumes 
Todd Bavol 
Kimberly Beistel 
Roy Belair 
Laura Bell 

Robert Benoit 
William Bergquist 
Charles Berson 
Bryan Beswick 
Matthew Biagiotti 


•Cheryl Blackburn 

Debra Bohlander 

Joseph Borsdan 

Michael Bourque 

John Bowman 

Douglas Brady 
Maria Bravetti 

Tana Brazelton 

James Braziel 

Meal Bretz 

Cindy Bricker 

Hope Bright 

Donald Brittenham 

Gary Bronat 

Douglas Brooks 

Carol Brown 

Leigh Bua 

John Buckley 

William Buckley 

Charles Burge 

Todd Burke 
Tanya Burner 

Frank Buzzanca 
Elizabeth Cahill 

Johnna Calandros 
Ange.a Cardwell 

246: Freshmen 

Laura Carey 
Courtney Carlos 

Matthew Carrier 
Jeanette Carrigo 

Joanna Carton 
^ Pamela Caswell 

Marsha Cates 
Christine Cerrato 
Stephanie Chaffee 
Vikki Christianson 
Mark Ciocco 

Basil Clair 
Cheryl Cohen 
John Colabelli 
Tracey Cole 
Kyle Colle 

Kelly Collins 
Thomas Condo 
Shauna Conley 
Martin Conner 
Carla Conte 

Lisa Coonrad 
Jean Corr 
April Cosgrove 
Joseph Costello 
nancy Crandall 



Deborah Crawford 

Linda Lee Cresse 

Anne Cretella 

Joseph Cretella 

Michelle Crook 

Lisa Cunningham 

Christine Curran 

Christine Currier 

Audra Cutis 

Suzanne Dale 

Mary Daly 

Elmer Daniels 

Heather Davis 

Jeffery Davis 

Michelle Davis 

Bethann Debree 

William Deen 

Michael Deignan 

Qlen Denigris 

Tammy DeSoto 

Kathi Deter 

Alyse DeWitt 

Adam Difilippo 

William Disenso 

Sylvia Dodge 

Thomas Dollenmayer 

John Druffel 

Lawrence Drummond 

Alice Dulaney 

Karen Dunstan 

Peggy Dyas 

Mary Dzubin 

Donna Easlick 

Kenneth Easlick 

Ann Edgcomb 

248: Freshmen 

Q (%Q 


Nary Eidge 
Lisa Elliot 
John Ellis 
Amy Ennis 
Konda Ergenbright 

Michael Evanko 
Elizabeth Everett 
Alan Evertsz 
Cynthia Fahey 
Merri Fair 

Mary Ferry 
William Filson 
Richard Finlayson 
Ronald Firestone 
William Fish 

Mindi Fitch 
Bernard Fitzhugh 
Diane Fitzpatrick 
Robert Flagg 
Heidi Florand 

Fresh men: 249 

Kristina Holmbeck 
Cristy Hooks 
Cyrene Hooper 

Sandra Hale 
John Hall 
Robert Hammond 
Patrick Hannigan 
Janet Hardy 

Susan Harrell 
Robin Harrington 
Peter Harris 
Julie Hart 
Shanna Hastings 

Curt Haug 
Michael Hayes 
Gregory Hearn 
Lisa Heilig 
Laura Heintz 

Susan Heller 
Augusta Henley 
Andrew Hernan 
Lisa Herrington 
James Heydt 

Michael Higgs 
Walter Hill 
Jeffrey Hill 
John Hill 
Linmarie Miller 

Jennifer Hopely 

Brad Hopkins 

Kelly Horner 

William Howard 

John Hudek 

David Huffman 

Deborah Hughes 

Kathleen Hughes 

Bradford Huntington 

Beth-Anne Hurt 


Kimberly Hutchins 

Real Huyghe 

Farrel Inman 

Matthew Iozzi 

John Jackson 

Michele Jackson 

Raymond Jackson 

Lowell Jaudon 

Michelle Jaworski 

Brian Jehle 

252: Freshmen 

Montgomery Jenkins 
Cheryl Joe 
Bonnie Johnson 
Calvin Johnson 
Karol Johnson 

Keith Johnson 
Ronda Johnston 
Colleen Jolicoeur 
Karyn Jones 
William Jones 

Charles Kaelin 
Raymond Kahn 
Roger Kale 
Kris Kearney 
Maya Keeler 

Kym Kilgore 
Hitoshi Kimura 
Mary' King 
Jodi Koons 
David Korwin 

Fresh men: 253 

Linda Kouba 

Howard Krause 

Lizbeth Kreidler 

Stayce Krug 

Richard Kryzyniski 

Karen Lake 

Julie Lamm 

Ryan Lane 

Christine Lao 

Laura Laraway 

Timothy Lare 
Karen Larson 
Steven Larson 
Kevin Leander 
Sandra Leber 

John Legg 

Joseph Leithead 

Edward Leonardi 

Mark Lester 

Jacquelin Levay 

JoAnn Libby 

Craig Liberatore 

Donna Liloia 

Mary Lindsay 

Peter Little 

Timothy Littler 

Terri Lloyd 

John Long 

Isabel Lorenzo 

Christopher Lowe 

Stephen Loyd 

Joseph Lucas 

Scott Lutz 

Cathleen Mack 

Robert Madden 

4 fe4Tfc 

254: Freshmen 

Batista Madonia 
Diana Magarino 
Scott Mahnken 
Frederick Main 
Robert Maloney 

Pamela Mamorsky 
Gary Mann 
Scott Manthome 
Michael Marczak 
Nicholas Marolda 

Michael Marsh 
Stephen Martino 
Pamela Maslanka 
Susan Mason 
Charles Massa 

Lisa Mathley 
Jennifer Matthews 
Joseph Matras 
John Mauro 
Katherine Mays 


Kyle McBride 

Natalie McCracken 

Todd McDaniel 

Alisa McDonald 

Dennis McGinley 

Susan McQinnis 

Charles McKnight 

Laurel McNew 

Marci McNiemey 

Steven McQuade 

Susan Mears 

Emily Mentry 

Colbey Mesenberg 

Wendy Meyer 

Debby Milgate 

Michael Miller 

Paula Miller 

Shawn Milliken 

Daniel Mills 

Michael Mills 

Stuart Minton 
Lisa Mischley 

Karyn Misiaszek 
Robert Mitchell 

Stephen Mitchell 
James Moffltt 


Michael Murphy 
Richard Murphy ™ 
Debbie Musser 
Thomas Newberry 
Laura Newell 


Pamela Roberts 
Steven Robertson 
Cynthia Robillard 

Richard Pfeffer 
Molly Pinson 
Jim Placet 
Michele Plante 
Jody Plyler 

Roman Polivka 
Kimberly Powell 
Jeffrey Pringle 
James Procanik 
Amy Praugh 

Genevieve Pund 
Alyson Pyle 
Lisa Quattlebaum 
Qrady Query 
Andrew Raab 

Cheryl Ranson 
Wendy Ranson 
Tanya Rawlins 
Kelly Ready 
Lee Reale 

Michelle Reaume 
Alan Redstone 
Diane Rees 
Jon Reynolds 
Timothy Rice 

260: Freshmen 

John Secunda 
Mandi Settlemire 
Steven Sheehan 
Kimberly Sheffield 
Cynthia Sheldon 

Richard Shepard 
India Sheppard 
Catherine Sheridan 
Gregory Shiver 
Jill Shumway 

Christine Sidell 
Stacey Silvis 
Roy Simmen 
Edward Sisko 
Richard Sloan 

James Smith 
Stacy Smith 
Tracey Smith 
Barbara Smythe 
Tory Snyder 

fresh men: 261 

Kimberly Sobeck 

Elizabeth Spears 

Kimberly Spragins 

Keith Spresser 

Jill Standifer 

Jane Stephenson 

Cheryl Sterner 

Christopher Stone 

Deborah Stovall 

Jon Strathmeyer 

Susan Street 

Michelle Strickland 

Daniel Stumpfl 

Jill Summers 

Joy Swanson 

Amanda Swisher 

Bret Sypniewski 

Jill Taylor 

June Taylor 

Ronald Taylor 

Roy Terry 

Janice Thomas 

Kristine Thomas 

Dale Thompson 

Jessica Thornton 

Carol Tickel 

Scott Tilbrook 

Michael Tillner 

April Tolman 

Ester Tomcykowski 

Pamela True 
Traci Tucker 
Stephen Turner 
Jacqueline Umstadter 
Kimberly Usa 

262: Freshmen 

Michael Vail 
Michael Veno 
Sonia Villetti 
David Volz 
Jeffrey Voth 

Andrea Wade 
riorman Wade 
Molijane Wahl 
Cathy Walker 
Eva Wall 

Heather Walls 
Jerome Webb 
Bradley Weber 
Faith Weech 
Kelly Whelan 

Dixie Wherrell 
Pamela Whitford 
Tracey Whitmoyer 
William Wilcox 
Rachel Wilder 

Jean Williams 
Lisa Williams 
William Wilson 
Peter Witkowski 
Ben Witten 

Wendell Witten 
Brenda Wood 
Denise Wood 
Shannon Woods 
Michael Wright 

Robert Wright 
Amy Wyllie 
Susan Yeilding 
David Zack 
Elizabeth Zinn 



INDEX . . 


Abbett, Leon 142, 188 

Abbey, David 245 

Abercrombie, Jonnie 68, 69 

Adair Jr., Tom 60, 136, 188 

Adams, Elizabeth 245 

Adkisson, Sally 84, 211 

Ake, David 142, 188 

Albino, Christine 188 

Albritton, Alvo 188 

Albritton, Carla 188 

Aldrich, Peter 134 

Alexander, Rene 245 

Alexander, Richard 245 

Alexin, Kristin 227 

Alford, Jay 146, 188 

Allbritton, William 245 

Allegro, James 103, 227 

Allen, Todd 142, 188 

Allen, Christopher 88, 245 

Allen, Elizabeth 60, 77, 128, 210 

Allen, Kimberly 245 

Almond, Terrie 132, 188 

Alo, Layla 132, 188 

Altman, Mark 81, 188 

Ambrose, James 245 

Amick IlUim Donald 78, 83, 136, 188 

Anderson, Andrew 148, 211 

Anderson, Hans 245 

Anderson, Ira Leslie 66, 188 

Anderson, Mark 245 

Anderson, Stephanie 245 

Andrews II, James 80, 188 

Angelino, Joseph P. 211 

Angelo, Robert 227 

Ankenbrandt, Jerome 144, 188 

Ansotequi, Marlene 98, 227 

Arguelles, Fernando 88 

Arkelian, Jon 245 

Armbrester, Jeanine 188 

Arndt, Regina 68, 211 

Arnold, Andrea 227 

Arthur, Megan 66, 245 

Artman, Sanford 188 

Ashcroft, Alex 142, 227 

Asshoff, Petra 245 

Auckland, Todd 88, 227 

Augspurger, Lisa 227 

Auld, Stephen 211 

Austin, Lesley 68, 128, 211 

Autry Jr., Herman 69, 245 

Aycock, Robert 211 


Baggett, nancy 128, 189 

Bailey, Alexandria 124, 227 

Bailey, Barbara 211 

Bailey, Robert 245 

Bailey, Shannon 60, 126, 188 

Bailey, Tracie 65, 66, 124, 189 

Bailey II, Robert 48, 55, 56, 71, 109, 144, 188 

Bair, Michael 245 

Baker, Anthony 211 

Baker, Laurita 189 

Ball, Stephanie 104, 245 

Ball, William 49, 55, 134, 211 

Ballard, James 227 

Banta, Lisanne 66, 79, 189 

Barber, Deborah 61 

Barbour, Demara 245 

Barcenas, Charlene 60, 65, 71, 75, 227 

Barger, Deonne 74, 211 

Barger, Steven 146, 189 

Barnes, Kelly 245 

Barnett, Gary 103, 245 

Barnitz, Owen 227 

Barrand, Lennie 83, 245 

Barrett, Lisa 79, 80, 227 

Barrett, Russell 69, 245 

Barth, Christopher 245 

Barton, Natalie 245 

Basey, Tami 79, 189 

Bass, David 81, 146, 227 

Bateman, Robert 78, 136, 189 

Batman, David 148, 189 

Batory, James 146, 227 

Baumes, Ross 103, 245 

Bavol, Todd 245 

Baxter, David 60, 77, 227 

Beahm, Holly 71, 227 

Beck, David 144, 189 

Beck, Wesley 227 

Becker, David 138 

Becker Jr., Lawrence 189 

Bedoya, Raul 88, 227 

Beede, Donna 55, 64, 71, 128, 189 

Beistel, Kimberly 245 

Belair, Roy 245 

Belanger, Lori 68, 77, 189 

Bell, Laura 245 

Bellamy, Jan-Annete 211 

Belli, Caren 76, 189 

Benner Jr., Jon 189 

Bennett, John 68, 69, 189 

Bennett, John 136, 227 

Bennett, Lori 68, 130, 227 

Benoit, Robert 245 

Benson, Mark 146, 189 

Bergquist, William 245 

Bergstrom, Kimberly 60, 77, 85, 124, 189 

Berlin, Amy 227 

Beronja, Kurtis 142, 189 

Berry, Eleanor 62, 69, 71, 130, 227 

Berson, Charles 245 

Bestervelt, Terri 227 

Beswick, Bryan 245 

Biagiotti, Matthew 245 

Bianca, Christine 78, 189 

Birge, Jeffrey 189 

Bishop, P. Kye 211 

Bistline, Jane 124, 211 

Bivona, Joseph 66, 134, 211 

Blackburn, Cheryl 246 

Blacklidge, Libby 227 

Blakeslee, nancy 189 

Blevins, Elaina 67, 69, 211 

Bly, Robert 227 

Boayue, Charles 76 

Bockstahler, David 227 

Boculac, Michelle 98, 227 

Bohlander, Debra 246 

Bolger, Robert 140, 190 

Borsdam, Joseph 68, 69, 246 

3osshardt, James 66, 190 

5ourque, Michael 246 

Sowman, John 81, 103, 146, 246 

5owman, Teresa 126, 153, 211 

Bowman, Vicki 126, 211 

Boyd, Lorene 124, 190 

Brackman 111, Lee 144, 190 

Brackman Jr., John 211 

Bradbury, Lori 227 

Bradley, Lynn 126 

Bradley, Michael 190 

Bradley, Michael 227 

Brady, Daniel 148, 211, 246 

Brady, Douglas 148 

Bramley, Betsy 124,, 190 

Brand 111, Eddie 211 

Brandfass, Jane 55, 76, 128, 190 

Brandis, Hope 84, 122, 211 

Brandt, Rick 227 

Brannon, Michael 227 

Bratter, Brian 142, 227 

Bravetti, Maria 246 

Brazelton, Tana 246 

Braziel, James 246 

Bretz, Neal 73, 246 

Brewer, Valerie 227 

Bricker, Cindy 246 

Bridges, Marie 67, 69, 71, 211 

Briggs 111, John 146, 211 

Bright, Hope 68, 246 

Brittenham Jr., Donald 67, 69, 70, 246 

Broderick, Michael 110, 227 

Bronat, Gary 246 

Brooks, Douglas 246 

Brower, Laura 80, 211 

Brown, Carla 96, 228 

Brown, Carol 246 

Brown, Craig 136, 228 

Brown, Debra 130, 228 

Brown, Jonathan 110, 190 

Brown, Mary 190 

Brown, Rhonda 211 

Bruch, Diana 132, 190 

Brumbaugh, Shawn 126, 211 

Bryan, Diana 190 

Bryan, Margaret 190 

Bua, Jeffrey 134, 211 

Bua, Leigh 246 

Buck, Lisa 190 

Buckley, John 92, 246 

Buckley, William 92, 246 

Bucy, Annmarie 122, 190 

Budweiser, Craig 134, 211 

Buhrman, Ansel 190 

Burback, Pamela 65, 190 

Burch, Kathy 82, 211 

Burge Jr., Charles 246 

Burgess Jr., C. Coney 75, 146, 226, 228 

Burke. Donald 88 

Burke, Todd 246 

Burkey, Dean 71, 190 

Burner, Tanya 61, 71, 246 

Burnett, Claude 67, 68, 69, 190 

Bumette, Randi 56, 62, 63, 122, 211 

Burruss, Charles 70, 75, 211 

Busey, Karen 60, 228 

Butler, Michele 228 

Buttram, Julie 190 

Buzza, Mark 80, 211 

Buzzanca, Frank 144, 246 

Byrd, Leonard 228 

Byrd, Patricia 77, 190 


Cade, Lala 71, 128, 191 
Cadott, James 152, 191 
Cahill, Elizabeth 246 
Cain, Kevin 228 
Caithness, Mark 191 
Calandros, Johnna 246 
Caldwell, Debra 78, 191 
Callahan, Susan 130, 191 
Cameron, Michael 81, 211 


Cameron Jr., Harold 191 

Campana. Chris 148, 228 

Campana, Kichard 82, 148, 191 

Campbell, Christine 212 

Campo, Pamela 47, 55, 56, 64, 78, 124, 191 

Cannon, John 136. 228 

Cardwell, Angela 246 

Carey, Janice 228 

Carey, Laura 247 

Carlos, Chris 142, 247 

Carlson, Casey 191 

Carlson, Edwin 191 

Carlson, Kletta 191 

Carney, Joanne 68, 228 

Carpenter, John 88 

Carper, Paula 128, 228 

Carrera, Paige 84, 212 

Carrier, K. Matthew 247 

Carrigo, Jeanette 61, 73, 247 

Carrion, Maritza 71, 73, 79, 212 

Carroll, Clare 191 

Carroll, James 146, 191 

Carson, Kelly 96. 191 

Carson, Timothy 146, 212 

Carson, Vera 63, 66, 132, 212 

Carter, Monte 81, 212 

Carton. Christopher 152, 228 

Carton, Joanne 247 

Carver, Vickie 47 

Castor, Stanley 62, 79, 80, 212 

Castor, Stephen 79, 80, 212 

Caswell, Pamela 247 

Cates, Karen 212 

Cates, Marsha 247 

Cating, Hugh 212 

Caviness, nancy 126, 228 

Cedarburg, John 144 

Cerrato, Christine 247 

Cerrato, Edward 67, 68, 69, 150. 228 

Chadwell, Deborah 84, 228 

Chaffee, Stephanie 244, 247 

Chappell, Scott 78, 136, 191 

Chasey, Mark 88, 148, 228 

Cheshire, Kenneth 56, 62, 67, 68, 74, 212 

Chill, Bradley 212 

Chipley, Debra 84, 132. 191 

Chipley, Sandra 132, 228 

Chisholm, Patrick 100, 191 

Chormann, Susan 126, 191 

Christensen, Candice 228 

Christianson, Vikki 247 

Chudik, Ann 130, 191 

Ciocco, Mark 247 

Clair Jr, Basil 247 

Clanton, Keith 67, 69, 70, 136, 191 

Clark, Douglas 69, 229 

Clark, Pamela 229 

Clark, Susan 73, 75, 192 

Claughton, Pamela 212 

Clawson, Patrick 110, 192 

dayman. Mark 88. 229 

Cleaver,, Andrew 67, 69 70, 229 

Coffman. Douglas 140, 212 

Coghill, Shelley 98. 229 

Cohen. Cheryl 247 

Cohill, Victoria 192 

Colabelli. John 247 

Colacini. Laurie 61. 126, 210, 212 

Cole, Tracy 247 

Coleman, Robin 212 

Colle, Kyle 79, 247 

Collins, Janet 79, 132, 192 

Collins, Kelly 60, 247 

Condo, Thomas 247 

Conley, Shauna 68, 247 

Conner, Stephanie 73, 229 

Conner Jr., Martin 247 

Connors, D Arcy 122, 229 
Conrad, Heidi 229 
Conte, Carla 60, 247 
Cook, Dale 146 
Cook IV, Greg 73, 229 
Cooksey, Elizabeth 77. 122. 229 
Coonrad, Lisa 247 
Coppola, James 79, 212 
Cordes, William 110, 229 
Corr, Jean 75, 247 
Corrigan, Teresa 76, 122, 192 
Cosgrove, April 247 
Costello, Joseph 74, 247 
Counter, Charles 192 
Courtoy, Melanie 126, 229 
Cousins, Lesly 229 
Cowden, Angela 79, 80, 192 
Cox, Laura 71, 73, 229 
Cox, Lee 124, 212 
Crandall. nancy 247 
Crawford, Deborah 71. 248 
Crawford. Michael 136. 192 
Creese, Linda 248 
Crenshaw, Michelle 56, 67, 192 
Cretella, Anne 248 
Cretella III, Joseph 248 
Crikis, Charles 79, 212 
Crocker, William 144, 229 
Croft, Kimberly 212 
Crone, Barbara 67, 69, 70, 213 
Crook, Michelle 69, 248 
Crosby, Steven 84, 134, 192 
Crotts, Curtis 70, 72, 192 
Crowe, Mary 67, 68, 69 
Crowley, John 213 
Crum Jr., David 229 
Crump, Steven 81, 134, 229 
Cuff Jr., Robert 88, 229 
Culver, Christopher 229 
Cunningham, Julia 62, 69, 192 
Cunningham, Lisa Ann 248 
Curran, Christine 248 
Curran, Robert 142 
Currier, Christine 71, 248 
Curry, Dennis 146, 213 
Curry, Douglas 73, 229 
Cutis, Audra 248 
Custer, Cheryl 61, 128, 229 
Cuthbertson, Milbre 213 


Dale, Jody 136, 229 

Dale, Suzanne 60, 248 

Dalton, Carrie 229 

Dalton, Steven 213 

Daly, Mary 248 

D Andrea, Elizabeth 60, 229 

Danielewicz, Kimberly 96, 229 

Daniels. Elmer 248 

Danos, Christopher 144, 229 

Danson, Stephanie 122, 192 

Davis, David 81 

Davis, Heather 248 

Davis. Jeffery 248 

Davis, Michael 66, 136, 229 

Davis, Michelle 248 

Davis, Timothy 192 

Dawson, Marco 101, 152, 192 

Dean, Angelia 71 

Debevec, Cynara 229 

Debree. Bethann 248 

Deeds. Scott 146, 229 

Deen, Caroline 124. 229 

Deen, William 248 

Degroot, Colleen 106. 213 

Deibler. David 68, 69, 213 

Deignan, Michael 248 

Delaney, Karen 122, 229 

Delikat, Timothy 229 

Deloach, Dana 96, 98, 132, 192 

Deloach, Laurie 213 

Demmy, Ellen 80, 213 

Demmy Jr., George 80, 229 

Dcnigris, Glen 248 

Denison, Pamela 229 

Denson, Todd 55, 76, 140, 192 

Derr, Terry 45, 47, 55, 57, 62. 74. 124. 208 

Desmarais. James 213 

Desoto, Tammy 248 

Desmond, Timothy 77, 131. 192 

Desplinter. Jill 128. 192 

Deter, Kathi 248 

Devoss, Dawn 71, 213 

Dewitt, Alyse 248 

Dewitt, Stephen 85, 136. 192 

Diamond, Richard 213 

Dicenzo, Maria 229 

Dickens, Paul 213 

Dickman, Michael 144, 230 

Difilippo. Adam 248 

Digregory, Martin 134, 213 

Dillmore, Philip 88, 213 

Dinkins, Lois 82, 128, 193 

Disbro, Kimberly 96, 213 

Disenso, William 248 

Dismuke, Lesley 193 

Dloughy, James 61, 65, 71. 83. 226. 230 

Doane, nancy 55. 69. 128, 193 

Dodd, Douglas 62, 71, 73, 210, 213 

Dodd, James 60, 61, 136. 230 

Dodge. Sylvia 248 

Doeren, Alison 65, 79, 230 

Dollenmayer, Stephen 73, 136 

Dollenmayer. Thomas 248 

Donovan, Curtis 100, 230 

Doppelheuer, Kelly 193 

Dort, Andrea 213 

Dossett, Caroline 126, 193 

Douglas, Patricia 230 

Douglass, William 80, 230 

Dowdie, Stephen 74, 193 

Downey, Vonnie 67, 68, 69, 230 

Driskell. Deborah 56, 62, 67, 68, 69. 193 

Driskell. Susan 193 

Druffel, John 248 

Drummond, Lawrence 83, 248 

Dubiel, Edward 230 

Dudman, William 138, 213 

Duell, Evelyn 130, 193 

Duke, nancy 230 

Dukes, Claire 128, 193 

Dulaney, Alice 68, 71, 248 

Dunker, Gretchen 122. 213 

Dunlap, Gilbert 81, 213 

Dunlap. Sheryl 82. 193 

Dunn, Judy 69, 128, 230 

Dunstan, Karen 73. 248 

Durrance, Cindy 122. 193 

Durrence, April 65. 230 

Dwyer, Jeannine 230 

Dyas. Peggy 96, 248 

Dye, Kristin 126. 213 

Dyer, Keith 56. 62. 68. 193 

Dynarski. Robert 64, 148. 193 

Dziedzic 111. John 83. 193 

Dzubin. Mary 124, 248 


INDEX . . 


Easlick, Donna 248 
Easlick, Kenneth 248 
Eckart, Teresa 79, 193 
Eddy, Lorelei 193 
Eddy, Thomas 61, 193 
Edgcomb, Ann 248 
Eidge, Mary 249 
Elkins, Daphne 213 
Elliott, Lisa 249 
Elliott, Tom 152, 230 
Ellis, Margaret 193 
Ellis IV, John 249 
Elrod, Ronald 136, 193 
Embler, Suellen 213 
Emond, Lee 83, 194 
Engel, Denise 194 
Engelsen, Kristin 71, 74, 230 
Ennis, Amy 249 
Ergenbright, Konda 249 
Erickson, Annette 60, 230 
Ernst, Susan 128, 194 
Erwin, Kathy 124, 194 
Evanko, Michael 249 
Evans, Alejandra 122, 194 
Evans, Robert 144, 194 
Evans, Tamara 213 
Everett, Elizabeth 249 
Evertsz, Alan 76, 249 


Eagan, Douglas 134, 213 

Fahey, Cynthia 249 

Fardon. Donald 76, 100 

Farnham, Michael 230 

Farr, Merri 71, 249 

Fee, Jill 68, 69, 213 

Feller, Karen 68, 230 

Ferguson, Ann 124, 194 

Fernandez, Glen 88 

Fett, Valerie 230 

Field, Daniel 83, 194 

Field, Holly 124, 194 

Figueiredo, Larry 66, 75, 144, 230 

Fillingim, Julia 213 

Filson, William 249 

Findling, Paul 103, 148, 230 

Fink, Keli 213 

Finlayson, Richard 249 

Firestone, Ronald 249 

Fischbach, Susan 213 

Fish II, William 249 

Fishbaugh, Kathleen 46, 106, 122, 194 

Fisher, Frederick 230 

Fisher, nancy 64, 130, 213 

Fitch, Mindi 106, 249 

Fitzhugh, Bernard 249 

Fitzpatrick, Diane 61, 249 

Fitzpatrick, Julie 230 

Flagg Jr., Robert 249 

Fletcher, Pamela 194 

Florano, Heidi 249 

Flores, Rick 138, 230 

Flynn, Thomas 134, 213 

Fogarty, Christopher 250 

Foget, Matthew 250 

Folker, Emily 213 

Folmar, Jacqueline 66, 106, 250 

Fontana, Christine 84, 250 

Foran, James 146, 230 

Ford, Carolyn 230 

Ford, Shannon 126, 194 

Fordham, Teresa 194 

Forsett, Marcia 61, 194 

Fox, Jonathan 71, 136, 231 

Frainey, Katie 250 

Francis, Gregory 250 

Frank, Catherine 194 

Franklin, Staci 79. 80 

Frappollo, Daniel 250 

Fraser, Elizabeth 231 

Freebern, Douglas 66, 110, 148, 213 

Freeman, Jefferson 250 

Freeman, Nathan 138, 194 

Freligh, Cheryl 250 

Friar, Eric 250 

Frisbie, Lisa 98,231 

Fugett, Mark 152, 213 

Fulcher, Richard A. 250 

Futch, James 80, 194 


Gage, Gerrie 194 

Gagliano, Leyla 214 

Gainer, Suzanne 65, 126, 194 

Gaiser, Ann 194 

Gallant, Dawn 128, 231 

Gamble, Robert 250 

Gannon, Christine 74, 132, 214 

Garcia, Sam 66, 142, 195 

Garner, Dawn 122, 195 

Gartrell, James 69 

Gass, Kimberly 231 

Geiger, Ann 122, 195 

Gelb, James 88, 214 

Geller, Deborah 74, 231 

Gentile, Michael 152, 195 

Germann, Michele 231 

Gerspacher, Lisa 126, 231 

Getchius, Tammy 250 

Geyer, Melissa 250 

Gibbs III, Richard 148, 214 

Gillan, Darrell 83 

Gillich, Donald 109. 250 

Gillie, James 250 

Gilmore, Terrance 88, 148, 214 

Gines, Jeffrey 146, 214 

Girardin, Edward 250 

Girardin, Louis 144 

Girardin, Lynn 132, 195 

Glaser, Joseph 146, 231 

Glass, Rebecca 63, 70, 195 

Glotfelty, Michael 231 

Gogerty, Marcie 124, 214 

Gong II, Joseph 134, 195 

Good, Frank 71, 88, 231 

Goodwin, Deborah 98, 106, 231 

Gotsch, Louis 78, 81, 136, 195 

Goupil, Christine 231 

Govoni, Brian 250 

Graham, Holly 231 

Graham Jr., Joseph 146, 214 

Gram, Tom 152 

Grant, Brenda 84 

Grant, Sally 250 

Grant, Thomas 134 

Gray, Beverly 250 

Grayson, Douglas 142 

Green, Deborah 124, 195 

Green, Lauralee 195 

Greer, Alison 63, 124, 214 

Greig, Beth 106, 250 

Grey, Christopher 250 

Griffeth, Angela 109, 250 

Griggs III, Charles 148, 231 

Grigsby, Peter 67, 68, 231 

Groff, Brian 142, 231 

Grossman, Michael 231 

Grove, Jacquelyn 250 

Grove, Jeffrey 49, 56, 61, 62, 63, 79, 136, 

Grove, John 61, 65, 244, 250 
Grover, Janet 250 
Gruber, Dhays 122, 195 
Gustoff, Thomas 63, 144, 214 
Guthrie, Shannon 250 
Guyer, Brian 110, 195 
Gyori, Jr., Robert 92, 195 


Hacking, Tracey 75, 124, 231 

Haggard, Melissa 231 

Hgue, Katherine 250 

Hagy, Jeffrey 250 

Haines, Michael 250 

Haire, Use 65 

Haire, Tammy 77, 195 

Hale, Debra 77, 109, 122, 195 

Hale, Sandra 65, 68, 251 

Hall. John 251 

Hall. Tamera 195 

Hallman, Teresa 195 

Hamil III, Charles 71, 72, 73, 78, 195 

Hammond, Elizabeth 130, 195 

Hammond, Fred 103, 231 

Hammond Jr., Robert 148, 251 

Hand, John 71, 88, 231 

Hankes II, William J. 60, 63, 77, 214 

Hanlon, Karen 64, 122, 137,214 

Hannigan, Allen 148, 231 

Hannigan, Patrick 103, 148, 251 

Hannon, Leslie 128, 231 

Hansen, Jennifer 73, 122, 231 

Hansen, Tesi 71, 196 

Hanson, Glenn 92 

Hardbower, Kristie 60, 77, 124, 232 

Hardee, Cheryl 70, 71, 84, 232 

Harden, Melanie 122, 214 

Harder, Steven 214 

Hardin, Ruth 132, 214 

Hardman Jr., William 196 

Hardy, Janet 251 

Harkey, Margaret 196 

Harrell, Susan 251 

Marrington, Robin 61, 84, 251 

Harris, Brainard 68, 69, 73, 214 

Harris, James 85, 136, 232 

Harris, Peter 251 

Harrison, Leigh 196 

Harrison, Ragan 136, 208 

Hart, Julie 251 

Hartery, Holly 214 

Hartje, Eric 92, 196 

Hartup, Bruce 232 

Hastings, Shannon 251 

Hatch, Lindsay 122, 214 

Haug, Curt 251 

Hauser, Beth 196 

Hawkins, Scott 100 

Hayes, Candace 196 

Hayes, Kevin 196 


Hayes, Michael 251 

Mayes. Sandra 232 

Hayes, Todd 196 

Healey, Jeannine 70, 72, 84, 232 

Hearn, Gregory 146, 251 

Hegley, Lee 148 

Heilig, Lisa 70, 251 

Heilig, Richard 207 

Heintz, Laura 71, 73, 251 

Heitman, Diana 82, 196 

Heitman, Donna 71, 232 

Heller, Susan 251 

Henderson, Jennifer 196 

Hendley, Melissa 196 

Hendren, Harold 81, 109, 196 

Hendry, Allen 214 

Henley, Augusta 251 

Henry, Ken 88 

Henry, Kimberly 81 

Hernan, Andrew 251 

Herndon, Janet 232 

Herring, Stephen 232 

Herrington, Lisa 84, 251 

Hester, Katherine 56, 63, 68, 74, 132, 196 

Hester, Kevin 100 

Heydt, James 251 

Hicks, Thomas 56, 70, 80, 196 

Higgenbotham, Scott 215 

Higgs, Michael 251 

Mighley, David 196 

Highnam, Gregory 196 

Highnam, Pamela 83. 196 

Hill, Brenda 232 

Hill, Donna 47, 68, 78, 128, 196 

Hill, Jeffrey 67, 69, 251 

Hill, John 251 

Hill, Walter 81, 134, 251 

Hiller, Linmarie 71, 251 

Hilton, Ann 196 

Hippler, Clark 64, 66, 146, 215 

Hirama, Misako 132, 197 

Hitt, James 88, 251 

Hoenig, Jeffrey 69, 251 

Hoffman, John 63, 197 

Holaday, Kevin 142, 197 

Holb, Darla 60, 124, 197 

Holder, Philip 92, 215 

Holler III, Roger 134, 215 

Hollis, Peggy 112, 251 

Holmbeck, Kristina 251 

Holt, Karina 65, 85, 124, 215 

Hommerson, Cheryl 47, 130, 197 

Hooks, Cristy 124, 251 

Hooper, Cyrene 251 

Hopely, Jennifer 252 

Hopkins, Brad 252 

Hopkins, Carter 146, 197 

Horner, Kelly 252 

Horner, Stan 215 

Horton Jr., Edmond 215 

Houk, Colin 144, 232 

Howared, Mary 197 

Howard, Susan 47, 56, 62, 77, 85, 132, 197 

Howard, William 252 

Howe, Ralph 100, 215 

Hower, Maria 124. 144. 232 

Hudek, John 252 

Huffman, David 252 

Hughes, Deborah 98, 252 

Hughes, Kathleen 252 

Huling, Jana 74, 197 

Hamburg, Sharon 197 

Humphrey, Leigh 62, 130, 232 

Hunt, Jannie 47, 77, 128, 197 

Huntington, Bradford 252 

Hurd, Leigh Anne 124, 232 

Hurd. Michael 197 

Hurley, Carole 215 
Hurst, Bill 142 
Hurt, Beth-Anne 252 
Mutchins, Kimberly 252 
Huyghe, Real 252 
Hyatt, Leslie 60, 232 
Hyatt, Tim 150, 197 


Imathiu, Paul 71, 197 
Ingram III, Bruce 197 
Inman, Farrel 252 
lozzi, Matthew 103 252 
Irvine, Donald 197 
Ivanyi, Beatrix 126 
Iverson, Stephanie 62, 124, 232 
Iwamura, Yugoro 134, 215 
Izzo, Lori 72, 130, 215 


Jackson, John 252 

Jackson, Lisa 56, 62, 63, 67, 128, 215 

Jackson, Lisa 68, 232 

Jackson, Michele 71, 79, 252 

Jackson, Raymond 252 

Jacoby, Judith 197 

Jaffee, Glen 55, 140 197 

Jago, Ann 57, 62, 63. 65, 67, 68, 124, 215 

Jakes, Bill 232 

Jakes, Jeffrey 136, 215 

James, Bruce 215 

James, David 146 

James, Edward 81, 215 

James, Gary 71, 146, 232 

James, Scott 138, 215 

Janzen, Lee 100, 197 

Jarvie, James 215 

Jasso, Gregory 215 

Jasso, Michele 232 

Jaudon Jr., Lowell 252 

Jaworski, Michelle 84, 252 

Jeeves, Coleen 130, 232 

Jeffries, Cynthia 130, 197 

Jehle, Brian 252 

Jenkins, Ellis 232 

Jenkins, Irene 64, 83, 132, 215 

Jenkins, Freddie 100, 142, 216 

Jenkins, Montgomery 253 

Jenkins, Paula 198 

Jenkins Jr., Dan 232 

Jenks, William 80 

Joe, Cheryl 253 

Johnson, Bonnie 53 

Johnson, Calvin 109, 253 

Johnson, Colleen 122, 216 

Johnson, Daryl 136, 232 

Johnson, Jerry 92, 232 

Johnson, Karol 70, 84, 253 

Johnson, Keith 253 

Johnson. Rosemarie 57, 62, 63, 65, 77, 216 

Johnson, Sydney 124, 232 

Johnson III, Clifford 144, 198 

Johnson Jr.. Floyd 198 

Johnston, Jeanne 71, 122, 216 

Johnston, Ronda 253 

Joiner, Todd 146, 198 

Joiner, Howard 232 

Jolicoeur, Colleen 61, 71, 85, 253 

Jones, Clarke 81, 198 

Jones. Daryl 62, 72, 136, 232 

Jones, Karyn 253 

Jones, Kimberly 216 

Jones, Mary 216 

Jones, Raegen 61, 64, 65, 132, 232 

Jones, Susan 232 

Jones, William 253 

Julich, Jeffory 64, 81. 146, 216 


Kaelin, Charles 67, 69, 253 

Kahn, Raymond 253 

Kaiser, Rhonda 106, 232 

Kalchbrenner, David 57, 62, 78, 82, 83, 210. 

Kale, Roger 253 
Kanitsch, Denise 61, 216 
Kasch, Katherine 65, 112, 126, 216 
Kay, Clinton 233 
Kay, Karen 233 
Kay, Kyle 144, 233 
Kearney, Kristopher 92, 253 
Keefe, Carol 233 
Keefer, Christopher 64, 146, 198 
Keeler, Maya 253 
Keene, Betty 216 
Keller, Petra 233 
Kemp, Julie 216 
Kempff, Melinda 122, 233 
Kennedy, Elisa 124. 216 
Kennedy, Ted 92, 198 
Kenworthy, Robert 70, 72, 198 
Kerber, Kerri 64, 77, 128, 216 
Kern, Cheryl 128. 233 
Kerner, Ellen 198 
Kershner, Sabrina 63. 122, 216 
Keyes, Melissa 124, 233 
Kilgore, Kym 253 
Killam, Judith 63, 132, 216 
Killingsworth, Kevin 198 
Kimball, Tamara 233 
Kimura, Hitoshi 253 
Kindred, Joanne 61, 64, 71, 130, 233 
King, James 67, 69 
King, Mary 253 
Kirk, Catherine 124, 216 
Klein, Don 142, 198 
Knetsch, Margriet 126, 198 
Knickerbocker, Jane 55, 126, 135, 198 
Knight, Sue 198 

Knowles, Richard 62, 109, 146, 208 
Komer, Teri 96, 106, 233 
Konsler, Judith 78, 82, 198 
Koons, Jodi 61, 68, 253 
Korbel, John 49. 57. 62, 71, 146, 198 
Korwin, David 253 
Kouba, Linda 254 
Koutsaftes, Timothy 198 
Kranendonk, Gary 144. 233 
Kranick, Ken 198 
Krasinski. Kimberley 73. 132, 198 
Krause, Howard 254 
Kreidler, Lizbeth 73, 254 
Kreinbrink, James 63. 79. 136. 216 
Krist. Paul 136. 216 
Krug. Stayce 126, 254 
Kryzynski, Richard 254 
Kuhn, Albert 100 
Kunde, Carrie 126, 198 
Kurtgis, Michelle 98, 216 




Ladzinski, Cheryl 65, 75, 126, 233 

Lafauci, Paul 144, 199 

Lain, Aileen 199 

Laing, Donna 61, 76, 122 

Lake, Karen 68, 254 

Lambeth, Scott 81, 146, 233 

Lamm, Julie 254 

Lamoreaux, Wendy 63, 74, 75, 199 

Lamparter, Keri 126 

Landregan, Timothy 144, 233 

Lane, Ryan 67, 69, 254 

Lange, David 142 

Langston, Karen 122, 233 

Langston, Penelope 122, 199 

Lantz, Dolores 199 

Lao, Christina 254 

Laraway, Laura 254 

Lare, Timothy 254 

Larson, Karen 68, 254 

Larson, William 110, 144, 233 

Lasch, Brian 138, 233 

Laws, Rebecca 233 

Layton, Steven 103, 254 

Leander, Kevin 112, 254 

Lebeau, James 146, 233 

Leber, Ronald 199 

Leber, Sandra 254 

Legg, John 71, 254 

Leithead Jr., Joseph 254 

Lemasters, Mary 112, 122 

Lenihan, Christina 60, 73, 85 

Leonardi Jr., Edward 88, 254 

Les 111, Walter 100, 148, 199 

Lester, Mark 254 

Levay, Jacqueline 254 

Levy, Pearl 122, 217 

Lewandowski, Brian 146, 217 

Lewis, Beth 47, 77, 124, 199 

Lewis, James 70, 76, 84, 217 

Lewis, John 84, 199 

Lewis, Rodney 217 

Lewison, Kelly 224, 217 

Libby, Jo Ann 72, 79, 254 

Libby, Katherine 233 

Liberatore, Craig 254 

Liloia, Donna 254 

Lindau Jr., Richard 134, 217 

Lindell, nancy 217 

Lindsay, Mary 68, 254 

Lineberry, Kelson 63, 73, 134 

Lippmann, Susan 66, 78, 82, 217 

Little, Peter 70, 72, 79, 254 

Little, Tracy 130, 217 

Littler, Timothy 254 

Lively, Amy 128, 199 

Lloyd, Katheryn 104, 126, 217 

Lloyd, Mary 104, 122, 199 

Lloyd, Terri 254 

Long, Cynthia 199 

Long, David 217 

Long, Jeannine 82, 199 

Long, John 254 

Long, Linda 217 

Looney, Timothy 134, 217 

Lorenzo, Isabel 104,254 

Lott, Janine 76, 199 

Lovell, Kelly 71, 233 

Lowe, Chris 254 

Loyd, Steven 254 

Luby, Paul 73, 74 

Lucas, Joseph 103, 254 

Luke, Wade 57, 71, 92, 217 

Lung, Rodney 88 

Lutz, Scott 254 

Lyman, Eric 60, 73, 136, 217 

Lynch, Donna 128, 217 

Lynch, Sherry 217 

Lyon, Qigi 69, 75, 128, 199 


Macclellan, Marshall 61, 70, 72, 199 

Maclntyre, Amy 126 

Mack, Cathleen 71, 254 

Mackinnon, Darcy 65, 71, 122, 233 

MacLennan, Elise 47, 126, 199 

Madden, Robert 67, 69, 254 

Madonia 111, Bastista 255 

Magarino, Diana 255 

Mahnken, Scott 255 

Maier, Joye 61, 65, 128, 233 

Main, Fredrick 255 

Major, Michelle 199 

Malan, Robert 134, 217 

Maloney, Robert 255 

Mamorsky, Pamela 68, 255 

Mangum, Christopher 68, 217 

Maniscalco, Salvatore 55, 65, 68, 88, 138, 

Manizza, Jacqueline 126 
Mann, Gary 255 
Manning, Eric 100, 152, 233 
Manoli, James 138, 199 
Manson, William 233 
Manthorne, Scott 255 
Marcouiller, Michael 109, 144, 200 
Marczak, Michael 255 
Marolda, Nicholas 255 
Marotti, Lewis 88, 217 
Marr III, Owen 81, 200 
Marsh, Michael 68, 255 
Martinez Jr., Johnnie 200 
Martino, Stephen 88, 255 
Martyn, Richard 200 
Marvin, Sharon 200 
Maslanka, Pamela 255 
Mason, Susan 255 
Massa II, Charles 61, 65, 255 
Matay, Monica 128, 233 
Matchett, Marci 132, 233 
Mathis, Stephen 148, 233 
Mathley, Lisa 71, 73, 255 
Matras, Joseph 255 
Matthews, Jennifer 255 
Mattucci, Mike 100 
Mauro, John 255 
Mawer, Douglas 75, 83, 200 
May, Allison 128, 217 
May, Christie 128, 233 
Mays, Katherine 255 
Mazzei, Meal 103, 144, 200 
McAlpin, Louise 98, 200 
McBride, Kyle 256 

McBurney, Kathleen 57, 67, 68, 74, 200 
McCahan, Susan 233 

McCarley, Patrick 49, 55, 57, 60, 64, 138, 200 
McCarthy, Natalie 132, 234 
McClellan, Melanie 200 
McClure, Jane 124, 234 
McCollum, Susan 200 
McConkey, Ian 67, 69, 70, 79, 200 
McCormick, Katrina 106, 234 
McCracken, Natalie 256 
McCraney, David 200 

McCrerey, Roy 134, 217 

McCullough, Albert 69, 70 

McCurdy, Qretchen 66, 132 

McCurdy, Karen 64, 73, 104, 122, 234 

McDaniel, Todd 256 

McDeavitt Jr., Robert 234 

McDonald, Alisa 69, 70, 256 

McDonald, Bruce 234 

McDonald, Thomas 140, 200 

McGee, Mary 63, 128, 217 

McQee, Patrick 60, 234 

McQinley, Dennis 92, 256 

McQinnis, Susan 256 

McQuire, Elizabeth 124, 200 

McQuire, James 138, 200 

McHugh, Carolyn 122, 234 

Mclnnis, Janann 200 

McKendrick, Terri 77, 234 

McKenzie III, Roy 81, 234 

McKinney, Franklin 110, 142, 200 

McKnight, Charles 256 

McLachlan, Bryan 200 

McMullen, Michelle 122, 234 

McNew, Laurel 256 

McNiemey, Marci 256 

McNulty, John 92, 133, 217 

McNutt, Gregory 146, 201 

McQuade, Stephen 256 

Meakin, William 83, 134 

Mears, Susan 256 

Meister, Patricia 126, 201 

Menendez, Nelson 201 

Mentry, Emily 256 

Mesenburg, Colbey 256 

Messina, Lorraine 234 

Meyer, Lauren 62, 128, 217 

Meyer, Wendy 69, 256 

Meyers, Nancy 234 

Michael, Julie 201 

Michael Jr., John 146, 234 

Michel, Deborah 122, 218 

Middleton, Gail 128, 234 

Milano, Thomas 144, 234 

Milgate, Deborah 68, 85. 256 

Milleman, Scott 150, 234 

Miller, Drew 88, 201 

Miller, Kimberly 84, 124, 234 

Miller, Michael 256 

Miller, Paula 75, 256 

Milliken, Shawn 256 

Mills, Daniel 256 

Mills, Michael 256 

Miner II, Frank 218 

Minton Jr., W. Stuart 256 

Miracle, Maureen 234 

Mischley, Lisa 256 

Misiaszek, Karyn 256 

Mitchell, Catina 218 

Mitchell, James 129, 136, 201 

Mitchell, Robert 69, 256 

Mitchell, Stephen 256 

Mitchell, Todd 218 

Mitrione, John 138, 234 

Mixner, David 76, 134, 218 

Mixon, R. Emory 235 

Moffitt, Walt 100, 256 

Molloy, Donald 112, 257 

Mongero, Trent 257 

Monteleone, Vincent 146, 201 

Montoya, Paul 152, 201 

Moore, Ashley 257 

Moore, Jeff 49, 63, 146, 201 

Moore, Timothy 103 

Moore, Tracy 84, 124, 218 

Moore Jr., Leonard 73, 257 

Moran, Michael 103, 257 

Moranos, Steven 136, 235 


Morcjon, Ana 126, 201 
Morey. William 218 
Morgan, Amy 201 
Morgan. Debra 201 
Morgan. John 134, 218 
Morgan, Scott 150. 235 
Morgan, Nicole 235 
Morgan, Rebecca 65, 257 
Morris, Craig 257 
Morris, Kenneth 257 
Morris, Kimberly 122, 235 
Morrow, Matthew 73 
Morse, Carrie 235 
Mortillaro, J. Brian 144, 235 
Morton III. James 257 
Mosel, Tracey 257 
Moser, Brent 257 
Mosher, Jennifer 218 
Mosher, Matthew 201 
Mosley, Brian 257 
Mossbarger, Maria 218 
Motil, Timothy 257 
Moulton, J. Chris 257 
Moulton, Kathryn 60, 126, 218 
Moyar, Leslie 66, 84, 257 
Muck, Stacey 126, 235 
Mulford, Julie 71. 122, 218 
Mulford, Timothy 146, 201 
Mundinger, Linda 258 
Murphy, Jennifer 258 
Murphy, Marcene 258 
Murphy, Martin 258 
Murphy, Maureen 128, 218 
Murphy, Michael 258 
Murphy, Richard 258 
Murphy Jr., James 152, 235 
Murphy Jr., Lewis 64, 144, 257 
Musser, Debbie 84, 258 
Myers, Mark 81, 134, 235 

Nowak, Marsha 218 
Nowak. Sally 98, 258 
Nutt, Jodi 132, 201 


Nalepa, Laura 218 

Mall. Lisa 235 

Mapier, Jocelyn 235 

napier, Kimberly 122, 201 

Nase. Stephanie 126, 218 

Mash, Rebecca 67, 68, 218 

nations, Donald 71, 201 

nelson, Jodee 235 

newberry, Thomas 257 

Newell, Cynthia 47, 57, 62, 65, 201 

Newell, Laura 71, 79, 257 

Newman, Jean 235 

Newman, Julia 258 

Newman, Scott 258 

Newsome, Amy 61, 62, 69, 226, 235 

Newsome, Delana 124, 218 

Newsome, Kay 258 

Nichols, J. William 208 

Nicholson, Robert 55, 142, 201 

Nippes, Carol 258 

Nissen, Melinda 60, 218 

Nissen Jr., Franklin 258 

Nolen, Kimberly 258 

Norman, Angela 258 

Non-is. April 63, 130, 218 

Norris, Kimber 126 

Norris, William 110, 258 

Norton, Eve 76, 201 

Norton, Joseph 258 

Norwillo, Sharon 132, 235 

Novoth, Anthony 138, 235 


O'Brien, Peggy 60, 63, 128, 202 

O Brien, Michele 61, 258 

Odermatt. Michele 98, 218 

O'Diome, Thomas 140, 235 

Odom, Leigh 77, 122, 202 

Odom, Lucile 258 

Odonnell, Douglas 235 

Ohsato, Paul 235 

Oliva, Susan 126, 202 

Olivieri, Renee 258 

Olivo, Monica 258 

Olshever, Susan 236 

Olson, Joe 258 

Olson, Sara 236 

Oneal, Dawn 236 

Orth, Lisa 258 

Oshida, Yoshiko 69, 236 

Osmer, Lisa 132, 202 

Osterhout, Tiffany 61, 75, 258 

Otto, Heidi 258 

Otto, Mark 68 

Owen, Jeanette 79, 80, 132, 218 


Padgett, Ann 126, 218 

Padro, Thomas 62, 136, 202 

Page, Jennifer 236 

Pah I, Kris 103, 148, 202 

Palmer, Christine 106, 218 

Palmer, Elizabeth 258 

Palmer, Robyn 77, 218 

Pandolfi, Scott 152, 258 

Pansier, Colleen 218 

Papendick, Carla 124, 236 

Pappas Jr., George 258 

Parker, Cheryl 71, 128, 202 

Parker, Kathy 258 

Parker, Kenneth 71, 81, 202 

Parks, Allan 202 

Parks. Nanci 96, 258 

Parkulo, David 88, 202 

Pasos, Carolyn 57, 62, 71, 83, 122, 202 

Pasos, Elba 71, 83, 218 

Patarini III, Valentiner 202 

Patterson, Donna 106, 236 

Patterson, Toby 218 

Paugh, Deborah 258 

Paugh, Rachel 258 

Paukovits, Matthew 258 

Paullin. Laurie 202 

Peacock, Amy 218 

Peacock. Frank 138, 219 

Pearcy, John 258 

Pehrson, James 71 

Pempek, Byron 67, 69, 236 

Penrod, Jill 258 

Pera, Scott 258 

Perdue, Michelle 202 

Perkins, Cameron 136, 236 

Perraud, Adrianne 236 

Perrotta, Pat 146, 236 

Pessini, Debra 126, 139, 219 

Peters, Diana 79, 236 

Petro, Laura 258 

Pettegrew, Jill 71, 258 

Pfeffer, Richard 259 

Pfister, Demi 122, 236 

Pharo, Kenneth 150, 202 

Philbeck, Lisa 236 

Pierce, Michelle 62, 65, 69, 219 

Pilapil, Michael 236 

Pinder, Lisa 74, 219 

Pinson, Holly 259 

Piper, Jamie 128, 202 

Pipilin, Don 68 

Pipkin, Karen 60, 126, 202 

Pitre, Kathryn 69, 126, 236 

Pittard, Thomas 236 

Placet, Jim 259 

Plaisance, Thomas 146, 202 

Plante, Michele 75, 259 

Plumlee, Kelly 104, 236 

Plyler, Jody 259 

Polivka, Roman 259 

Polstra, Brian 152, 236 

Pontius, Laura 61, 62, 236 

Pope, Andrea 65, 219 

Poppell, Jon 81, 219 

Porter, Amy 60, 109, 124, 202 

Powell, Bryan 66, 142, 219 

Powell, Kimberly 71, 73, 259 

Powner, Rhonda 78, 202 

Prescott, Gerald 144, 219 

Preston 111, Joe 150, 203 

Price, Jennifer 236 

Price, Laura 65, 132, 236 

Prieto Alejandro 64, 134, 219 

Pringle, Jeffrey 259 

Prior, Tawn 122, 203 

Procanik, James 69, 259 

Propst, Vinnie 142 

Prosser, Darcy 236 

Prough, Amy 259 

Puertas, Steven 152, 203 

Pulliam, Kenneth 76, 203 

Pund, Genevieve 259 

Pursell, Michael 81, 203 

Pursell, Robert 103 

Purvis, Leslie 81, 219 

Purvis, Nathan 81, 203 

Puryear, Martha 203 

Pyle, Alyson 112, 259 


Quattlebaum, Lisa 69, 70, 259 
Query, Grady 259 
Quets, Warren 203 


Raab, Andrew 259 

Raiford, Mark 136, 203 

Ramirez, Magda 219 

Ranson, Cheryl 259 

Ranson, Darcy 219 

Ranson, Wendy 259 

Rasmussen, Richard 61, 64, 136, 203 

Rawlins, Tanya 259 

Read, Caren 62, 203 

Ready, Kelly 84, 259 


Reale, Lee 259 

Reaume, Michelle 259 

Rector, Courtenay 130, 236 

Redstone, Alan 244, 259 

Reeder, Sandra 132, 219 

Rees, Diane 259 

Rees, Joanne 75, 76, 236 

Reese, Julie 236 

Regis, Jessica 237 

Reinmund, Frederick 148 

Rentz, Charles 237 

Reynolds, Janet 61 

Reynolds, Jon 259 

Riccio, Sherri 71, 237 

Rice, Timothy 259 

Richardson, Keli 237 

Richardson Jr., David 219 

Riggs, Charles 259 

Riner, Mary 203 

Riney, Christopher 259 

Ringstaff, Tracy 66, 106, 259 

Riordan, Rebecca 219 

Ritter, Jesse 237 

Rittgers, Rob 146, 219 

Roberts, David 148, 219 

Roberts, Kim 124, 219 

Roberts, Pamela 259 

Robertson, Daniel 79, 80, 203 

Robertson, Stephen 219 

Robertson, Steven 259 

Robertson, Susan 122, 219 

Robillard, Cynthia 259 

Robinson, John 260 

Robinson, Richard 260 

Rodgers, Chris 260 

Rodriguez, Lisa 62, 71, 85, 237 

Roeder, Sandra 110, 237 

Roegner, Mary 81, 203 

Rogers, Brenda 79, 203 

Rogers, Curtis 203 

Rogers, Kimberly 104, 122, 237 

Rogers, Lynn 122, 237 

Rogers, Michele 219 

Romero, John 144, 203 

Romine. Brandon 88, 146, 237 

Roskamp, Brian 49, 57, 61, 62, 136, 203 

Ross, Mark 61, 65, 260 

Roth, Craig 260 

Rothman, Leslie 73, 260 

Roy, Christopher 88, 219 

Rudacille, Anne 260 

Rudolph, Milena 219 

Ruesch, Bridget 260 

Rupke, Micole 260 

Russel, Monique 104, 237 

Russell, Paul 237 

Russell, Sandra 203 

Russo Jr., James 260 

Russo Jr., Richard 260 

Rustay, Dave 88 

Rutland, Jeanette 98, 219 

Rybinski, Paul 73, 219 

Rymph, Lee Ann 124, 219 


Saavedra, Juan 237 
Sale, Gregory 68, 203 
Salvaggio, Joseph 150, 204 
Santiago, John 55, 152, 204 
Santiago, Stephen 66, 152, 219 
Santin, Efrain 260 
Sanz-Querrero, Rolando 237 

Sargent, Hamilton 204 

Sattler, Mary Jo 122, 204 

Saunders, Julia 68, 260 

Sawyer, Charles 69, 260 

Sawyer Jr., William 204 

Sayer, Regina 219 

Scarborough II, James 134 

Scates, Craig 49, 55, 57, 62, 82, 148, 204 

Scates, Dawn 260 

Schaefer, Scott 204 

Schaller, Craig 148, 237 

Schild, Lauren 77, 204 

Schleicher, Valerie 68, 204 

Schmidt, Clifford 146, 219 

Schmidt, Lucy 260 

Schneider, Amy 57, 71, 74, 204 

Schofield, Stephen 148 

Schriffert, Tony 103, 260 

Schwerd, Elizabeth 61, 84, 260 

Scott, Christy 98, 260 

Scott, Cynthia 219 

Scott, Kimberly 62, 83, 204 

Scott Jr., Samuel 64, 150, 204 

Sechrest, Sara 65, 204 

Secunda, John 100. 261 

Seddon, Amy 84, 126, 237 

Seese, Lynn 71, 237 

Sefcik, Munro 49, 57, 62, 63, 136, 204 

Seibert, Rena 126, 237 

Sekula Jr., Robert 237 

Selph, Mary 219 

Sessions, Pamela 204 

Sessums, Sandra 132, 220 

Setcavage, Stuart 88, 148, 220 

Settlemire, Mandi 68, 261 

Seymour, Diana 237 

Sganga, Janine 126, 237 

Shaver, Deborah 61, 220 

Sheehan, Steven 261 

Sheffer, Pamela 57, 62, 63, 71, 77, 106, 124, 

Sheffield, David 136, 237 
Sheffield, Kimberly 60, 61, 261 
Sheldon, Cynthia 261 
Sheneman, Jill 132, 220 
Shepard, Richard 67, 69, 70, 261 
Sheppard, India 261 
Sheridan, Catherine 67, 68, 261 
Shewmake, Sandra 237 
Shipper, Valerie 130, 237 
Shirah, Cheryl 78, 128, 220 
Shiver, Gregory 261 
Shriner, Brian 71, 72, 237 
Shular, Gina 237 
Shumway, Jill 261 
Shumway, Paul 148, 208 
Sibley, Pamela 130,204 
Sickler, Frances 72, 128, 220 
Sidell, Christina 68, 261 
Silvis, Stacey 124, 261 
Simmen Jr., Roy 109, 261 
Simms, James 204 
Simon, Jennifer 69, 238 
Simpson, James 81, 204 
Sisko, Edward 261 
Slechta, Edward 148 
Slee, Karen 220 
Sloan, Richard 88, 261 
Smedley, Steven 71, 148, 238 
Smith, E. Lee 66, 218 
Smith, James 261 
Smith, Kimberly 104, 204 
Smith, Sandra 76, 204 
Smith, Stacy 261 
Smith, Stephen 49, 65, 140, 205 
Smith, Tammy 73, 122, 220 
Smith, Todd 148, 220 

Smith, Tracey 261 

Smith, Whitney 78, 144, 238 

Smoak, Deborah 205 

Smythe, Barbara 71, 261 

Snapp, Alan 134, 220 

Snively, James 205 

Snively, Joshua 81, 205 

Snyder, Tory 261 

Sobeck, Kimberly 262 

Sokolowski, Patrick 238 

Soroosh, Linda 205 

Soule, Laura 98, 238 

Soule, Richard 205 

Spaulding, Walter 81, 144, 238 

Spears, Elizabeth 262 

Spencer, Frank 65 134, 238 

Spencer, Ralph 63, 71, 72, 77, 134, 220 

Spencer, Ruth 62, 66, 85, 122, 205 

Spiess, Bemhard 238 

Spivey, Glen 110, 238 

Spragins, Kimberly 262 

Sprauer, Caroll 122, 205 

Spresser, Keith 103, 262 

Springer, David 61, 78, 136, 205 

Spurlin, Richard 144, 205 

Stammberger, Kathryn 64, 132, 220 

Standifer, Jill 262 

Stanek, Darren 100, 136, 220 

Stankewitz, Dorothy 106, 238 

Stauffer, Lynda 122 205 

Steadman 111, Edward 142, 220 

Steele, Michael 205 

Stegura, Christopher 220 

Stein, Alicia 65, 128, 205 

Steiner, Christopher 238 

Stephens, Allanna 79, 220 

Stephens, William 150 

Stephens Jr., Allen 205 

Stephenson, Jane 262 

Sterner, Cheryl 262 

Stevens, Jennifer 124, 205 

Stevens, Kimberly 220 

Stevens, Michael 138, 205 

Stevens, Scott 220 

Stewart, Shelley 126 238 

Stidham, Elizabeth 128, 205 

Stinson, Robin 61, 63, 83, 220 

Stoddard, Melissa 126, 238 

Stoff, Kenneth 134, 220 

Stoker, James 144, 238 

Stokes, Darrell 238 

Stone, Christopher 140, 262 

Stone, Roger 152, 238 

Stork 111, Franklin 63, 103, 220 

Stovall, Deborah 61, 262 

Strada, Joseph 142, 205 

Strapp, Elizabeth 238 

Strathmeyer, Jon 73, 262 

Strauch, Trent 136, 238 

Strazzulla, Frank 148, 238 

Street, Susan 262 

Strickland, Todd 88, 220 

Strong, Marcy 83, 205 

Stumpfl, Daniel 262 

Sullivan, Kelly 96, 128, 205 

Sullivan Jr., Matthew 81, 220 

Summerall, Neva 220 

Summers, Jill 262 

Sutton, Bernice 67, 78, 128, 206 

Swanson, Joy 69, 262 

Swartzmiller, Beth 71, 112, 122, 238 

Swisher, Amanda 262 

Synatschk, Joni 68, 79, 128 

Sypniewski, Bret 262 

Szaro, Catherine 206 


. . IMDEX 



Taggart, James 134, 220 

Talbott, Alexis 70, 72, 84, 221 

Tanner, Laurent 128, 238 

Taylor, Brian 136, 238 

Taylor, frank 88, 238 

Taylor, Jill 84, 262 

Taylor, John 150, 221 

Taylor, June 84, 262 

Taylor, Ronald 262 

Taylor, Teresa 106 

Teague, Michael 148, 221 

Tedder Jr., Dale 64, 136, 238 

Teel, Karen 84, 124, 221 

Templin, Eric 221 

Temrowski, Thomas 88, 206 

Terry IV, Roy 71, 262 

Tetsworth, Lisa 206 

Thayer, Tracy 122, 221 

Thebaud, Sagine 75, 76, 206 

Therrien, Toby 77, 148, 220 

Thiele, Donald 61, 65, 148, 210, 221 

Thigpen, Susan 221 

Thomas, Janice 68, 262 

Thomas, Kristine 262 

Thomas, Sharon 122, 85, 206 

Thompson, Dale 262 

Thompson, Kelly 124, 206 

Thompson, Laura 221 

Thornhill, Kathryn J. 221 

Thornton, Jessica 69, 262 

Throgmorton, Amy 238 

Tickel, Carol 69, 262 

Tilbrook, Scott 262 

Tilden, fleet 146, 206 

Tillner, Michael 262 

Timmins, Susan 124, 238 

Tipton, Carol 221 

Tisdale, David 67, 69, 70, 150, 221 

Tiseo, Joseph 109, 144, 238 

Tobey, Wayne 221 

Tolman, April 262 

Tomcykoski, Esther 65, 262 

Torrance, Tracy 67, 68, 130, 221 

Torrington, Robert 63, 71, 238 

Tourville, Kathleen 57, 61, 62, 126, 210, 221 

Towne, Christine 130, 206 

Toy, Annette 221 

Toy, Tracy 88, 221 

Travis, James 140, 206 

Trembly, Charles 68, 74, 80, 238 

Troester, David 148, 238 

True, Mary 238 

True, Michael 81, 134, 221 

True, Pamela 262 

Tucker, Traci 61, 262 

Turner, Lon 136, 238 

Turner, Pamela 238 

Turner, Stephen 262 

Turner Jr., John 206 

Tysver, Maura 73, 132 


Vail, Michael 103, 263 

Valdespino, Adair 69, 84, 124, 221 

Valdez, Maria 73, 221 

Van De Kerkhof, Karin 60, 76, 238 

Vander Galien, Cheryl 83, 206 

Vangellow, Timothy 142 

Vanwinkle, Alan 239 

Vaughn Jr., Walter 221 

Veno, Michael 263 

Venos, Deena 65, 239 

Villalba, Victoria 57, 61, 63, 206 

Villetti, Sonia 106, 263 

Vitek, Frank 138, 239 

Volz, David 263 

Von Paleske, Martin 62, 144, 206 

Von Paleske, Stefanie 62, 124, 221 

Voth, Jeffrey 263 


Umstadter. Jacqueline 124, 262 
Uranick, Keli 221 
Urban, Tricia 130, 221 
Usa, Kimberly 262 

Wade, Andrea 65, 263 

Wade, Norman 263 

Wages, Nancy 221 

Wages III, Vesta 80, 222 

Wahl, Molijane 109, 263 

Walker, Carol 206 

Walker, Cathy 263 

Walker, Daniel 136, 226, 239 

Walker, Paul 55, 146, 206 

Walker Jr., Reddick 81, 146, 206 

Walker Jr., Robert 68 

Wall, Eva 263 

Wallace, Jeff 80, 142, 206 

Walls, Andrew 206 

Walls, Heather 106, 263 

Walter, John 85, 136, 239 

Ward, Katherine 64, 122, 206 

Ward, Melanie 69, 124, 222 

Ward,, Roger 64, 150, 207 

Warren, Linda 222 

Warren, Sheila 132, 239 

Waschull, Constance 207 

Watkins, Kristi 126, 222 

Watson, Polly 75 

Webb Jr., Jerome 263 

Weber, Bradley 263 

Weech, Faith 263 

Weeks, Krista 122, 207 

Weis, Steven 138, 222 

Wells, Julie 222 

Wellslager, Steven 144, 239 

Werder, Meridy 110, 207 

West, Allen 140 222 

Whaley, Janet 47, 57, 61, 62, 78, 186, 207 

Whelan, Kelly 263 

Wherrell, Dixie 84, 263 

White, Beth 57, 62, 124, 207 

White, Lisa 67, 69, 70, 130, 207 

White, Mark 207 

White, Mary 239 

White, Robert 60, 239 

White, Trudy 67, 68, 69, 222 

Whitehead, Lesley 126, 239 

Whitford, Pamela 263 

Wibert, Eric 239 

Wieber II, John 144, 239 

Wiggins, Carol 78, 239 

Wiggins, Pamela 239 

Wilbanks, Scott 71. 88, 222 

Wilcox, William 92, 263 

Wilder, Rachel 263 

Wilhelm, James 152, 207 

Wilhelm, Tracy 222 

Wilkes, Qlenn 239 

Williams, David 222 

Williams, Delores 239 

Williams, Jean 263 

Williams, Lisa 263 

Williams, Molly 62, 64, 71, 128. 222 

Williams, Natalie 122, 207 

Williams Jr., George 222 

Williamson, Stephanie 66, 207 

Williamson, Ty 222 

Wilson, Cindy 239 

Wilson, Kathryn 124, 239 

Wilson, William 81, 263 

Winters, Jennifer 130, 239 

Wireman, Janice 79 

Withers, Kelleigh 63, 112, 122. 222 

Witkowski, Peter 263 

Witten, Ben 263 

Witten, Wendell 263 

Wittenberg, Lois 57, 62, 72, 128, 222 

Wolfe, Cheridah 222 

Wolfe, Susan 69, 239 

Wood, Brenda 263 

Wood, Denise 263 

Wood, Elise 78, 207 

Woodland, Peter 68, 240 

Woodruff, Mark 240 

Woods, Shannon 96, 263 

Workman, Kimberly 62, 79, 124, 222 

Worth, David 71, 73, 222 

Wozniak, Veronica 126, 240 

Wright, Jennifer 132, 222 

Wright, Michael 263 

Wright, Robert 112 

Wulf II, Daniel 148, 240 

Wurtz. Haili 76, 98, 207 

Wurtz, Heather 222 

Wurtz, Holly 240 

Wyatt, Robert 148 

Wyllie, Amy 263 

Wyniger, Joseph 207 


Yancy Carl 134, 207 
Yarbrough, Cecilia 128, 240 
Yates, Dawn 126 
Yeilding, Susan 263 
Yelton, Richard 65, 148, 222 
Yost, Robert 146, 240 
Young, Kimberl 207 


Zack, David 67, 69 70, 263 

Zamorski, Edward 222 

Zebrowski, Raymond 73, 81. 136. 222 

Zeisler. Daniel 110, 240 

Zewalk, Jane 78, 82, 130, 207 

Zimmerman, Laura 84, 222 

Zinn, Elizabeth 263 

Zito. Theresa 60, 222 


to the class of 


from the 

Florida Southern 

College Bookstore 

Fresh Idea! 

New 12 oz. Apple Juice 
from concentrate 

Plow our delicious Apple Juice is available in 12 ounce con- 
tainers. Like our other canned juices, it's made from concen- 
trate, so we can guarantee the quality. More important, we 
can guarantee the freshness. 

The Fresh ideas Company" 

jgia BOWL 

I ' ( ) Hi p\ |()4K 

l-,lkll.H1il I 1(111(1,1 i S,S<>2 

(.HI il ()()->->.-> I . - , 


604V2 N.Franklin Street 


779 W. Lumsden 



5104 E. Fowler Ave. 


5305 Ehrlich Road 



5929 Memorial Hwy. 



804 E. Memorial Blvd. 


24-Hour Crisis Center 






Now that Barnett's new SuperTellcr is on campus, 
it's easier than ever to beat an unexpected cash crisis. You can 

use your card from just about any financial institution in 
Florida. With the SuperTellcr, help is just around the corner. 

Bamett Is Florida's Bank. 

2 72 -.Advertising 




Federal Credit 



LAKELAND 688-8400 D LAKE WALES 676-8591 

AVON PARK 452-1 171 D LAKE PLACID 465-3040 

SEBRING 385-7077 

Your savings insured to $100,000 by the National Credit 
Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency 

925 E. PARKER ST. 
PHONE 682-6859 






Balloons for all occasions. 






* • • 


Advertising: 2 73 

Class of 1986 

Compliments of 





/ / / / 

Let us Kelp 
gruide yoj 

"throve C-n These 

y ( 


i^ ^ 

Be. one of out reoole. 
Peoples Bank 

of Lakeland 

PHONE 687-8500 



¥ r T1 

to the 


Class of 1986 


Compliments of: 

724 Lakemirror Dr. 
Lakeland, Fla. 33801 

I Nunez 1 

/ Collins / 


/ Touchton &m, / 



J^^M^ "Flowers Fashioned v^R^ 


dfl S*$H with Love" V&HwJ 

MP* ^ 






207 East Main Street 
Lakeland, Florida 33801 

A specialty salon 
dedicated to personal grooming. 


• Sculptured Nails 


• Body Wrapping 

• Nail Tips & Wraps 

• Manicures 

• Pedicures 

• Waxing 

10% Student Discount 

• SunTan Bed 


Advertising: 2 75 


to the 


Graduating Class 

from the 

College Cafe and Terrace 

Best Wishes from 

a newspaper with 
close ties and 
genuine affection for 
Florida Southern College: 

We're practically one of you. 

The Polk County Democrat 

Bartow's NEWSpaper 
Southern's FRIEND 

Printers ot The Southern 

Two FSC alumni on the staff 

Sponsor of a Community 

Journalism Scholarship 




the traveler 



Automates Airlines Tickets 

Bo6rding Posses - Itineraries • Seat Assignments 

Complete Veceticn Planning 


Management Reports CreCil Accounts in 

lily Control Delivery Service 

HotelCer Rente! Rales 

Frequent Flyer Programs 

Instant Reservations tni Conlirmetions with 

your own Travel Computer |Ask lor Details) 


Group Travel - Charters • Conventions 

Meeting Planning - Seminars • Specie! Interest 


"24 Hour telephone"' 


8 00 am to 5 30 pm 


9 03 am to 2:00 pm 




-ou t ":■■ ► • 



4000 Square Feet Training Area 

Full Line Free Weights 

Pinweight Machines 

Gym Equipment Wholesale /Retail 

Special FSC Rates 
1 semester— $50 

$20 per month 


118 S. Kentucky Ave. 

Lakeland, FL 33801 

(813) 687-6268 


( hir ( rraduat in^ Seniors 

Tracic Bailey 
Kim Bergstrom 
Lorl Boyd 
I'uni Campo 
Terry I >err 
Kathy Erwin 
Ann Ferguson 

Holly Field 

Debbie Green 
Beth Lewis 
Beth McGulre 
Amy Porter 
Jenny Stevens 
Kelly Thompson 
Belli White 




ffWR^$B5se$9&^$^e$^s ' 






Suite 205, Liberty Square 

1 137 New Bartow Highway 

Lakeland, Florida 33801 


Suite 101, AOS Building 

4800 Lemon Street 
Tampa, Florida 33609 


Congratulates the 

Graduating Class 

of 1986! 


-William V Fenton, Jr., APR, APRP. 

Kappa Delta iesan 
inner meaning 

once known, is 
always understood. 

Good Luck Class of '86 

ti'W :<X>i<X>. : •<*£<*>.■ :&±£L>. : vCftfcO?.: '.CfttOjj \*-/j 



The sisters of Alpha 

Chi Omega Sorority 

would like to congratulate 

our seniors. 

Best Wishes! 

•«•!>■: :"CfN<fi'- .^ifWfS'- ?'CtN<f$ '<TH<T5'- j'CfWfi": •'<••■ V 


Phi Mu Fraternity 

Congratulates its Graduating 

A sister is a Forever Friend 
Here today. . .here to stay! 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

Congratulates Our Seniors: 

Best Wishes # 
Good Luck 

0.".* '•••••o 




Graduating Seniors 

Terrie Almond 

Katie Hester 

Layla Alo 

Misako Hirama 

Diana Bruch 

Susan Howard 

Debbie Chipley 

Kim Krasinski 

Janet Collins 

Gretchen McCurdy 

Lynn Girardin 

Maura Tysver 



CtMTJ'- 'Ct>K?& ■■■'cTMji - -. :'<xfifa\/ft$Y&\:£-M 

We want to thank the businesses and orga- 
nizations that appear in this section of the 
1986 INTERLACHEN. Our advertisers are 
very special. Their support and interest 
helps make this record of the 1985-1986 
school year possible. They represent qual- 
ity and service and we encourage you to call 
upon them. Quality and service, like saying 
"thanks,'' are ideas that never go out of 












Member of Aestheticians, International, CIDESCO 

Please call for your appointment 



1035 S.FIa. Ave. 










Kirk Hodson 






Maureen Jahns 

284: Images 


Dawn Yates 


Cheridah Outten 

286: Images 

Candi Christensen 


Maureen Jahns 

288:The End 








tew *.•>!) 

mm ■■ 



'.,■,%"., v'vv'ty 


f.i ■ 

I ■ . ■ *T